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Vice's VBS.TV will soon be airing a new series called Tattoo Age focusing on tattooers and their personal histories, and based on the trailer above, it looks like reality programming that is actually based on reality.

Tattoo Age profiles renowned tattooists and has them tell their own stories -- not the sob tales of clients that make up so much of tattoo TV today. It also includes the artists commenting on one another, which I think adds another interesting dimension.

The show premiers July 13th. Here's the line up:
  • Dan Santoro: Pt. 1, July 13; Pt. 2, July 20; Pt. 3, July 27
  • Grime: Trailer, August 3; Pt. 1, August 10; Pt. 2, August 17; Pt. 3, August 24
  • Troy Denning: Trailer, August 31; Pt. 1, Sept. 7; Pt. 2 , Sept. 14; Pt. 3, Sept. 21
  • Mike Rubendall: Trailer, Sept. 28; Pt. 1, Oct. 5; Pt. 2 , Oct. 12; Pt. 3, Oct. 19
  • Freddy Corbin: Trailer, Oct. 26; Pt. 1, Nov. 2; Pt. 2, Nov. 9; Pt. 3, Nov. 16
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freddy negrete tattoo.jpgTonight, at 9PM EST, is the third episode of Marked on the History Channel, a show that seeks to reveal the dark underbelly of tattoos.

Tonight, they look at Chicano style tattooing. The black & grey stylings that rose from the LA streets and prisons, and have been refined by tattoo legends like Good Time Charlie Cartwright, Jack Rudy, Brian Everett, and Freddy Negrete (whose work is shown right).

In fact, Negrete is featured in tonight's episode. Here's what director Robert Palumbo says about it:

"Artist Freddy Negrete, one of the originators of the Chicano style, takes viewers on an exclusive journey, deep into this unknown world where we decode the ink that decorates the bodies of current and former Chicano gangbangers."

For the full schedule of Marked episodes, check the History channel site.  
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