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tattoo porcelain.pngTattooed porcelain by By Mutti.

Tattooyogaflash.jpgTattoo yoga flash by Painted Lady Fitness.

tattooed lady tea towel.pngTattooed lady tea towel by Emily the Pemily.

It's "Cyber Monday," and while I've decided to ignore the online deals for fitness monitors, Spanx and other items recommended for me on Amazon (hmmmm), I figured it would be a good time to give a shout to some tattoo-related goodies that may help with your holiday gift list. I picked five recent faves:

For the tattooed ladies who lunch, or even my mama, I'm loving the beautiful porcelain dinnerware and tea pots adorned with tattoo motifs, by the Swedish porcelain brand By Mutti. The collection, shown above, entitled Faith Hope & Love, was created by ceramist and visual artist Eva Gernandt, who designed and independently produced the works in honor of all seafarers. I found the brand through tattooer (and Jedi Viking) Colin Dale of Skin & Bone in Copenhagen. Skin & Bone is offering this collection for purchase, along with other crafts and books for the holiday season. And of course, you can purchase the tattooed porcelain on

Now, y'all went crazy for the
tattoo yoga flash by Painted Lady Fitness, which I wrote about in July, but at that time, the sheets were not available for purchase online. They are now - but while supplies last! Painted Lady Fitness is the baby of Ashley Silversides, a yoga teacher and personal trainer who has taken a special interest in tattoo artist wellness. As I wrote in my post, Ashley has offered yoga classes at tattoo conventions, and she also put together stretching guides, providing photos, explanations and the benefits, directed specifically towards tattooers. The yoga pose flash -- which was painted by Andrew Ottenhof from The Foundry Tattoo in Odessa, Ontario -- is a healthy resource as well as a piece of art. You can purchase it via PayPal for just 40 Canadian dollars (which includes shipping).

I recently discovered the illustrations of Manchester-based Emily Boyd via her Emily the Pemily Etsy store. I've been collecting printed tea towels with fun motifs and framing them for my kitchen, and in my Etsy search for "tea towel," popped the old tattooed lady artwork (above). It was destiny. I bought it and also a tee with the same design. The quality of the hand screen printing on 100% cotton is great, and the tee has a cool cut. Delivery was quick (she ship's worldwide) and I think her prices are really fair. Check Emily's shop here.

[Also on Etsy, I still have my favorite shops for holiday greeting cards:  MargaretaGR's tattooed women of Xmas greetings, the tattooed Mike Tyson "Merry Chrithmith" card, and may favorite for the past couple years -- Sugarbeet Press' tattooed lady set.]

Tis the season when my friends are all having babies, and so I'm hitting up Jinxi and Steve Caddel's Out of Step Books, which has a special children's book section. The books include
"ABC - Tattoo Artists Illustrate the Alphabet" (below) and "Start Looking Up!", a hardback, full-color children's book, written by Jinxi and illustrated by Tony Ciavarro, that "spreads the message of how having a positive attitude can turn your day around and change the way that you see things (and life in general)." Yeah, PMA! While my focus is on gifts for the kiddies, there are so many fantastic beautifully produced books and prints on Out of Step. They especially make great gifts for your tattoo artists.

Finally, the ladies do love legendary tattooer Lal Hardy of New Wave Tattoo in London. And now even more so, thanks to a line of vibrators he designed for the UK's leading sex toy purveyors, Rocks Off. I haven't tried them myself, but I'm sure they are lovely.  You can purchase them from the Rocks Off site, or online via Amazon, Walgreens and other stores for "personal wellness."

Happy shopping!

ABC tattoo book.png"ABC - Tattoo Artists Illustrate the Alphabet" via Out of Step Books.
rocks off lal hardy vibrator.png"Rocks Off" massager designed by Lal Hardy.
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antennae of inspiration.jpg
A beautifully curated and styled collection of entomology-based artwork from around the world, Antennae of Inspiration: The Insect Art Project is yet another wonderful accomplishment of Jinxi Boo Caddel and her Out of Step Books. The cover artwork alone, by Jeff Gogue, is a perfect example of the stunning works on the pages inside.  In addition to images of tattoos, paintings, drawings, photography and other mediums, there are also engaging stories behind many of the works.

Antennae of Inspiration is part of Out of Step's
Inspiration Art Project Series: beautiful hardcover publications designed to do exactly what the name says -- inspire exciting interpretations of particular themes by presenting an ensemble of art in different mediums focused on those themes. This volume is all about bug art. Here's more about it from Jinxi:

With a multitude of mediums included, our insect, snail, and arachnid friends are colorfully interpreted in over 1,650 different ways by 848 unique and talented artisans. This collective project brings together an artistic treasure trove of inspirational work to celebrate the wondrous world of compound eyes, aerodynamic wings, and versatile antennae. Antennae of Inspiration is a full color, hardback, coffee-table style, 480-page beauty of a book.
You can purchase the book online for $79.95. Such a compilation is worth so much more. Gorgeous examples of what you'll find in the book are below.

What is also particularly excellent is that a percentage of the proceeds of all book sales through Jinxi's Out of Step Books goes to in an effort to keep arts education alive and thriving.
There are also art prints for purchase, and all the proceeds from those sales go to

Check more of the titles and art available on Out of Step Books and Like them on Facebook.  You can also find Jinxi on Instagram.

Andrey Barkov Gimmy tattoo.jpg
by Damien Voss Friesz .jpgAndrey Barkov Gimmy tattoo. Painting by Damien Voss Friesz.
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