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02:13 PM
Tattoo above by Electric Linda.

turkerL.jpgTattoo by Christopher Allen.

I know many of y'all aren't big on this big fat American holiday for many political, social and even dysfunctional family reasons, but I just wanted to take this opportunity to give thanks to all of you who have been such a support and inspiration to keep sharing all the beautiful and just freakin cool things we love about tattoo.
I'm grateful.

Much love,

Vengeful-Vegan-(Large)2.jpgVengeful Vegan tattoo above by Jesse Smith.
09:10 AM
Tattoo by Gunnar.

With the Thanksgiving upon us, I found it fitting to search for tattoos that mark the holiday's icon:  the turkey. It wasn't easy picking images that would appeal to carnivores and vegetarians alike, but I think crazed butchers and vengeful vegan designs should do the trick.

While surrounded by controversy in the US, Thanksgiving to me is largely a reminder to indeed be thankful for all the good in my life. Anyway, according to the NY Times, gratitude will make us healthy. One thing I am truly grateful for is your support and general fabulousness. Thank you.

Vengeful-Vegan-(Large).jpg Tattoo by Jesse Smith.

turkey20tattoo.jpgTattoo by Joe Capobianco.

All three artists are featured in my Color Tattoo Art book, still available for purchase at the reduced rate.
02:48 PM
turkey tattoo.jpg
Tattoo by Joe Capobianco via TattooNow

The Needles & Sins crew has the day off to gorge ourselves have introspective moments  where we reflect on that for which we are grateful.  So, I'm throwing up this open post and turning over the reigns to you.

Use the comments forum to express whatever you want:  whether it be your thoughts on the state of the industry, your tattoo wishlist, how you feel about slaughtered turkeys and a bloodied history surrounding this holiday, whether you like long walks on the beach and the company of blow-up dolls. It's all in your hands.

I know this is dangerous, but it's my way of saying thanks to all y'all for being the most beautiful and sexy blog readership on this wacky internet of ours.

Much love, Marisa
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