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09:35 AM
Miguel Bohigues.jpg
Miguel Bohigues 2.jpg
It's been a while since a profiled a black & grey tattoo specialist, so here is some stunning work from Miguel Bohigues of Aldaia (Valencia), Spain. Miguel has won numerous international awards for his soulful realism, and it's easy to understand why.

For more, you can check this video interview with Miguel (in Spanish) and also find his work on Facebook.

Miguel Bohigues 3.jpg
11:03 AM

The guys at Ronink Films in Spain have another great tattoo video out, just like their one on True Love Tattoo in Madrid. Check their film short on Unity Tattoo in Granada, which offers a beautiful look into the city, the studio and the work of a talented crew of artists.

See more of their tattoo portfolios here.

juanma_vasquez.jpgTattoo by Juanma Vasquez

david snachez.jpgTattoo by David Sanchez

david ramirez tattoo.jpgTattoo by David Ramirez
12:46 PM
el bara clown tattoo.jpg Tattoo by El Bara

A surge of independent videos featuring tattooists around the world have made their way across social media, and really, I think it's a good thing. The films offer a close-up look at the process of creation in addition to animated portfolios of the finished tattoos, and often we get a sense of the studio vibe as well. 

All this goodness can be found in Ronink Films' video on True Love Tattoo in Madrid, Spain. The 8-minute production may be long for some looking for quick sketch-to-ink action, but I enjoyed sitting back with my coffee and watching all the details that go into putting on a solid tattoo. The artists at True Love -- El Bara, Know & xGastx -- are particularly regarded for their traditional & neo-traditional work, and in the video, you can see them employing time-old tattoo tenets with skill. My favorite clips are of the neck tattoo, which you can see being worked midway in the film. And stay till the end for a fun way of rolling credits. 

See more of their work on Facebook.
 xgastx tattoo.jpgTattoo by xgastx
 know tattoo.jpgTattoo by Know
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