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paul acker tattoo.jpgTattoo above by Paul Acker.

The recent tattoo news featured some fun stuff from Stan Lee's tattoo approval to Denver's best studios to pretty temp tattoos:

First up, Movieplot featured Paul Acker, particularly his horror realism. I'm a long time fan of Paul's work and some of great works of his can be found in this article. You can also find Paul's portfolio on his site, Facebook, and Instagram.

The OC Weekly has another tattoo artist feature -- this time on Tim Shelton of Still Life Tattoo. The focus of the article is on "how art transitions into tattooing." Here's a bit from Tim on that:
There are similarities in my drawing style to how I tattoo, but you usually have full control over your drawings [...] That's the time to make your own weird shit. I do a lot of loose, texture stuff when I'm drawing, but it's pretty rare that I try tattooing like that. They're more like brother and sister than twins, although I'm constantly changing both, and parts of both go back and forth with each other.
The article also has a short but interesting Q&A with Tim.

Colorado's Westword has a feature on the Ten Best Tattoo Shop Names in Denver. The piece shows a lot of tattoo talent in the city. I was happy to see Alicia Cardenas and Sol Tribe on the list. I had the great pleasure of hanging out with Alicia and watching her work at the Brighton Tattoo Convention in February. Alicia is part tattooer-part earth mother-part shaman. I hope to have an interview with her soon. Here's a piece she did at the convention below.

Another cool story was how one man got his backpiece approved by Stan Lee at MegaCon in Florida. Tattooer Kelly Rogers created a piece with Spider-Man, the Hulk, Carnage, Venom, Batman, The Joker and Spawn on John Engle's back. Stan Lee signed John's back at the convention and Kelly tattooed that as well. A dream come true for the comic fan.

Finally, while not a true tattoo piece, I loved this Bustle How-To on making temporary tattoos with dried flowers. So pretty! I'm going to find some free space and try it this weekend. 

dotwork crab tattoo.pngTattoo above by Alicia Cardenas.
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horror calendar2.jpg
It's never too early to start planning your 2013 convention schedule and tattoo appointments -- and keeping track of them all on a calendar befitting such important dates.

I'm digging the recently released 2013 Horror Calendar, designed and produced by Dan Henk, who contributes his own signature dark art along with Nick Baxter, Adrian Dominic, Scott Trerrotola, Paul Acker, Steve Morris, Joseph Ortega, Buzz Hasson, Rodd Diaz, Jeff Esminger, and Ron Russo. It's a fantastic collection of fine art by top tattooers. A glimpse into each month is below. 

You can purchase the calendar for just $15 plus shipping online here. Look out for them at conventions as well.

horror calendar.jpg
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