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01:55 PM

A bunch of news outlets have picked up the TED-Ed "The history of tattoos" animation piece (embedded above), which is a cool looking flashy History 101 video; however, the piece contains a number of errors, including many of the common tattoo myths, which get circulated around the internet as fact.

Thankfully, tattoo historian Anna Felicity Friedman, PhD, has taken the time to set the record straight in her post TED-Ed Does Tattoo History...Sigh. Here are just some of her corrections to the info put forth in the video.

1:33-"Stories of Cook's findings" certainly did not "spark a craze in Victorian English high society"! The mid-to-late 18th century is a long, long way off from the late 19th century!!! Tourist visits to Japan post its "opening to the West" by Matthew Perry et al. and other then-contemporary factors sparked said Victorian craze.

1:47-The Victorian tattoo fad among elites was hardly "behind closed doors". Many of these folks were quite open about their tattoos, and they were written about in a variety of newspapers and journals at the time.

1:54-There is absolutely not a shred of evidence for a Queen Victoria tattoo, according to fellow scholar Matt Lodder who has deeply researched this. It is not even worth mentioning as "reputedly". There are so many equally newsworthy but legitimately tattooed celebrities from that time period who they could have chosen as examples to use (and then they could have dropped the "reputedly" too). For example, King George V had two very well documented tattoos-a dragon he got in Japan and a Jerusalem cross tattoo he got in the Holy Land.

1:59- Oh where to start on "and tattoos became very popular among Cook's former soldiers"! First, Cook's "soldiers" did not live in the Victorian era. Second, they were not "soldiers" but sailors. Sigh........

Read many more of Anna's corrections here.

Anna also notes, which I think is quite important, that TED-Ed gets marketed as quality educational materials (even if not reviewed by experts), so this misinfo on tattooing continues to spread. I applaud her for taking the time to set the record straight, and I hope her corrections get as much traction as the video.

10:48 AM

I enjoyed this illustrated TEDEd tattoo tutorial video "What makes tattoos permanent?" by Claudia Aguirre (animation by TOGETHER). It's basic info on how tattoos are made and answers questions such as, "If Humans Shed So Much Dead Skin, How Are Tattoos Permanent?" (as noted by Gizmodo), but the presentation of the material is clever and worth a watch.

[Thanks, Tommy, for the link!]
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