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Yesterday the NY Times profiled Smith Street Tattoo and offered a beautiful slideshow on the shop. The essence of the feature is how tattoo collectors from around the world will travel to the Brooklyn parlour to get "New York Style tattoos," or as co-owner Bert Krak says, "tattoos that look like tattoos."

Here's a taste from the article:

Mr. Krak opened the shop in 2008 with another artist, Steve Boltz, 42. Mr. Santoro and Eli Quinters, 35, completed their team. The four men, who all are impressively inked themselves, work with a brotherly camaraderie. They chat above the constant hum of the tattoo guns they operate, which drone on like summer locusts.

Smith Street Tattoo's international reputation might stem from its artists' frequent trips abroad. "We probably tattoo more Australians than Americans," Alex Kapsidelis, the shop's manager, said. "I booked an appointment for a guy from Singapore who flew here just to get tattooed."

And what did he get? Mr. Kapsidelis, 24, looked to Mr. Santoro.

"I don't remember," Mr. Santoro said. "Something cool."

Check more of their work at
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Tattoo Age Dan Sntoro.jpg UPDATE: Here's Part 2 of the Dan Santoro feature.

As we posted last month, we've been excited to see the debut of a show that pays respect to the art without the faux drama of current tattoo TV offerings: Tattoo Age on Vice TV.

Today, the show went live and has most definitely met our expectations. This first episode is Part 1 of a feature on Dan Santoro of Smith Street Tattoo in Brooklyn, NY. It looks at his daily life as a tattooer and his approach to Americana folk-art tattoos and paintings, which make up a great deal of his portfolio. His colleagues at Smith Street offer their thoughts on Dan's work and personality as well. But it goes beyond close-ups of tattooing and musings on the craft. It follows Dan on his antiquing trips, another one of his passions and business, and other aspects of his life outside of the shop, giving the viewer an intimate look at this well respected artist.

Check the full episode below. You can find the schedule for upcoming episodes on our original post, as well as the show's trailer.
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My friend JD just turned me on to this 10-part video series called True Love, where three filmmakers from Milan travel across America's East Coast to capture the work of the best tattooers working in the old school tradition.

According to their YouTube Channel, the series seeks "to focus on various aspects of tattooing, but most of all on the relationship tattooer-customer, from the point of view of the same customer."

The artists include the crew from Smith Street Tattoo, Olde City Tattoo, Chad Koeplinger, Hunter Spanks, Nikki Balls, and newcomer Bailey Hunter Robinson.

Check 'em.

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