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aanda wachob tattoo.jpg
The wonderful Amanda Wachob is no stranger to this blog as she continues to expand tattooing's vocabulary, beyond representational art, with her experimental work. Largely known for her brushstroke effects, Amanda takes a painterly approach to the art form but still keeps the strength of a traditional tattoo.

Amanda talks about this approach on Boston's NPR news station, Here & Now, with a segment entitled "Turning Tattoos Into Fine Art." Along with photographer Paul Nathan, who is the author of "Generation Ink," she also answers some of the standard questions like, Does it hurt? or What will happen if you no longer like it? And she does so in a way that best represents our community. You can stream the show or download it to your media player for offline listening.

A few weeks ago, Amanda was also featured on Huffington Post with a short profile and slideshow of her tattoo and fine art. 

Amanda works out of a private studio in Brooklyn. Find out more about her on

AmandaWachob abstract tattoo.jpg
08:09 PM
bilal.jpgBack in February, we talked about performance artists Wafaa Bilal, who was embarking on a tattoo-based performance-art piece entitled "...And Couting," in which he would be receiving a tattooed dot - in both black and UV ink - to commemorate the military and civilian casualties in Iraq.

So, seeing as how I'm a "white-noise" freak who keeps WBGO blasting in the living room 24 hours a day and NPR equally cranked in my office here at the Needles and Sins Compound, I was pleased to find out that the latter had done a piece on Bilal.

Click here to read the transcript, see some cool pictures or stream the audio of the segment.

[above photo by Brad Farwell]

02:54 PM
dnots300.jpgWhile I'd like to say that Danger Mouse is simply expanding upon the brilliant free-marketing model of my latest album, the man formerly known as "Brian Burton" built an empire of future Grammy nominations and sold-out tours thanks to ramming the Jigga Man up the ass of publishing companies worldwide with the free release of The Grey Album way back in 2004. (Plus, I'd have a hard time convincing the average audiophile that we didn't just photocopy a page from the Book of Reznor and his album, The Slip).

But sure enough, the online world is abuzz (a-boing?) in regards to DM's upcoming release, "Dark Night Of The Soul" (and, Christ, I heard people talking about it in the elevator of a Park Avenue office building today). As it turns out, there's no way he was going to get sample clearance for the record and his label, EMI, announced they wouldn't release it.

The solution? The album is being uploaded to P2P sites and they are releasing a jewel case with a blank CD-R inside (it's also reported that it will come packaged with a booklet containing photographs from David Lynch). Buy the blank CD, download the tracks, burn the damned thing yaself...

"Brilliant," I say. "Utterly brilliant."

(And lookie here - you can already stream it at
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