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07:20 PM
jeff gogue.jpgTattoo above in progress by Jeff Gogue of Off the Map, Oregon.

Join the worldwide live tattoo party, this Sunday, kicking off at 8PM EST until midnight, where TattooNow TV will broadcast live from Popcorn Noir in Easthampton, MA, with a line-up that includes:

8-10PM EST: "Tattoo as I See It" - A full length film featuring Jeff Gogue. [Jeff will answer questions about the film via Skype]

10-11PM EST: Off the Map LIVE! Hosted by Ben Licata. [Some of the following links have sound.] Watson Aitkison will be in house, and Skyping in is Deano Cook, Tom Strom, Thomas Kynst
... oh and ME!

11-12PM EST: Innerstate - Produced by veteran tattooist Guy Aitchison, Innerstate: The Movie is a 50 minute documentary film featuring interviews with the artists and an inside look at their visions, techniques, concerns and goals. It's a fast-paced film with a great soundtrack, perfect for your tattoo shop video library.

I'm really psyched to be Skyping in with the cool kids. I'll be talking about the top tattoo news, blackwork, and answering questions.  Beam in from your living room, tattoo studio, or host a viewing party of your own. See ya on Sunday!

08:14 AM

In a wonderful marriage of tattoos and technology, the fine folks of TattooNow TV present The Paradise Artist Retreat Skype Preview Extravaganza -- live artist interviews streamed online, where you can also participate and ask questions from the chat room.

The extravaganza kicks off today at 5PM EST, with this brilliant artist line-up: Alex and Allyson Grey, Guy Aitchison, Jeff Gogue, James Kern, Chet Zar, Michele Wortman, Damon Conklin, and Steve Peace. The talk will be a taste of whats to come at the Paradise Artist Retreat, which takes place March 25-28 in Tamaya Resort, New Mexico. 

You can check the previous TattooNow webisode here featuring Guy Aitchison, Markus Lenhard, Gunnar, and Kelly Doty. A true tattoo education.

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