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Nikko Hurtado Biggie Smalls.jpg
Biggie portrait tattoo above by Nikko Hurtado

As I Brooklyn girl, I'd be remiss in not posting a few of the multitudinous odes to Christopher George Latore Wallace, aka Biggie Smalls / Biggie / Notorious B.I.G, on the iconic rapper's birthday. [Of course, I'd prefer if more people got portraits of Brooklyn's own Shirley Chisholm -- the first African-American woman elected to Congress AND the first major-party black candidate for President of the United States -- but I have hopes that those tattoos will come.]

Biggie's music had a profound impact beyond Brooklyn, especially evidenced on skin of fans around the world. Here are just a few pics of those tattoo tributes.

Biggie by Mitch13.jpgBiggie tattoo above on JJDTD by Australia's Mitch13.

biggie by George Muecke .jpgTattoo above by George Muecke of Ontario, Canada.

biggie smalls oddity tattoo.jpgAnd Biggie as a zombie by Matt Helmer of Oddity Tattoo in Sarasota Florida.
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FB_NikkoColorContest_Details.jpgHere's a contest for tattooists looking to share their realism work and also get the chance to win prizes that could help further their craft:

The Nikko Color Contest is a collaboration between portrait phenom Nikko Hurtado, Sullen Clothing, Tattoo Artist Magazine and Fusion Tattoo Ink.

The contest is on Sullen Facebook, where artists can post up their color portrait tattoos and the fans will vote on the best. The winner will be chosen by Nikko Hurtado himself, Ryan Smith of Sullen Clothing and Kent from Tattoo Artists Magazine. Submissions are being accepted until May 2nd and the finalists will be posted May 11th. The winner will be chosen May 16th.  That lucky artist will receive a FREE Nikko Fusion Ink Set, Nikko DVD, Sullen Clothing gear, a feature in TAM Blog and more.

Good luck to all you talented readers!

Nikko Hurtdao tattoo1.jpgNikko Hurtado tattoo via Twitter.
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Latino Art.jpg

An inspiring collection of 250 illustrations created by 90 tattooists fill the 300-page hardcover Latino Art Collection: Tattoo-Inspired Chicano, Maya, Aztec and Mexican Styles, another tattoo tome published by Edition Reuss and authored by Edgar Hoill, aka OSOK. [Edgar & I co-authored Black & Grey Tattoo last year.]

The renowned artists, from LA to Mexico City to Hong Kong, include Jack Rudy, Chuey Quintanar, Carlos Torres, Nikko Hurtado, Pint, Indio & Melissa Reyes, Boog Brown, Wa-Wang, Tim Hendricks, Antonio Mejia, Goethe, Luke Wessman, Dr. Lakra, Yushi Takei, Pedro Alvarez (who did the cover art), and so many more.

You can purchase the book for $160 + shipping here.

I was honored to write the introduction and the pages noting the various symbolism in the works. For an overview of the book, an excerpt from that introduction is reprinted below:

carlos torres painting.jpg Painting by Carlos Torres.

Latino art is as vast and diverse as the cultures it represents. There are, however, popular themes, aesthetics and symbolism that make it an identifiable artistic genre--one that is vibrant and exciting, and reaching far beyond just the Latino community. Latino artists celebrate their cultural identity in contemporary culture as well as their ancient Prehispanic roots. Catholicism's religious iconography dominates so much of this art, whether it be on canvas, walls, cars or the human body. Personal struggles and the hardships of street life are laid bare; it is, for many, a cathartic expression of loss and redemption. And, of course, reverence for beauty and sexuality is omnipresent. This book is a collection of paintings, drawings, and tattoo flash that represents the soulfulness of this genre. Its goal is to present the many incarnations of Latino, Chicano, and Mexican art and to inspire countless other works.

Most of the artists featured are tattooists, and it's particularly interesting to see how their tattoo styles translate in their fine art. For example, black & grey tattoo motifs--from manifestations of Mi Vida Loca to sexy cholas--are prevalent and even composed in similar shadows and tones as works displayed on skin. There are also interesting cultural fusions where traditional Americana technique, with its thick black outlines and bold colors, is used to convey traditional Mexican and Chicano imagery like sugar skulls and Aztec gods.
boog art.jpgIllustration by Boog Brown.

In addition to the book, also check Egar's OSOK online store for his prints and apparel.
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On Tuesday, we posted another Sullen t-shirt contest, where two emails were chosen randomly out of all who sent us messages by noon today wanting to play along.
And the winners are ... Antonio Torrez and Alex Verryt.

As for the rest of y'all, we have plenty more giveaways lined up with the Sullen brand, and remember, you can still win a free tattoo from Nikko. That contest runs until August 1st. Good luck!
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sullen tee.jpg
Last month, we posted on Sullen's sweepstakes to win a free tattoo from Nikko Hurtado. That contest ends August 1st and all you have to do is go to Sullen's Facebook page, become a fan by clicking Like, and then click the sweepstakes link.

Today, we're having a Sullen-sponsored giveaway of our own:  two tees designed by Nikko (in Men's Large) that are part of the The Collective apparel line.

Here's how to play along:  Click the Contact link above and put in the subject line "Sullen Contest" by noon (Eastern time) on Friday. Then, I'll put all the names in, which will pick two winners. Easy.

For a look at Nikko's art on skin, see his site and the Black Anchor Collector FB page.

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NikkoTattooBlog_Giveaway_Images.jpgRealism wunderkind Nikko Hurtado of Black Anchor Collective in Hesperia, CA has teamed up with Sullen Clothing for a pretty spectacular sweepstakes:  up to five hours of free tattoo time with Nikko; $500 worth of Sullen Clothing; a hotel for one night; and a feature on Sullen TV.  

All you have to do is go to Sullen's Facebook page, become a fan by clicking Like, and then click the sweepstakes link. That's it. Nothing crazy. They're not asking you to tattoo every Facebook friend on your arm.

The contest ends August 1st. More details here.

I'm generally not a fan of promotional tattoo giveaways but Nikko is an exceptional artist and this is an opportunity to book some of his limited time for free. And get some sweet swag! I'm a fan of Sullen's The Collective apparel line with its designs from top tattooists including Nikko.

Nikko has a very distinct flavor to his color realism, often exhibiting a cartoon and comic edge. And I particularly love the ethereal backgrounds that give his portraiture a flow with the body.

For more on Nikko's work, check his online portfolio and Facebook page.

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David neck tattoo.jpg
David's neck tattoo by Bobby Serna of Inkslingers

Finally recovering from the four-day debauchery that was the Biggest Tattoo Show on Earth in Las Vegas, which began last Thursday night and ended sometime around Monday morning.  Like everything Vegas, it was glitzy, over the top, and a helluvalotta fun.

See my usual bad pics of the show here.

The minute I got to Vegas I saw an ad on top of a taxi cab for the convention. It was also heavily promoted in the media, with convention organizer (and tattoo mogul) Mario Barth hiring a PR firm to bring in a crowd. In the Mandalay Bay Hotel, which housed the show in one of its massive convention halls, there were people handing out wrist bands in the casino for reduced admission -- do well at roulette and treat yourself to a tattoo.

Despite the tireless promotion, however, a number of artists and vendors said that there were less people in attendance than last year. [This was my first time there.] But it all depended on who you asked. The experiences of those working the show widely varied. Some said they were completely booked. Others were trying to hustle for business. And then I spoke to a number of artists who were happy to do a few tattoos and mostly hang out and have fun, like a tattoo vacation with some extra dollars to pay for the trip.

knux by Mark Mahoney.jpgKnuckle tattoos by the legendary Mark Mahoney

Vegas has it's velvet ropes and A-listers and this convention was no exception. As I mentioned last week, I was super-stoked to see legendary artists like Horitoshi, the Sulu'ape family, and Americana's bad boys Stanley Moskowitz and Crazy Philadelphia Eddie. [I bought Eddie's new book "Tattooing: The Life and Times of Crazy Philadelphia Eddie, My Vida Loca, Vol 1" and will review it here soon.]  Portrait prodigies Mike De Masi, Mike Devries, Nikko Hurtado were in attendance, and I also got to meet some Greek homies doing a wild fusion of abstract art and realism from Sake Tattoo in Athens, Tattooligans in Thessaloniki, & Fabz Tattoo Gold Coast Tattooligans. Baba & BJ Betts schooled young artists on lettering while Jime Litwalk and Tony Ciavarro worked their New School. Black & Gray maestros Shamrock Social Club, Bob Tyrrell, Tony Olivas, Andy Engel, Robert Pho, (among many other greats) dominated the tattoo competitions.

horitoshi tattooing.jpgHoritoshi tattooing

The competitions were MC'd by the rock/TV/porn star Evan Seinfeld, who was his usual brand of delishiousness. I was also hoping to ogle the cast of Sons of Anarchy (the one reason I own a TV these days) but it seemed the only thing going on in their large booth was airbrushing the show's new logo onto tees and tank tops.

The only other "celebrity" I spotted was skater/Jackass Bam Margera at the after party, which took place Friday and Saturday at King Ink, Mario's tattoo studio-boutique-dance club complete with velvet rope and a line of tattooed Snookies waiting to get in. Oh, and there were TONS of cougars hitting on young punks with stretched earlobes and neck tattoos. I had one 50+ woman come up and ask me what was best way to take one of these guys home. [Answer: Jack Daniels. Lots of it.] As for me, I stayed sober just to take in the scene. It was surreal.

Overall, it was a convention for the masses. Serious collectors were there but it was far from an insider art snob show or hippie gathering. The airbrush artists, faux-tattoo sleeves vendor, and even the psychic readings kept spectators on a blackjack break busy. There was no mystique but it was accessible to all. It was Vegas.
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nikko_hurtado+edward_scissorhands.jpgEdward Scissorhands tattoo by Nikko Hurtado.

I was going to take a full day off to mentally prepare for Thanksgiving with my family tomorrow, but after spending the afternoon at the MoMA, especially for the Tim Burton exhibit, I couldn't resist this links list.

Granted, going to see a popular exhibit the day before a holiday is never a bright idea -- although indeed amusing to hear parents explain to their kiddies what a severed head is; nevertheless, Brian and I braved the crowds and viewed everything from early character sketches to creepy baby mobiles. Awesome!

I was so inspired by the show that I did what any bod-mod nerd would do: I came home and researched Tim Burton-inspired tattoos. Wha? You wouldn't?

tim burton tattoo.jpgSadly, what I was found less than inspiring. Burton characters are imaginative art that professional tattooists can run wild with but unfortch it seems that many professional tattooists were not consulted. Instead a Google image search largely finds the work of that dude who "tats up" {shudder} from his kitchen table.

But when they are good, they are very good. So instead of doing the point-n-laugh at the bad ones, here are some faves:

* Nikko Hurtado's Edward Scissorhands portrait above. Nikko is incapable of doing anything but A-plus portraits but I particularly love how Johnny Depp's eyes glisten with soulfulness. Just like they did in 21 Jump Street.

* Brian Brenner of Truth & Triumph Tattoo is known for his smooth black & gray flow but how he uses perspective in tattoos, like in this Burton sleeve detail (right), shows how he expertly translates the 2D designs on a 3D canvas. [Image via]

*Luca Natalini at Transcend Tattoo has done a number of Burton-inspired pieces like this Corpse Bride sleeve and Nightmare Before Christmas work.

* I love Kristel Oreto's own cartoon creations but this Willy Wonka Augusta Gloop tattoo is supa- sweeeet.

So that's my skin ode to Tim Burton. The MoMA show runs until April 26, but you can also catch a glimpse of the works on view by downloading the PDF of the Exhibition Checklist here
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