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Every now and again, I get asked by the fine folks over at The Daily Dot to talk about two of my favorite things: tattoos and technology. While my previous piece focused on tattooists who are utilizing the social-media power of Instagram, my current piece "Tattoos to Go" steps it up a notch to discuss my top five favorite apps for your smartphone/tablet.

Click over to the article for direct links to apps from Tattoo Now, Sailor Jerry, Horiyoshi III and Tattoo Culture Magazine!

07:11 AM
I strongly believe that the "tattoo community" is still a community for many reasons despite what people say about its dilution and people coming to the craft without the love & respect it deserve. There's still plenty of love that goes around, and it is most prevalent when shops from across the globe band together to do good for the tattooed and for anyone in need regardless of the colors in their skin.

One world-wide effort to help those in need is Food Tattoos for Hunger. It's particularly important in light of how many people are after suffering Hurricane Sandy (but not limited to this disaster relief). In addition to local food banks, Food Tattoos for Hunger hopes to help organizations like Kids Cafe and the Backpack Program.

Gabe from TattooNOW, who is spearheading the benefit, has more on the project and shops and artist can help -- and collectors naturally contribute by supporting these shops:

TattooNOW, along with an international collection of shops, will be hosting the Food Tattoos For Hunger benefit. This benefit will focus on raising money with shops doing "Food Flash" tattoos and artists donating their earnings on November 18th.Together with the public's support, Food Tattoos For Hunger is going to do its part to help the millions struggling with hunger.
Many internationally acclaimed studios and artists are rising to the call such as Off The Map Tattoo, Seppuku Tattoo, Timothy Boor's Bohemian Tattoo Club, Studio Evolve, Ram Lee, Nikko Hurtado, and Bob Tyrell. Dozens of other studios are joining in and donating their time, efforts, and money.
The goal is to have 100 shops participate and be able to raise at least $1,500 each so they can possibly donate up to $150,000 to food shelters across the world.

To find out more, click here. Also check their Facebook event page.
12:05 PM
There are tons of tattoo-related iPhone apps. Most are crap. The TattooNOW iphone app is not. It's good and it's free. features countless galleries of top tattoo work from artists across the globe, and have contests to highlight the very best of this work. This iPhone app loads up the last 50 tattoo of the day winners for daily inspiration. The other galleries include the last 50 tattoos uploaded to TattooNOW, the TattooNOW news feed and the TattooNOW video channel. If you need constant tattoo stimulation, you need this app as it updates 12-20 times a day.

The TattooNOW peeps are also developing apps for others, particularly tattoo studios, artists, conventions and suppliers. To help reward early adopters, they're extending $500 off development costs (which range from $1,499 to $3,499) to the first 6 clients. Demand has been great, and I'm not sure if there are spots left, so hit them up at  (413) 585-9134 or shoot them an email.
01:46 PM
black and gray tattoo horses.jpgTattoo by Gene Coffey stolen from's Tattoo of the Day.

Beautiful walking works of tattoo art, like ya fine selves, are becoming a tattoo majority, and yet, those who pollute the tattoo gene pool make the big headlines. Sheesh. It wasn't a pretty week for tattoo folk in the news thanks to rabid sports fans, Nazis, and of course, Stephen Baldwin.    

Let's begin our review with the burning post-Super Bowl question: What's the ColtsSkinDeep dude feeling like this morning, and will all those autograph tattoos be covered by better memories of yesterday like Betty White/Abe Vigoda portraits or the tattooed stitched-up Sock Monkey

Even the Tongan ancestral tattoos of Colts' Fili Moala could not bring the mojo for the team.

While there were plenty of stories on Super Bowl tattoos (even videos), one rebel reporter wrote a feauture on those who prefer the pain of a new tattoo over the Cheetos and beer halftime heartburn. Score!

Indeed, sports tattoos are generally not credited in the evolution of fine art tattooing, but at least they don't further stigmatize the tattooed as criminals like these jackasses:

A Nazi firebombed a tattoo studio in Monterey because they refused his tattoo request: a swastika and an image of President Obama overlaid with crosshairs. He faces seven years in prison for this and another torching.

An upstate NY tattooist was arrested after being found via his social network posts; cops further punked him by leaving this note on his Facebook wall: "Just a quick thank you for giving us your current employer's name and address. Without the help from you and your friends, your arrest would not have been possible. Special thanks for the excellent photos you provided for the U.S. Marshals. Without the help of criminals such as yourself, our job would be much more difficult."

Yet another criminal, this one with a tattoo that reads "Why Try" across his head, is astounded that he was identified (and arrested) for choking a 72-year-old man in a carjacking.

Beyond the criminals, tattoo stereotypes will remain as long as people with bad taste continue to get them. You'd think a bastardized Ed Hardy design tee would be enough, but some need to take their gift of gauche to the next level.

That level being a pornographic Mario Bros tattoo.

Such mistakes can be left behind when we pass -- an upside of death! -- but not for some who wish to enshrine their decorated skin, or at least try to like this dude:

A New Zealand man requested his tattoos be preserved upon his death but because the guy who handles this stuff was on vacation, the body was cremated instead, tattooed skin and all. The family is considering suit over the lost tattoo collection, which includes a Playboy bunny, Aries and Taurus signs, and a DB Export beer logo -- tattoos fiercely mocked by someone other than myself.

And then there are ... sigh ...

Stephen. Baldwin.

Mike. Tyson.

Peter. Andre.

 ...  Tattoo. Removal.

I promise to remove such ugly thoughts by focusing on top tattoo work this week like the image above by Gene Coffey stolen from's Tattoo of the Day.  
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