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Last week, we posted on the new waxy green doppelganger of our friend Erik Sprague, aka The Lizardman, at Ripley's Believe It or Not Museum in Times Square, and there were plenty of press in attendance to capture his performance.

Erik was recently interviewed on HuffPo's Weird News for a good solid 6:40 minute video. And then this morning, my mom woke up to find on her AOL homepage (the homepage of all moms) this quick and dirty video in which Erik answers the "Why?" question, how he handles stares, and other tidbits. Check it.

[Those at my Color Tattoo Art book party last Saturday were also treated to some lizardy goodness -- particularly our buddy Jonas whom Erik fed french fries...nasally. ]
01:11 PM
lizardman ripleys.jpg
Today, our friend Erik Sprague, aka, The Lizardman, unveils his new waxy doppelganger at New York's Ripley's Believe It or Not museum. Tomorrow and Sunday, he'll be performing live outside of of the museum in Times Square every hour on the hour, from 12pm to 7pm, and posing for pics (most likely sticking out his forked tongue or running your long curly locks through his septum (I speak from experience). [Then, he'll be partying with us at the Color Tattoo Art book party from 8-10 at Sacred Gallery. More info on Facebook.] Here's how Ripley's describe the wax statute:

Taking Ripley artists nearly 200 hours to create, the wax statuette portrays each detailed characteristic of Sprague's extreme body modifications from his forked tongue down to each tiny green scale, a process which started in August 2010 when Sprague spent days in the Ripley wax studios for a fully body casting.  This life size figure will be the newest item on display in the main entrance of Ripley's Believe It or Not! Times Square. 

To see the process of making the faux Lizardman, check this video. And for a list of upcoming performances, info on his band Lizard Skynard, and to buy his book "Once More Through the Modified Looking Glass," check

05:35 PM

This video is fun on so many fronts. We get to see our friend The Lizardman engulfed in goo for his waxy doppelganger that will be on display at the Ripley's Believe It or Not Museum at the end of next month. It also offers a close-up look of his extensive tattoo work, largely green scales on his face and body. And hell, I thought it was cool just seeing the process of making a dummy. [By dummy, I mean the faux, not real, Lizardman.]
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