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The Game Twitter 2.jpgYesterday, reported that Jayceon Terrell Taylor, the rapper known as The Game (or just Game), was refused service at Houston's Restaurant in Pasadena, CA on Sunday because the manager allegedly said that his tattoos were threatening to customers.

The tattoos in question were on his arms and not the LA Dodgers logo on his face or the President Obama portrait on his torso. His sleeves include portraits of 2Pac as an angel and G-Unot -- which I find threatening to good taste -- but it's not like they are gang tattoos (or ones that could be identified as such).  And so it appears that it was the manager's personal fears and prejudices that led to the total sh*tstorm that one with over a million Twitter followers could easily unleash. The hashtag "#DontEatAtHoustonsPasadena" began trending, leaving the restaurant to extinguish Game's flame by asserting, according to Grub Street, that the manager was only "enforcing its strict dress code that requires sleeves" (not the tattooed kind).

The problem is that these dress codes are often subjectively enforced. I'm going to go out on a limb and say that a bunch of non-tattooed arms have been bared at Houston's before. Also, the manager supposedly told Game that his tattoos were "threatening," and did not simply say that tank tops were not allowed in the restaurant.

While the Game was able to mobilize his Twitter masses to get Houston's attention about the problem, many of us don't have that kind of clout.

Last week, Jeffrey posted in our N+S Facebook Group that he was with friends who wanted to celebrate a birthday at San Antonio's The Riverwalk; however, a number of places along the strip had a "No Neck or Facial Tattoo" policy. Jeffrey said that he's had his hands tattooed for ten years now and his neck tattooed for four and this was the first time he's had such a problem. His post led to an interesting discussion with differing opinions:  Shouldn't private establishments be allowed to set their own dress standards? Are tattoos considered "dress"? Are the policies there to protect against having gangs in these establishments? Or as Elaine stated, "And/or does it also function as de facto discrimination against certain ethnic groups?"

Feel free to share your opinion in the group under this post or hit me up on Twitter.

The postscript to Game's story is that he ended up taking his business to California Pizza Kitchen, tweeting: "Went 2 #CPK & they were happy to let me, my tank top & tattoos in 4 lunch. The mgr Kong even gave me a FREE desert." Manager Kong is a smart man.

And really, that's how I plan to play it myself -- take my money to places that will appreciate this "Handsome Ass Redhead" ... and maybe even give me free dessert.

[Thanks, Nick Schonberger, for the link.]
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While putting together a monster tattoo news review for y'all, I'm seeing tons of stories on Michael Jackson tribute tattoos, and so to ensure this ponderous event in tattoo history doesn't get lost in the fray, I'm making it a special post here.

The most hyped MJ tattoo tribute is on The Game, revealed in the music video above that he did with Chris Brown and Diddy. You can also see a close-up of the tattoo at the end of this video interview. [Turns out MJ called The Game to try and broker a peace deal between him and 50 Cent in 2005 -- a beef to rival that of the Mid East.]

Then there's this glove that claims to be the first post-death Michael Jackson memorial tattoo!

Equally competitive are the people of Tampa, Florida who are reporting the most Michael Jackson tribute tattoos per capita, like this one below dedicated to the Thriller video. [Photo by Kainaz Amaria for the St Petersburg Times].

michael jackson tribute tattoo
But it wasn't just Americans showing their MJ love. The Brits got in on the Jackson tattoos from London to Lincolnshire.

Like Jodie Marsh, the most widely spread of the MJ tattoos linked online is one inked before his death: This fine art rendering depicting his legal woes. Bad!

Unlike the mainstream media, however, I do acknowledge that other events are taking place beyond Neverland, so the tattoo news review is up next.

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