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Tattoo Age Dan Sntoro.jpg UPDATE: Here's Part 2 of the Dan Santoro feature.

As we posted last month, we've been excited to see the debut of a show that pays respect to the art without the faux drama of current tattoo TV offerings: Tattoo Age on Vice TV.

Today, the show went live and has most definitely met our expectations. This first episode is Part 1 of a feature on Dan Santoro of Smith Street Tattoo in Brooklyn, NY. It looks at his daily life as a tattooer and his approach to Americana folk-art tattoos and paintings, which make up a great deal of his portfolio. His colleagues at Smith Street offer their thoughts on Dan's work and personality as well. But it goes beyond close-ups of tattooing and musings on the craft. It follows Dan on his antiquing trips, another one of his passions and business, and other aspects of his life outside of the shop, giving the viewer an intimate look at this well respected artist.

Check the full episode below. You can find the schedule for upcoming episodes on our original post, as well as the show's trailer.
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horitaka japan relief.jpgThe global tattoo community has been mobilized to help relief efforts in Japan.

One group, Tattooers for Japan, is encouraging artists worldwide to raise funds by donating a day's tattoo fees to a specific charity. Here are more details:

"The goal is to unite tattooers globally to show their compassion and gratitude to a country and culture that has influenced most of us artistically and personally. All of us owe a large debt of gratitude to Japan for its contribution to tattooing and the trade we are all so passionate about. The idea is for each tattooer/shop to schedule a walk-in day in April with all proceeds going to relief efforts in Japan. Choose your own day, advertise to your client base and community, pick a theme if you'd like. Please invite any tattooers you know to join this effort. [...] Let the Japanese foundations of respect, compassion, and integrity inspire you to help!"

A charity has yet to be officially chosen but, according to their Facebook group, it looks like the money could go to the Red Cross. They are still waiting to hear from artists in Japan about more direct methods to help. Their FB group page also has instant updates on the exact days some tattoo studios will be holding their fundraisers.

Tattoo Revolution Magazine and also have lists of relief efforts.

We'll be posting updates as well including the release of specially designs tees by Horitaka and Chad Koeplinger, the proceeds of which will be donated to charity. [One of the designs is shown here.]

If your studio or organization is planning an event, please let us know.
11:40 AM
kat von d tattoo.jpg
Kat Von D portrait tattoo by Erin Chance

With filming beginning for yet another tattoo TV show, NY Ink, it seems the timing is right for Dr. Matt Lodder's look at the formulas behind "reality TV" (and their relation to the true reality of tattooing) in his article entitled, "Televising the Tattoo" for Paperweight: A Newspaper of Visual & Material Culture

The article articulates the hot button issue surrounding these shows: not every tattoo needs to have a story but a television show does. Here's just a bit of what Matt says:

It is true that subsections of the tattooed population--gangs, sailors, prisoners--have certainly long made use of tattoos to express specific concepts or to signify group membership, but this has never been true of tattoos in general. Tattooing has forever been decorative as much as it has been simply narrative, with many tattoos lacking a specifically expressive story-telling component to the design. Nevertheless, tattoo TV both depends on and reinforces the preconception that the skin is a screen for its generic formula. For so ingrained is the connection between tattoos and stories that without the traumatic sob-stories of death and loss attached to almost every tattoo, the shows would feature little more than shots of the tattooers high-fiving one another.

For more of this excellent read, you can order Paperweight, print & digital, here.

[For more on NY Ink, see the blogs of Ami James and Tim Hendricks.]
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tatremoval.jpgA model friend of mine forwarded me this call for models from the Elite Casting Network.

It appears that there will be yet another reality television show dedicated to our little tattoo subculture. Yet, this one removes itself from the traditional style of watching clients get inked and, instead, focuses on watching them get that ink removed.

It seems as if tattoo shows have jumped the shark so completely that they've landed, all wet and bothered, on the other side. I wonder how many "I got this tattoo for my wife but then I caught her in bed with the gardener" tales will be told.

Ads have also been put out on Craigslist, like this one, so maybe the E.C.N. call is legit, but it doesn't hurt to be suspicious when you read complaints such as this post about a lot of the casting sites being scams. Considering more tattooed people are being searched for on these sites, best to be aware.
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I have few words. See for yourself as you rubberneck on the information highway of horror.

Episodes are on YouTube but they disabled the embed function and maybe that's a good thing because I already feel dirty watching things like "InkSlinger Girls" and do not wish to further soil my precious tattoo snob blog.
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rescue ink.jpg
Tomorrow, at 10PM ET, is the season premier of Rescue Ink on National Geographic, and if there's any tattoo crew worthy of a TV show it's these guys: hard, tattooed NY badasses with a mission to save animals from abuse. They're not cops, animal experts or even animal control. But they are effective in (firmly) encouraging misguided owners to give up their pets if it is in the best interest of the animals.

On their weekly one-hour Nat Geo show, the crew takes viewers on ride-alongs as they work 24/7 fielding over 100 calls a week at their headquarters on Long Island to confront alleged animal abusers, rescue fighting dogs, and investigate stolen animals.

And yes, their tattoos play a part in their the intimidation factor. Check their tattoo collection here.

For a preview, here's a video overview of the show:

I'll be at the London Tattoo Convention tomorrow (and through the weekend), so I hit the DVR to watch it when I get back, but let me know what ya think in the comments section.
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