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03:06 PM
Russ Abbott Santa Tattoo.jpg

Santa tattoo above by Russ Abbott.

Ho, ho, ho!

I'm wishing all of you -- the naughty and the nice -- tons of happiness, love
, and peace. And of course, killer tattoos. Thank you so much for being part of Needles & Sins freak family.

Tons of love,
09:05 AM
Russ Abbott Santa Tattoo.jpg
Santa tattoo above by Russ Abbott.

Wishing you all love
, peace, and beautiful tattoos. I'll be taking off today and tomorrow, but will be back with the tattoo goodness on Friday. Thank you for supporting Needles & Sins and sharing this passion with me.

05:41 PM

For an absolutely fantastic look at ATL's tattoo scene, check Hypebeast's The Atlanta Project: Navigating through Tattoo Culture.

The film features tattooers Miya Bailey, Jason Kelly, Russ Abbott, Keet D'arms, and Eddie Stacey -- renowned artists working in various styles -- and takes the viewers into their studios as the artists discuss the city's tattoo community. It's a great watch, and although I wish the experience of at least one woman tattooer was included, these artists all have some great insight into the dynamic art scene in Atlanta and share that energy in a really engaging way.

Here are some tattoo samples from Miya, Jason, Russ, Keet and Eddie below. Oh, and if you haven't checked it yet, Miya's documentary on professional black tattoo artists in America -- Color Outside the Lines -- is a must watch as well.

russ abbott tattoo.jpgRuss Abbott tattoo above.

miya bailey tattoo.pngMiya Bailey tattoo above.

keet darms tattoo.png
Keet D'arms tattoo above.

jason kelly tattoo.pngJason Kelly tattoo above.

eddie stacey.pngEddie Stacey tattoo above.
04:20 PM
I got ya Christmas tattoos right here! Much love to all!

Russ Abbott Santa Tattoo.jpg
Santa tattoo above by Russ Abbott

yoda santa tattoo.jpg Yoda Santa by Josh Woods.

santa tattoo 2.jpgSanta tattoo by Lenny Renken.

santa tattoo.jpgTattoo by Michael Slone.

Lampoon Christmas tattoo.jpgNational Lampoon's Christmas tattoo by Johnny Smith.

christmas_tattoo_grinch.jpgGrinch Tattoo by Shane O'Neill.
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