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06:22 PM
george bardadim tattoo close-up.jpgAs I mentioned in the artist profile on George Bardadim a couple of weeks ago, the veteran tattooist from Russia is doing a guest spot at Tattoo Culture in Brooklyn until October 30th. I just learned that he does still have appointments available, so it's a rare opportunity to get work from this multi-talented artist.

To make an appointment, hit him up
at bardadim(at) or through his contact page. Check his online gallery and Facebook page to see more of his tattoo portfolio.
12:01 PM
Bardadim Tattoo.jpg
Tattooing since 1988, Russia's George Bardadim has gone from hand-poking with a needle and thread to building tattoo machines and achieving international acclaim for his stellar realism as well as other genres in his expansive portfolio.  When asked about his work, George says:

Black and grey tattoos were much more popular in Russia--then color through years--that's why I did a lot of them back then. Nowadays, the situation has completely changed. I also changed my mind a little and tried to learn how to work with colors in a way modern young artists do. I do my best to learn different styles, though sometimes it's not easy at all.
George's studio is in St. Petersburg but he travels extensively throughout Europe, working conventions and guest spots. His next shows are Frankfurt and Milan as well as a few smaller conventions.

Good news for those in the US:  George has just arrived for the first time in the States. He says, "I hope I will be able to find new friends and probably take part in local conventions. I really like to learn things through experience sharing, and I'm always open to new relations and guest spots."

From October 23rd to October 30th, George will be a guest artist at our Brooklyn homebase, Tattoo Culture, and he still has some appointments available! You can reach him via email at bardadim(at) or through his contact page.

Check his online gallery and Facebook page to see more of his work.

Bardadim Tattoo 3.jpgbardadim tattoo 2.jpg

03:33 PM
den yakovlev2.jpgThe November issue of Skin & Ink magazine has Traveling Mick's coverage of the Moscow Tattoo Convention, which is a great read but also includes photos of some exciting tattoo work being done in Russia. A number of backpieces that particularly grabbed my attention in the article were done by 28-year-old artist Den Yakovlev, whose work is shown here.

See more in his online portfolio of exceptional photorealism in color and black & gray.

den yakovlev1.jpg
den yakovlev3.jpgPS: That same issue of Skin & Ink has the second part of my column on blackwork tattooing. Check it out.
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