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You probably know our buddy Erik "The Lizardman" Sprague from his full-body transformation/modification, his army of wax replicas at Ripley's, his book Once More Through The Modified Looking Glass, his band Lizard Skynard, his live act (equal parts sideshow and scathing social commentary) or his seemingly ubiquitous presence on any televsion special dedicated to the odd and the adorned.

In line with his usual humility and self-effacing demeanor, he has declared today - his birthday - to be Lizardman Day!

Everyone is encouraged to raise a toast to him at 11:57pm CST and there's even a prize package for those of you who send him photos of you and your friends taking part in Lizardman Day celebrations!  (The Lizardman will also be live-tweeting his day of debauchery @TheLizardman23)

My longevity, such as it is, depends entirely upon people who I simply cannot abide potentially outliving me.
--The Lizardman

Happy Birthday, brother - you made it once more around the sun!

10:50 AM
The_Lizardman.jpgPhoto by Allen Falkner

This Friday the 13th, we'll be getting our freak on at the Congress of Curious People's Opening Night Party, featuring our friend The Lizardman performing classic stunts but also nearly an hour of all new material he's never performed at Coney before. The event is sponsored by Ripley's Believe It or Not, where you can feel up The Lizardman's waxy dobbleganger at their various museums.

The show starts promptly at 8PM, with the annual inductions into the Sideshow Hall of Fame immediately following, so be sure to get there on time. Tickets to the party are $15 (click here to purchase), which include one free Pabst Blue Ribbon Beer.

Hope to see you there!

coney_island_lizardman.jpgMe, Erik "The Lizardman" Sprague, & Brian at the Coney Island Freak Bar.
01:11 PM
lizardman ripleys.jpg
Today, our friend Erik Sprague, aka, The Lizardman, unveils his new waxy doppelganger at New York's Ripley's Believe It or Not museum. Tomorrow and Sunday, he'll be performing live outside of of the museum in Times Square every hour on the hour, from 12pm to 7pm, and posing for pics (most likely sticking out his forked tongue or running your long curly locks through his septum (I speak from experience). [Then, he'll be partying with us at the Color Tattoo Art book party from 8-10 at Sacred Gallery. More info on Facebook.] Here's how Ripley's describe the wax statute:

Taking Ripley artists nearly 200 hours to create, the wax statuette portrays each detailed characteristic of Sprague's extreme body modifications from his forked tongue down to each tiny green scale, a process which started in August 2010 when Sprague spent days in the Ripley wax studios for a fully body casting.  This life size figure will be the newest item on display in the main entrance of Ripley's Believe It or Not! Times Square. 

To see the process of making the faux Lizardman, check this video. And for a list of upcoming performances, info on his band Lizard Skynard, and to buy his book "Once More Through the Modified Looking Glass," check

12:44 PM

For fans of sideshow, here's a video look back at Coney Island's beautiful freaks, dancing girls and even a bit of tattoo history (around the 4:10 mark). Today's resident performers continue traditional sideshow arts, like sword swallowing, with a contemporary edge, and also attract guest performers like our fave, The Lizardman.

[The video is part of the Prelinger Archive, which I highly recommend to artists looking for public domain films and clips.]  

Via the fabulous Pat Sullivan.
05:35 PM

This video is fun on so many fronts. We get to see our friend The Lizardman engulfed in goo for his waxy doppelganger that will be on display at the Ripley's Believe It or Not Museum at the end of next month. It also offers a close-up look of his extensive tattoo work, largely green scales on his face and body. And hell, I thought it was cool just seeing the process of making a dummy. [By dummy, I mean the faux, not real, Lizardman.]
03:07 PM
The Lizardman, born Erik Sprague, needs no introduction almost anywhere in the world. He has a new book out that I'll get to soon but first, a quick story:

A few years ago, I was on the Greek island of Chios, where my family is from, and went to a small photo lab to get some pictures printed. Now, Chios isn't your touristy kind of island, and unless you had a satellite dish, there was only a handful of TV channels to watch. But when I came back to the lab to pick the pics up, the owner couldn't contain his excitement: "The Lizardman, The Lizardman!" I stood there stunned and couldn't decide what was more bizarre, that the islanders knew of Erik or the hoppity dance the guy was doing. The shop owner then asked me a slew of questions like how do you know him, are those really tattoos, how do you split a tongue...I got my photo prints, only after answering all he asked, and left one Lizardman photo for him. As I was walking out, he said in English, "Tell Lizardman I like him very much."

The point of this story is that The Lizardman inspires excitement and curiosity from small Greek islands to NYC's Coney Island.

From 2003-2007, The Lizardman satisfied the curiosity of many by answering questions posed to him online in his column, Through the Modified Looking Glass, on He also interviewed other performers in his column like Mike Jones, Penn & Teller's tattooed jazz pianist; and Dick Zigun, "The Mayor of Coney Island."

With his book, "Once More Through the Modified Looking Glass," The Lizardman has collected, in one volume, his BME columns with notes and updates, in addition to three never before published columns.

The book is available online at Lulu for about $15. You can also order a special-edition signed and numbered copy (only 250 copies available) by contacting him via email. More info here.

My favorite part of the book is the Q&As, so I figured I'd share a bit with ya:
What words of advice would you have for someone interested in attempting a full-body transformation through body modification?

Get the rest of your life together first because the transformation will consume you otherwise. Plan, consider, revise, repeat. Find support before you begin. Think twice. Have a life besides the transformation project, in as much as it can take over your life at times, the project itself is not a life or a solution.

What is the biggest way your philosophical background affects your outlook on life, both as a modified man and as "just Erik"?

I take philosophy very literally - love of wisdom. Wisdom for me is the practical interpretation and application of knowledge / experience. The experience of life, while an end in and of itself to me, can be further enhanced through the practice of philosophy.
Why is my cat looking at me like I'm food?

You are food.

Having walked around with you in London, it appears to me that people seem more accepting and less fearful of you than some one with maybe only 25% tattoo coverage and a few facial piercings. Why do you think that is?

It's all in the presentation. Today it is a bit easier to attribute it to things like recognition but things today aren't much different than before I became the media whore I am now. I have always said that the key is how you present yourself. Nine times out of ten when people treat you like a jerk it is not because you have mods, it is because you are acting like jerk - walking around with some chip on your shoulder and not giving them the chance to be decent to you. Another theory I have is that it is easier for people to look at my project as just that - a project. It has an obvious theme and that reflects a certain amount of consideration. Even though this is the case for many other people, it is not as obvious to the casual observer and so instead of thinking 'creative person with an overall goal' they think 'punk' or 'thug' who doesn't give damn.
What wouldn't you do for a truckload of cash? Meaning, is there a moral you won't break for any amount of money?

I once turned down over $10,000 to eat a football as part of the super bowl halftime show. This was the same one that featured the infamous Janet Jackson nipple. Since no one else did it either I guess they dropped the bit or just couldn't find anyone. Frankly, the former seems much more likely. It wasn't so much a moral decision as it just wasn't my thing. I'm sure I could do it but I didn't want to. I don't have a lot of moral objections but I am very obstinate about only doing what I want or absolutely have to do.

Does it creep you out at all that someone has a tattoo of your face?

Not at all. I think it is incredibly cool. I just hope that down the road they still think it is as cool as I do. [You can find that portrait tattoo on this page (scroll down).]

Read more reptilian goodness in "Once More Through the Modified Looking Glass."
02:18 PM
Perhaps the only thing freakier than watching The Lizardman perform is going out to a nice dinner with him. He manages the stares, photo-shoots, and salutations with the same easy flair as he does when sticking things up his nose or wiggling outta a straight jacket.

But the freak ain't crazy. Born Eric Sprague, a doctoral candidate in philosophy, The Lizardman travels the world performing, with a repertoire of over 36 acts, and a humor that makes him a rockin MC for metal shows and tattoo conventions.

Tonight, he takes the stage solo at my beloved Coney Island Sideshow at 9pm ($10 admission). He'll also be performing with the sideshow cast until the 16th.

If you can't catch him at Coney, he'll be working the Tattoo Hollywood convention August 21-23, the Stockhokm Ink Bash August 28-30 and South Dakota's Black Hills tattoo show September 18-20.

Also watch The Lizardman online via his YouTube channel -- just not while eating.

I'll probably arrive a bit early tonight to get a Coney Island lager at the Freak Bar and forked tongue kiss. See ya there!
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