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the locust flyer A.jpgNext Sunday, July 7th, is the opening of Atom Moore's photographic exhibition "The Locust" at Sacred Gallery in SoHo NYC. It's a very personal exhibit in which Atom's photos tell a story of his friendship with a well known and beloved member of the body modification community, Adam Aries, and honors Adam's life, which was cut too short in 2011. Here's more info on the show from Sacred:

Atom Moore began photographing Adam Aries, also known as Zid, a decade ago. Zid was in many ways larger than life. His interests were not mainstream and he challenged many social norms. His gritty but beautiful look matched his straightforward attitude toward the world. Zid embodied the definition of living life the way you see fit.

Zid passed away unexpectedly in his sleep on March 22nd, 2011. In the wake of this tragedy, Atom has compiled a body of work from throughout their years making photographs together.

While Zid is no longer alive, his vivid spirit remains, both in these photographs and in the hearts and minds of the people who knew him. His unusual life touched many people, including his loving parents, who chose to remember him by getting a replica of his iconic locust tattoo. Atom is proud to share the unique and beautiful spirit of Zid through his photographs.
Exhibition runs from July 7th - 31st. Hope to see you there and celebrate a life fully lived.
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tots with tats.jpg
This Saturday, July 7th, Sacred Gallery in SoHo, NYC opens a double header exhibition, with a collection by Martina Secondo Russo entitled "Tots with Tats" and Angie Mason's "Project 30: The Hand Picked 10." Curated by Frankie Velez, the shows are distinctly different in style, medium and method but are equally compelling.

Sacred offers more on these shows:

In TOTS WITH TATS, Martina Secondo Russo presents a new series of life-sized tattooed babies. She cuts the figures out of plywood and paints the skin tones in acrylic. She then applies all kinds of "tattoos" with enamel markers. Most of the "tattoos" are drawn from Traditional American Flash, but she also uses Halloween decorations, found images, or her own drawings. The "tattoos" are used to tell a story and create a new kind of visual dialogue. Each "Tot" has his own personality, which is reflected through his tattoos.
Read more on the work here. 

angie mason art 2.jpgFor Angie Mason's PROJECT 30 THE HAND PICKED 10, Sacred says:

This idea started as a social media art experiment, a way for the artist to interact with fans who follow the her work. Fans were asked to "hand pick" their top ten artworks from the 30 original drawings which Angie created for Project 30. Encouraging fans to "Be a part of the process!" by liking and commenting on their favorites. Project 30 - The Hand Picked 10 was utilizing social media platforms as way to interact in ways never used before during Angie's creative process. It was a fun interactive project that now is coming to the moment of truth the solo exhibition showcasing all 30 drawings and the Hand Picked 10 paintings.
Focusing on twisted combinations and dual opposites (such as sweet vs. sour, happy vs. sad or life vs. death) she paints truths about being human. Varied influences are found within her work ranging from such things as nature,love, relationships,dreams,memories,humor, loss and health to name a few. These mixed influences cause a balance of light and dark that intermingle with each other creating a visual playground, bringing to life quirky characters that are beautifully rendered yet with a painterly hand giving them an innocent raw touch. Mason's works are both horrific and humorous, yet speaks of what it means to be human.
The opening on the 7th is from 7-10pm and the show runs to August 3.
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image001.jpg As a follow up to our mention of tattoo anthropologist Dr. Lars Krutak in the earlier post, I wanted to let you know that Sacred Gallery in NYC is hosting the photographic exhibit Shamanic Skin: The Art of Magical Tattooing, which features thirty selected works from Lars' portfolio. The opening is Saturday, February 4th from 7 to 10PM and runs until February 29th.Here's more:

In 1777, the word 'tattoo' was defined as 'an indelible mark or figure fixed upon the body by insertion of pigment under the skin or by the production of scars.' For thousands of years before that date, however, indigenous peoples practiced various forms of tattooing and scarification not only to beautify themselves or mark significant life achievements, but also to please or seek protection from particular spirits which inhabited their world.

For the past fifteen years, Dr. Lars Krutak has traveled the globe to document the religious beliefs behind permanent forms of tribal body modification. His photographic exhibition focuses upon the deeply spiritual realm of tattoo through an examination of these fascinating rituals.
For a copy of the show catalog, email Lars' books "The Tattooing Arts of Tribal Women" (2007) and "Kalinga Tattoo: Ancient and Modern Expressions of the Tribal" (2010) will be available for signing at the opening as well.

Sacred Gallery is located at 424 Broadway 2nd Fl (between Canal and Howard) in NYC.
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ds_flyer_web.jpgThis Saturday, Nov. 26th, from 7-10PM, tattooer and musician Dan Smith will be signing his new book, "With the Light of Truth" at Sacred Gallery in SoHo, NYC.

Described as "A collection of tattoos, art, and profiles of some of the best Straight Edge tattoo artists in the world," the 256-page hardcover is filled with imagery that will inspire those beyond the drug & alcohol free community. [See sample pages below.]

with the light of truth.jpg In this video with Tattoo Artist Magazine, the LA Ink star says the "super-intensive" book is a project he's worked the hardest on in recent years, and represents his friends and something he cares a lot about. A list of artists featured and news on "With the Light of Truth" can be found on Facebook here.

The book is released by Memento Publishing and available for purchase via Dan's online store or at the book signing at Sacred Gallery. Complimentary Shirley Temple drinks will also be served.

For those on the West Coast, there will also be a book signing on December 10th in LA at Kat Von D's Wonderland Gallery.

You can find more on Dan and his tattoo work at And to hear his music, head to

grez art.jpg
Art by Grez of Kings Ave.

steve burn art.jpgArt by Steve Byrne.
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Continuing our posts on noted upcoming events, on the East Coast, Sacred Gallery in NYC presents "Immortal Until Death: The Cemetery Landscapes and Portrait Photography of Nathaniel C. Shannon." The show opens this Saturday, Nov. 5th, and runs until Nov. 27th. The opening reception is Saturday from 7-10 PM. More info on Facebook

Like the Idexa Stern and Aurora Meneghello collaboration, Nathaniel has documented the work of a renowned tattooist -- the godfather of neo-tribal tattooing Leo Zuluetta -- and his images are also featured in "Tattoo World" and my first book "Black Tattoo Art." But in this exhibition at Sacred, his photos from cemeteries are the focus of the show. Here's more background on this series:

As a child, each Memorial Day my parents and I would visit the graves of our ancestors at various cemeteries in Michigan. I always enjoyed these trips. They connected us as a family, helped me better understand my family history and provided perspective on who I am today.

Over the years, I became fascinated with cemeteries: the intricate architecture of mausoleums and headstone designs, the landscaping of the grounds and the expression of legacy present with each burial plot. As I grew older, I would frequent the cemeteries of Ypsilanti, MI, where I was raised, and wander aimlessly by myself for hours, enjoying the solitude, studying the tombstones and the names etched into them, creating stories about the dead.

Visiting cemeteries became a peaceful escape from the stresses of the living world, the cemetery gates serving as a portal to history. Naturally, as my addiction to photography grew, I brought my camera through that portal with me.

Because the photography of cemeteries is a very spiritual process for me, I prefer to be alone while I shoot. If the living are nearby, the tombs can't find me. I follow a personal code of ethics in these places, one that I choose not to share with others. The cemetery is not my home, it's the home of the dead. I respect the dead and am drawn to the energy of specific graves. When a grave does not want to be photographed, one way or another, its inhabitant lets me know.

My goal is to portray of these headstones in the same way I do the living: as a vital element of their position in space and time. After all, we are all suspects.

See more of Nathaniel's work on his website and blog. Hope to see you at the exhibit!


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Holly Azzara Alice in Wonderland tattoo.jpg

Tattoo by Holly Azzara

It's party time tonight at the fabulous Sacred Gallery NYC in SoHo, from 8-10PM, celebrating the release of Color Tattoo Art: Comics. Cartoon. Pin-Up. Manga. New School. The 496-page hardcover -- which is graced with artwork such as those shown here -- will be available for the reduced rate of $150. [I'll also be selling any leftover books online for that same rate plus shipping. Hit me up at marisa at if interested.]

Special thanks goes out to sponsor Sailor Jerry Rum and to Sacred for hosting the event. There will also be other drinkies and pretty people. Hope to see y'all there!

Tony_Ciavarro_tattoo.jpgTattoo by Tony Ciavarro

Color Tattoo Art Book Release Party
Sacred Gallery
424 Broadway 2nd Floor Rear
(Between Canal and Howard)
New York, NY 10013

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bugs purity in motion.jpg
French born, Los Angeles based tattooist, painter and sculptor BUGS will be exhibiting a new body of work entitled Purity in Motion at Sacred Gallery in SoHo. The opening reception is 7-11PM next Thursday, May 12th -- the night before the NYC Tattoo Convention, where Bugs will also be tattooing. The show will run through May 29th.

I talked with Bugs about his upcoming exhibit in our Q&A for Inked Magazine and learned that he had just returned to sculpting, a medium he was exited to get back into. When I further asked him about it, he replied:

I'm sketching new cubic women, starting small. I'm going to make them in bronze. Near my house is a foundry that deals with a lot of artists. I think it will be interesting to see my work in 3D, to see my work freely with all the angles of my design. I don't know if it will be popular or will sell but I don't care. I do it for me.
Bugs will learn soon enough how the sculpture is received with this first unveiling of the work. The sculpture will be on view along with paintings that "reflect a mix of different techniques showing images of nudes." He adds, "Also included will be other subjects close to my heart from my background in France."

If you can't make it to the show, you can appreciate his distinct cubist and modern abstract style (like the work below) in his tattoo portfolio online. Bugs works at the Tattoo Lounge in LA, Thurs-Sat, and Victory Electric Tattoo Co., in Studio City, CA on Wednesdays.

TONIGHT AT SACRED:  There will be a special one-night only Benefit for Japan in which all artwork will be priced at $200 or less, and all proceeds go to the Red Cross. Prints and original drawings from a stellar line-up of artists will be available. More info here.

bugs tattoo.jpg
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shepard fairey show.jpg
Tomorrow, at Sacred Gallery in NYC, the opening for a truly exciting show kicks off at 7PM:


On view will be works from Shepard Fairey/OBEY GIANT (known for his iconic Obama "HOPE" poster), Aidan Hughes (known most for creating artwork for the band KMFDM), Max Grundy, Adam Hays, Nik Moore, Wendy Cross, and Dan Alvarado.

Gallery director, Kevin Wilson, says: "The show is based on the responses to contemporary political happenings that have impacted us all."

The exhibition runs till Sept. 24th. Brian and I are looking forward to it, and hope to see y'all there.

Sacred Gallery NYC
424 Broadway, 3nd Floor Rear
New York, NY 10013
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metanoia postcard.jpgIn 24 hours, Brian and I will head to Edinburgh, Scotland for some fun and then Cork, Ireland for even more fun this weekend at the Traditional Tattoo and World Culture Fest. [Looking forward to seeing Colin Dale, Xed Le head, and the fabulous Pat Fish, Queen of Celt, among so many other wonderful artists.] Will have a convention review and photos when we're back next week.

Meanwhile, I wanted to leave you with a few events from NYC to Liverpool (Sydney, Australia) to supplement our list of favorite upcoming conventions through October.

In that list, I mentioned the one-night-only-must-see exhibit: Pint Size Paintings at NYC's Sacred Gallery this Friday, July 9th. [I wrote about the book here, and have a couple photos of the exhibit from my Hell City gallery here.] So, I'm offering this quick reminder because I really recommend the show.

Also in NYC, P.J.S. Exhibitions presents Metanoia, a group exhibit featuring the fine art of top New York-based tattooists Chris O'Donnell, Stephanie Tamez, and Thomas Hooper of New York Adorned; Josh Egnew of Three Kings; Jason June of Daredevil Tattoo; as well as a hand crafted motorcycle by Ryan Bonilla of Bellum Concepts. Bevin Robinson and Patrick Sullivan will be co-curating the show, which runs July 15th through August 29th. A preview of the artwork is shown above.

Finally, for my Aussies, Liverpool's Casula Powerhouse Art Centre presents Body Pacifica,  a show focusing on Samoan, Maori, Tongan, and Niuean tattooing and ceremony. For me, one of the more interesting features of the show is Leo Tanoi's exhibition, which looks at the history and change of islander attitudes towards Samoan tattooing, and "explores stories of copyright and change, and the uncertain future of tattoo designs from a traditional perspective." The show runs until August 29th. Read more about the show and see a photo gallery here.[Thanks, Zhan, for the heads up!]  

body pacifica.jpgTe Ao Hurihanga, photography by Chris Barber
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Monicaartshowsacred.jpgIn 2007, tattoo artist and shining light, Monica Henk, was killed. It devastated so many of us. Countless reasons made you want to know Monica:  Her humor, her funny faces, her joie de vivre. She had the best laugh ever. Her passion for art and constant desire to learn more about her craft. She would have been thirty last week.

The Monica Memorial Show at Sacred Gallery comprises tattoo artist tributes on canvas to this tiny powerhouse. The group show opens this Sunday, May 30th from 7-11PM.

Kevin Wilson, Director of Sacred, said this of the show:

"A few months ago, Kike Castillo (Monica's brother), and Dan Henk approached me with the idea of having a small gallery show celebrating the life of Monica here at our gallery. Naturally I agreed since Sacred is where Monica started her career in the tattoo industry. It's just a shame that she was taken from us by a hit-and-run driver whom was never caught.

Dan & Kike started to talk with artists who were willing to support this show idea, and before we knew it, this small show grew into a monster. Most every artist approached was willing to submit for this show. Whether they knew her or not, they were willing to support a fallen artist from within their community. Even the artists who didn't have time to submit work agreed to come out and celebrate the life of Monica. This just shows you how strong of a community we've become over the years!"

nick baxter painting.jpgPainting by Nick Baxter for Monica group show.

I also spoke with Dan Henk about the exhibit:

"The exhibit is to commemorate her. It's a show of life and what was exceptional about her, not a melancholy commiseration on her death. Almost everyone who knew Monica was thrilled to participate. The time-line and story of a life full of potential cut short resounds with many people, and even those who only knew her from the sidelines felt the impact and wanted to contribute.

I appreciate all the artists who put in their hard work and time into rendering artwork for something that is very personal for me and her brother, Kike. Her whole immediate family will be in attendance, and to them, it is a great honor.

All the paintings will be collected in a book: text and personal photos will be added by me and Kike Castillo, and will be available through Durb Morrison's printing press."

monTL.jpgPainting by Tommy Lee for Monica Memorial show


Monica Memorial Show
May 30th, 7-11PM
Sacred Gallery
424 Broadway (off Canal)
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