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Last week, we posted another Sullen contest for y'all to win a special edition hoodie designed by by black & grey guru Bob Tyrrell. All you needed to do was either Tweet at us or post anything in our Needles & Sins Syndicate Group on Facebook. Really, these contests are getting too easy. 

I put all the names into & the internet gods picked ... Jesse Nelson. Congrats, Jesse!

You can still grab the hoodie yourself for $60 on the Sullen store, which is a sweet deal.

More contests to come!
08:09 AM
For those who spent too much money over the holidays, we have something you can score for free -- and it is gooood. Sullen Clothing is giving away an incredibly badass hoodie designed by black & grey guru Bob Tyrrell to a lucky Needles & Sins winner. The sweatshirt normally sells for $60 on the Sullen store, so this is a sweet deal.

As usual, here's how to play: One winner will be selected randomly from those who comment -- any love note will do -- on this post in our Needles & Sins Syndicate Group on Facebook or hitting up @NeedlesandSins on Twitter. On January 3, 2012, we'll put all the names of the commenters into to pick the winner.

Also, if you haven't entered to win a free tattoo from Bob Tyrrell (exclamation points), you still have until December 31st. More details on the Sullen Facebook page.

Good luck!

02:11 PM
We kick off our N+S Holiday Gift Guide with our friends at Sullen Clothing, who have been giving us free swag for you to win all year.  Today, they have a special 40% off sale, where you can get serious deals on apparel designed by some of your favorite tattooists, including Jack Rudy, Nikko Hurtado, and Bob Tyrrell, among many others. Also check their tattoo travel bags and cases.

And remember, their contest to win a free tattoo from Bob Tyrrell is still on.

Cheap and free ... we like these offers.
09:38 AM
BobTyrrellTattooGiveaway_Body.pngOur friends at Sullen Clothing have yet another tattoo giveaway, and this time you can enter to win a free tattoo from ... Bob Tyrrell [exclamation points].

The winner of the contest will be flown to Detroit Rock City to be tattooed by Bob at the Motor City Tattoo Convention. The Motor City show is one of the stops on the Inked Up World Tour, which is a kickass partnership between Sullen and Rockstar Energy Drink.  The tour kicks off early 2013 and will have 12 of some the best artists in the world -- no really, the best -- hit up 12 international tattoo conventions. 

Check the video below with a South Park-ized Bob throwing out the details -- the best part of the video is that Jack Rudy is doing the voice of Bob. Gotta see it.

Also check out the new Bob Tyrrell tee for Sullen.
06:33 PM
FB_October_PumpkinCarvingPromo2.jpgGot another fun contest for ya! Sullen Clothing and Villafane Studios have teamed up to present the 2012 Pumpkin Carving Contest. All you have to do is take pictures of your pumpkin carving and post it on Sullen's Facebook page and/or follow both @sullenclothing and @villafanestudios on Instagram and post your pumpkin pic with the hashtag #SULLENVILLAFANECARVE2012.

The winner, who will be chosen on Halloween, will score a $200 Sullen Online Gift Certificate and a 3-D Pumpkin Carving Kit from Villafane Studios. The judges will be Sullen Clothing, Villafane Studios and Bob Tyrrell.

Head over to the Villafane Studios Facebook page for tips and tricks. You can check some of the awesome submissions already on both FB pages.

I too have recently carved a pumpkin but don't think it will be in the running.

PS: We have another fantastic Sullen contest this way, no carving required. More on that soon.
12:26 PM
Last Wednesday, we let you know about the new special edition Sullen Clothing tees designed by renowned black & grey artist Jose Lopez of Lowrider Tattoo. Sullen has offered the tees to two lucky winners, and they were picked via from those who hit us up @NeedlesandSins on Twitter and commented in Needles & Sins Syndicate Group on Facebook.

And the winners are ...Charlie Bryson Altman and Stevis Gramenis. Congrats!

You can still get you hands on the tees
through Sullen's online store here. The "Jose Lopez (signature tee)," is now available for $24 and the second design will drop Spring 2013. Check 'em.
12:15 PM
art driven show.jpgOn July 21st, over 100 artists, including some of the top tattooists & painters in the world, will be exhibiting their fine art work in the "Art Driven" group show hosted by Sullen Clothing at their gallery & headquarters in Los Alamitos, CA. 

ArtDrivenFlyer.jpgWhat's also pretty exciting is that they have one spot open for an artist to display his or her work alongside the likes of Jack Rudy, Bob Roberts, Kari Barba, Freddy Negrette, Rick Walters and many other legends as well as tattoo prodigies. It's an amazing opportunity to share your art in a serious exhibition.

To participate, you have to "Like" Sullen on Facebook, then you submit your artwork on their wall. After that, the fans will vote on their favorite to choose "Whose Art Can Hang?". Already, there have been some excellent submissions.

I know there are tons of talented Needles & Sins readers, and I encourage you to be a part of the contest. And if you're near the Sullen HQ, definitely check out the "Art Driven" show. The opening runs from 7pm-midnight on Saturday the 21st of July. Sullen is located at 11081 Winners Circle, Los Alamitos, California.
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Last week, we posted the latest Sullen Clothing contest, where two readers will score either the Hurt Locker Dufflebag, a super-sturdy, footed carryall with padded shoulder strap, and interior & exterior pockets; or the Metal Handbag, a vegan-friendly, faux leather shoulder bag, rock-n-roll studded, also footed and with interior & exterior pockets. I just plugged into all the names of those who Tweeted at us or posted in our Needles & Sins Syndicate Group on Facebook and the winners are ...

Congrats, Beth Miller and Brian Fuller!

You can still get a hold of these bags for free if you spend over $120 at the Sullen online shop this month. They're worth $60 each so it's a deal.

More contests coming up. Thanks to all y'all for playing along!
04:40 PM
FB_JuneFreeBagPromotion.jpgGot another Sullen Clothing contest for y'all and this one is extra awesome. I have two of their bags to give away:  the Hurt Locker Dufflebag, a super-sturdy, footed carryall with padded shoulder strap, and interior & exterior pockets, worth $60; and we also have the Metal Handbag, a vegan-friendly, faux leather shoulder bag, rock-n-roll studded, also footed and with interior & exterior pockets, worth $60.

Two people will be picked next Monday, the 11th, to win the free bags. BUT the bags are also free for those who spend over $120 on Sullen merch through June.

Ok, as usual, here's how to play: Two winners will be selected randomly from those who comment -- any love note will do -- on this post in our Needles & Sins Syndicate Group on Facebook or hitting up @NeedlesandSins on Twitter. On June 11th, we'll put all the names of the commenters into will pick the winners.

Good luck!
12:57 PM
FB_NikkoColorContest_Details.jpgHere's a contest for tattooists looking to share their realism work and also get the chance to win prizes that could help further their craft:

The Nikko Color Contest is a collaboration between portrait phenom Nikko Hurtado, Sullen Clothing, Tattoo Artist Magazine and Fusion Tattoo Ink.

The contest is on Sullen Facebook, where artists can post up their color portrait tattoos and the fans will vote on the best. The winner will be chosen by Nikko Hurtado himself, Ryan Smith of Sullen Clothing and Kent from Tattoo Artists Magazine. Submissions are being accepted until May 2nd and the finalists will be posted May 11th. The winner will be chosen May 16th.  That lucky artist will receive a FREE Nikko Fusion Ink Set, Nikko DVD, Sullen Clothing gear, a feature in TAM Blog and more.

Good luck to all you talented readers!

Nikko Hurtdao tattoo1.jpgNikko Hurtado tattoo via Twitter.
01:37 PM
big gus tattoo.jpg
Our friends over at Sullen Clothing are offering yet another chance to get tattooed for free. Free! This time you can get up to five hours of work from black & grey specialist Big Gus over at their headquarters plus $500 worth of Sullen Clothing, a hotel for one night, and a feature on Sullen TV. Sweet!

All you have to do is go to Sullen's Facebook page, become a fan by clicking Like, and then click the sweepstakes link. That's it. But in the video below, Big Gus explains the rules in his own special way.

Must be 18+ years of age and winner is selected the beginning of April. Contest ends March 31st.

11:12 AM
bob tyrrell tattoo.jpg
UPDATE:  And the winner of Bob Tyrrell designed tee is ... Keith Smith of Ontario, Canada who came to the closest to the actual tattooing time of just over 9 hours. Congrats Keith!

Recently, black-and-gray rock star Bob Tyrrell was at Sullen Clothing's HQ designing artwork for a new tee, which will be out in the Fall. While he was there, he took a break to answer some quick & dirty questions I sent over to see what he's been up to:  

What have been your favorite tattoos you've worked on recently?

Been doing a lot of skulls lately! Just did one with tentacles -- I just watched the new "Thing" movie, so I did one with weird arms and tentacles growing off of it. I did a Slash portrait recently that was fun, and a Ted Nugent portrait! Two of my guitar heroes.

Outside of tattooing, what projects are you working on?

Not much lately. I've been super lazy. I'm trying to get some prints going, haven't done them in a few years. I've been trying to play more guitar lately. I wanna get a metal band back together. I'm playing in a covers band now for fun, doing stuff by Sabbath, Skynyrd, ZZ Top, Metallica, Alice In Chains, Thin Lizzy...

Where can clients find you in the next few months, and what's the best way to get in touch with you to make an appointment?

They can go on my website,, for convention listings. I do guest spots out there in the LA area every once in a while, don't really advertise though, and guest spots at friends' shops all over the place. People can e-mail me on the site -- there's a form you can fill out for appointment requests -- and I finally have a business cell phone: 586-219-8661. You can call but texting is probably better. If I don't reply, hit me back as much as you want! I need an assistant really bad. I get nothing done if it involves business!

Will we be seeing you on a reality TV show any time soon? If you could have your own show, what would it be about?

I did a guest spot on LA Ink in Season 2, and one on London Ink in Season 2 also. That was a few years ago. It was fun, I got to be myself and there was no drama. Haha! Those shows were pretty good back then, before the producers brought more drama into the mix. Such is scripted reality TV. There's too many tattoo shows on TV now, and they're just getting worse. I definitely don't want my own show! It's getting out of control. Not just tattoo TV, but reality shows in general. Tom Renshaw here in Detroit had a pilot on Animal Planet called Detroit Ink, it was better than the other shows out there. Hopefully it becomes a series.

What are some of the tracks on your favorite playlist these days?

I got the new Van Halen album yesterday, it's killer! Can't stop listening to it. Been listening to The Little Willies lately, awesome country covers band! I love Norah Jones's voice. I'm hoping to marry her someday. Been listening to Joe Bonamassa a lot, one of my favorite guitarists these days. His solo stuff, and a project called Black Country Communion, kind of a supergroup with Glenn Hughes, Jason Bohnam, and Derek Sherinian. Killer stuff! Joe did an album with Beth Hart last year too which if totally killer. He released four records in 2011! A total workaholic. Slash's new live album is killer too! New Lamb Of God is also buddy Rob Dukes, singer for Exodus, has a band called Generation Kill, good stuff! Latest Exodus is totally killer too. The latest Pink Floyd reissues have some amazing bonus stuff!

What are some of your upcoming projects in the 2012?

Just to get prints out, another Sullen shirt, form a metal band...that's about it! And try to tattoo a little more and travel a little less!

As we wait for that new shirt to drop, his existing tee called "Blood Lust" (shown above) is available at the Sullen store and we have one to give away.

Yeah, another giveaway!

Here's how we're going to play this one:  In the video below, you'll see Bob tattoo a portrait on Sullen co-owner Ryan Smith. Watch it and let us know how long it took to complete the tattoo. Post your answer in the comment section to this post in our Needles & Sins Syndicate Group on Facebook or Tweet at us with your answer. Also include your shirt size. As usual, we'll put all the names of the commenters into and the internet gods will offer up the chosen one on Thursday, February 23rd.

Good luck!

11:29 AM
CureCampaign_Artwork2.jpgFebruary is National Cancer Prevention Month and our friends at Sullen Clothing are helping raise awareness with limited edition "Cure Cancer" tees. All proceeds from the $20 sale of these shirts are being donated to cancer research.   

Sullen is also doing a "Who do you wear it for?" campaign to honor those who have been affected by cancer. Once you've purchased and received the tee, take a photo of yourself in it and upload the picture to Sullen's Facebook page with the name of the person you wear it for.  I'll be doing it for my wonderful mom, a breast cancer survivor.

I also want to take the opportunity here to encourage all you beautiful tattooed freaks to get a skin check. It can be difficult to detect growths and abnormal changes in your skin if you are heavily tattooed, and so it's important to see a dermatologist for a thorough examination. I had one done a few months ago and it was easy and painless. 
01:04 PM
Last week, we posted another Sullen contest to win a special edition tee designed by Boog for the Sullen Art Collective's upcoming Spring 2012 line. All y'all needed to do was either Tweet at us or post in our Needles & Sins Syndicate Group on Facebook with your shirt size. Really, these contests are getting too easy. 

I put all the names into & the internet gods picked ... Joey Romano. Congrats, Joey! Sullen will be sending your shirt once it drops.

But we still have a special deal for all of you. You'll get a discount on any Sullen purchase by putting in this code at checkout: NEEDLESANDSINS. The promotion runs until Feb. 29th

Tons more contests to come!
05:33 PM
TS_AlmostForever_blk.jpgWe have a another freebie for ya, courtesy of Sullen Clothing:  a special edition tee from the Sullen Art Collective designed by legendary lettering and black & grey guru Boog. The shirt, which is part of their upcoming Spring 2012 line, hasn't dropped yet but the winner of the contest will be one of the first to sport Boog's signature artistic style.

To get a behind the scenes look at Boog works his lettering, check the video below where he, Big Sleeps and Ryan Smith have a drawing session at Sullen headquarters.

As usual, here's how we're gonna play this: one winner will be selected randomly from those who comment -- with their t-shirt size  -- on this post in our Needles & Sins Syndicate Group on Facebook or hitting up @NeedlesandSins on Twitter. In one week, on Feb. 2nd, we'll put all the names of the commenters into and the internet gods will offer up the chosen one. When the shirt is ready to launch, Sullen will mail your prize. Easy breezy.

If you want to grab some other Sullen goodness, you'll get a discount off of any purchase by putting in this code at checkout: NEEDLESANDSINS. The promotion runs until Feb. 29th

03:23 PM
Known for his exceptional black & grey tattoo work, Carlos Torres of Timeline Gallery in San Pedro, CA is one of the most sought after artists in the genre with an eager international clientele; so you can be sure that getting an appointment is a win in itself.

Now Sullen Clothing is not just offering a chance to jump in front of that appointment line, but to get five hours of tattooing from Carlos for free, as well as $500 of Sullen gear, a one-night hotel stay and a feature on Sullen TV. Sweet!

To enter to win, head to Sullen's Facebook page and "Like" them. No purchase necessary. The contest goes through the month of December and the winner will be announced the first week in January.

It's easy breezy -- except for Carlos who has a hard time explaining the contest in this video (which is pretty adorable). 

As a tease, I'm posting some of Carlo's work below. You can see more of his tattoo and fine art on his website and Facebook page.

carlos torres tattoo.jpg
carlos torres tattoo2.jpg
01:45 PM
On Tuesday, we posted another Sullen t-shirt contest, where two emails were chosen randomly out of all who sent us messages by noon today wanting to play along.
And the winners are ... Antonio Torrez and Alex Verryt.

As for the rest of y'all, we have plenty more giveaways lined up with the Sullen brand, and remember, you can still win a free tattoo from Nikko. That contest runs until August 1st. Good luck!
04:12 PM
sullen tee.jpg
Last month, we posted on Sullen's sweepstakes to win a free tattoo from Nikko Hurtado. That contest ends August 1st and all you have to do is go to Sullen's Facebook page, become a fan by clicking Like, and then click the sweepstakes link.

Today, we're having a Sullen-sponsored giveaway of our own:  two tees designed by Nikko (in Men's Large) that are part of the The Collective apparel line.

Here's how to play along:  Click the Contact link above and put in the subject line "Sullen Contest" by noon (Eastern time) on Friday. Then, I'll put all the names in, which will pick two winners. Easy.

For a look at Nikko's art on skin, see his site and the Black Anchor Collector FB page.

03:06 PM
NikkoTattooBlog_Giveaway_Images.jpgRealism wunderkind Nikko Hurtado of Black Anchor Collective in Hesperia, CA has teamed up with Sullen Clothing for a pretty spectacular sweepstakes:  up to five hours of free tattoo time with Nikko; $500 worth of Sullen Clothing; a hotel for one night; and a feature on Sullen TV.  

All you have to do is go to Sullen's Facebook page, become a fan by clicking Like, and then click the sweepstakes link. That's it. Nothing crazy. They're not asking you to tattoo every Facebook friend on your arm.

The contest ends August 1st. More details here.

I'm generally not a fan of promotional tattoo giveaways but Nikko is an exceptional artist and this is an opportunity to book some of his limited time for free. And get some sweet swag! I'm a fan of Sullen's The Collective apparel line with its designs from top tattooists including Nikko.

Nikko has a very distinct flavor to his color realism, often exhibiting a cartoon and comic edge. And I particularly love the ethereal backgrounds that give his portraiture a flow with the body.

For more on Nikko's work, check his online portfolio and Facebook page.

04:40 PM
jackrudy sullen.jpgUPDATE: And we have a winner! Two actually. Emails from George Koutroubis and Sean Phillips dinged in almost immediately after posting so George will get the tee and Sean will get a signed Jack Rudy-designed poster. Thanks to all of y'all who played along. The special promo code for Sullen discounts is still in effect.

The name "Sullen" has long been identifiable with tattooing and not for its artists' sunny dispositions. The lifestyle brand, Sullen Clothing, has been partnering with top tattooists (as well as graffiti artists and painters) to bring their art to apparel, prints, and other media. The Sullen Art Collective line includes original designs from Bob Tyrrell, Shawn Barber, Nikko Hurtado, Steve Soto, Jason Butcher, and many other well respected names. And soon, it will feature the work of black & grey legend Jack Rudy.

While Sullen and Jack have worked together on shirts, prints, posters and promos many times before -- including Tattooland's 35th anniversary tee -- this latest project is Jack's first Signature Tee with the Sullen Art Collective. The shirt will be officially released the first week of April but we have one here ready to giveaway to one lucky reader.

TO WIN:  Send me an email to marisa at with the name of the car club Jack co-founded. [Hint: the answer can be found in N+S archives.] The first person to do so wins the tee. Easy.
We also have a special promo code for 15% off any purchase on Just add "NEEDLESANDSINS" upon checkout for the discount.

Good luck!

[Photo of Jack Rudy by Nicole Caldwell.]
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