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05:32 PM

The Needles & Sins Inbox is usually flooded with press releases for pin-up contests, hot inked girl calendars and assorted tattooed vixen ephemera, so I was a surprised to see that the universe heeded my call for Tattooed Boys Gone Wild. Unfortunately, it came in the form of a naked Phil Varone, Playgirl's Mr. December Centerfold [obviously not work safe].

Here's what the release says:

Playgirl Magazine chooses rocker Phil Varone to spice things up this holiday season. Varone, who claims to have slept with over 3,000 women, is ecstatic about his Playgirl debut. Tattooed, raw and real, this 21st century man is an actor, standup comedian, author, swinger, rock drummer and can now add Playgirl's first rocker centerfold to his many credits. Varone adds his irreverent edge and fierce sex appeal to the legendary magazine's image, taking the publication to the next level and baring himself completely, down to his swinging lifestyle. He's breaking ground not only as the first rocker to achieve Playgirl centerfold status, but also in bringing rock photographer Todd Kancar to the spread. The magazine will remain on newsstands through February 2011.

phil varone playgirl.jpg I guess Tommy Lee was unavailable.

I haven't picked up the issue, and not sure if I'm ready to go into my local press shop where I get enough looks picking up those dirty, dirty tattoo magazines. Maybe one of my gay boyfriends will do it for me; after all, isn't that the real target market? The bigger question is whether I even want to see 16 pages of the Sex Rehab alum nude. The even bigger question is why there aren't popular sexy magazines and sites that cater to the desires of straight women and gay men with a preference for "alternative" attractiveness that doesn't have ridiculous covers shouting "Hung" or "Cock Test."

Perhaps suicide boys are just hard to find. When I put out that cheeky call for hot inked guys, only one man responded (other than me forcing Brian to be our pin-up boy). And yet thousands of young tattooed women vie to be the hot tattooed chick of the day. It raises some interesting issues on gender, tattooing, and self-esteem. And it's driving me crazy that our comment forums haven't been fixed yet because I'd love to hear more from you on the topic. If you want to share your thoughts, hit me up at marisa at

Maybe something good could come from Phil Varone's drumstuck.
05:02 PM
Today on my Facebook page, my status update read:

I wonder what would happen if I created a tattoo magazine where young tattooed men suck on their fingers, cup their scrotum (all shy and coy like), arch their backs and pout, and wear banana hammocks. Any boys wanna do this? I won't pay you at all but it will help your self-esteem and mommy issues.

Well, it turns out some of y'all wanna see this happen. So I created a page to meet this need. This is what I do on a Saturday. Without further ado, I'd like to welcome you to:

If you want to be a part of what will be the tattoo industry's sexiest publication, here are the rules:

1. You must be tattooed. A star on ankle or Ohm on the hip because you're spiritual is ok.

2. Your photos submissions must fit the follow categories:
  • Pouty, finger to lip or actual finger sucking: self-explanatory
  • Porn for Women: you cleaning, cooking, giving foot massages...
  • Product Placement: strategic use of Needles and Sins stickers
  • Other: this could be dangerous, but hell, let's see what happens

3. You must agree to the terms that you will receive no payment what so ever. BUT everyone will think you are hot and want you.

4. You must be over 18 but act coquettish.

5. On certain occasions, you may be asked to fill out a Tattooed Boys Gone Wild data card with your age (lie), measurements (lie), your turn-ons and turn offs (at your discretion). However, we promise not to ask what books you are reading.

That's it, guys. Put out or get shut out.

And ladies and boys who like boys, feel free to share with your friends and recommend your own faves for Tattooed Boys Gone Wild!
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