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09:12 PM
Canada's National Post recently published this tattoo industry infographic, which you can view in detail here. Like most infographics that try to condense complex info into a small image, much of the stats are questionable; for example, I'm uncertain as to the info source on the percentages listed of what body parts are most popular for tattoos - especially as everyone I just saw on the street today had a neck tattoo (without any other coverage, of course). That said, it's worth a click for anyone looking for a bare bones primer on coil machines, pigments, and even how the ink gets into the skin. But if you're serious about stats, pretend I didn't mention anything.

To date, my favorite infographic remains this one by Paul Marcinkowski.
09:06 AM
feather bird tattoo.jpg

Despite tattooing being an ancient art that spans millennia, there are indeed tattoo "trends" whereby certain motifs or just general styles are highly popular at a given time, such as 90s Neotribal or color realism portraits of Gwen Stefani in the early 2000s.

In a cool twist to exploring what are popular contemporary tattoo designs today, the National Post published "The Illustrated Guide to Tattoo Trends Across Canada." It's a fun piece in which tattooers across Canada were asked what they get asked to tattoo most, and then Andrew Barr illustrated them.

For example, a number of artists mentioned the "feathers-turning-into-bird silhouettes" (shown above), which I've been seeing myself everywhere. In fact, I just did a quick Google image search of "feathers turning into birds tattoo" and all of these came up. Then there are the ubiquitous Heath Ledger as the Joker tattoos, and the side finger tattoos (Thanks, Rihanna!).

It would be great if someone would really delve into what makes certain images so popular that they become full-on trends; meanwhile, the NP article is a quick and cute read.
joker tattoo.jpg
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