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The Game Twitter.jpg
The Game Twitter 2.jpgYesterday, reported that Jayceon Terrell Taylor, the rapper known as The Game (or just Game), was refused service at Houston's Restaurant in Pasadena, CA on Sunday because the manager allegedly said that his tattoos were threatening to customers.

The tattoos in question were on his arms and not the LA Dodgers logo on his face or the President Obama portrait on his torso. His sleeves include portraits of 2Pac as an angel and G-Unot -- which I find threatening to good taste -- but it's not like they are gang tattoos (or ones that could be identified as such).  And so it appears that it was the manager's personal fears and prejudices that led to the total sh*tstorm that one with over a million Twitter followers could easily unleash. The hashtag "#DontEatAtHoustonsPasadena" began trending, leaving the restaurant to extinguish Game's flame by asserting, according to Grub Street, that the manager was only "enforcing its strict dress code that requires sleeves" (not the tattooed kind).

The problem is that these dress codes are often subjectively enforced. I'm going to go out on a limb and say that a bunch of non-tattooed arms have been bared at Houston's before. Also, the manager supposedly told Game that his tattoos were "threatening," and did not simply say that tank tops were not allowed in the restaurant.

While the Game was able to mobilize his Twitter masses to get Houston's attention about the problem, many of us don't have that kind of clout.

Last week, Jeffrey posted in our N+S Facebook Group that he was with friends who wanted to celebrate a birthday at San Antonio's The Riverwalk; however, a number of places along the strip had a "No Neck or Facial Tattoo" policy. Jeffrey said that he's had his hands tattooed for ten years now and his neck tattooed for four and this was the first time he's had such a problem. His post led to an interesting discussion with differing opinions:  Shouldn't private establishments be allowed to set their own dress standards? Are tattoos considered "dress"? Are the policies there to protect against having gangs in these establishments? Or as Elaine stated, "And/or does it also function as de facto discrimination against certain ethnic groups?"

Feel free to share your opinion in the group under this post or hit me up on Twitter.

The postscript to Game's story is that he ended up taking his business to California Pizza Kitchen, tweeting: "Went 2 #CPK & they were happy to let me, my tank top & tattoos in 4 lunch. The mgr Kong even gave me a FREE desert." Manager Kong is a smart man.

And really, that's how I plan to play it myself -- take my money to places that will appreciate this "Handsome Ass Redhead" ... and maybe even give me free dessert.

[Thanks, Nick Schonberger, for the link.]
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haiti tattoo.jpg"People tend to empathize with major events...until the next big thing happens. But we think the world's issues deserve more than just a moment of empathy. The Social Tattoo Project is making empathy permanent."

Making empathy permanent. The Social Tattoo Project description certainly got my attention. We live in a time when legions of people are sporting ironic self referential tattoos, parents are looking for cut-rate deals on baby portraits, and just too many have chosen to immortalize Kat Von D on their own bods. So tattoos used for social good could be a welcome relief -- a break from the fashion, marketing and general media clutches that have swooped in to co-opt an ancient art. Of course, The Social Tattoo Project is created by three interns at the BBH NY ad agency.

That said, these interns sold me on their experiment to blend art, social media and human interest together. It also helped that they partnered with our friends at Sacred Tattoo in SoHo, whose artists Matthew Adams and Jon Mesa are doing the actual tattooing.

Here's how the project works:

Our volunteers are getting tattoos that represent worldly issues, but they have no idea what their tattoos will be. They are letting you decide.

For each tattoo, we will post 4 trending topics on Twitter, and the most tweeted trend will be the subject of the tattoo. To vote, tweet #socialtattoo and your #favorite trend of the 4 to @social_tattoo. With your vote and our volunteers' skin, we can make what the world empathizes with today, what we care about forever.

So far, five volunteers have gotten tattoos with the following topics:  #human trafficking, #poverty, #Pray for Japan, #Norway, and #Haiti. The Haiti tribute tattoo video is shown below (finished tattoo is above).

All tattoo videos can be viewed on

What makes me a bit uncomfortable, though, is the idea of having someone else choose your tattoo, particularly from the whims of social networking. The biggest twitter trend this week was the earthquake that hit the East Coast. And do we really want to see more of these "I Survived the Quake" tattoos? [In this case, I have little empathy for dumbassness.]

But whether you agree with the praxis or not, the theory behind The Social Tattoo Project is positive and interesting. Kudos to interns Haywood R. Watkins, Stephanie Krivitzky, and Jennifer Huang for their hard work on this.
07:54 PM
hell city needles and sins.jpg
With Twitter and Hipstamatic (my first try at the photo app above), I'll be attempting to live blog the Hell City Tattoo Fest. That's the goal at least. Just got to the Hyatt Regency Columbus where the second floor bar is already filling up, and it is there I shall begin my research and reporting. I do this for you.

Follow the tattoo tweets here.
05:57 PM
Just got to downtown Detroit's Marriott at the Renaissance Center for the 15th Annual mega  Motor City Tattoo Expo, which begins tomorrow and rocks through the weekend. Will have my usual bad photos and redux at the end, but in the meantime, check my tweets (yeah, I'm embarrassed saying it too). Here's the latest feed below. To read it all, go to my Twitter account.

  • * Photos & redux of the Detroit Tattoo Expo are up. And at 3am, so am I. 
  • * @KristelOreto That Hello Kitty butt tattoo is Fantastic! And your client had a great sense of humor modeling it to tattoo paparazzi
  • * The Detroit Tattoo Expo has come to a close. You don't have to go home but you can't stay here. [Will join the masses at the bar soon.]
  • * Abey & Jose Lopez of Lowrider tattoo have swept almost every black & gray award all weekend. Their work is like butter, sooo smoooth
  • * Tattoo expos aren't just for tattoos: you can pick up jewelry, prints, tees and of course rubber ducky sex toys.
  • * Nice! RT @DanHenk Last piece I completed yesterday-customer's girlfriend with a sort of "day of the dead" mask
  • * Great portrait done at the Detroit Tattoo convention RT@AlissaBrunelli All done! Thanks again nikko!
  • * Tattoo competition winners being announced. It's like American Idol for those with high pain threshholds. Amazing work without crazy Paula.
  • * Ok, my last tweet was too much "you-kids-get-off-my-lawn." I'm just jealous of their Gwen Stefani and Lil Wayne portraits.
  •  * @sambot your hand tattoos are the cause of our nation's financial collapse!
  • * 20-yr-olds here covered in work (necks&knux) & at 37 i'm worrying about doing my hands & employability. I'll still wait till I'm an adult.
  •  * The "tribal" category used to be the redheaded stepchild (ahem) of the tattoo competition world but it's getting better with more diversity.
  • * Tattoo mag photogs are shooting girls with large breasts & complaining about bra marks in the photos. Can't roll my eyes enuf.
  • * @NikkoHurtado is doing his signature portrait perfection on @AlissaBrunelli (a redhead now. Yeah!) Can't wait to see the result.
  • * Nothing sadder than poor facial work. And there's lots of it at this convention. [Of course there are some wonderful exceptions but rare.]
  •  * Check tattooists working the Detroit Tattoo Expo: @NikkoHurtado @biggusink @DurbMorrison @DivisionTattoo and @KristelOreto.
  • * Uploaded just a few Detroit tattoo convention pics from Day 1. More to come:
  • * I do so love conventions where you can go up to tattooed strangers, ask them to take down their pants, and they do so without question.
  • * Detroit convention filling up despite snow. Booths buzzing with amazing work -- from Robert Hernandez B&G to Dan Plumley color portraits.
  • * Oh and these great legends of tattoo like Brian Everett & Jack Rudy are so open & friendly. No rock star attitude, even tho I'm star struck.
  • * Just gave Jack Rudy a copy of my Black Tattoo Art book and he's down to be in my Black & Grey book. Woohoo!
  • * "Conventions are places where you can get the worst work from the best artists." After last night's 3am pre-party, well...we'll have to see.
  • * Hangin with the West Coast boys and realizing how uncool I am when they see I have only one knuckle tattooed.
12:15 PM
On Twitter now is Father Panik, tweeting about the Baltimore Tattoo Convention taking place this weekend; however, it seems there hasn't been much to report from the convention floor, with a blizzard keeping many away.

But the show must go on as Father Panik says in 140 characters or less:

"Baltimore tattoo convention. Blood and snow. Half ass blizzard shutting down the city. Convention goes on. Carneys in charge."
07:33 PM
I'm wishing I was at the Singapore Tattoo Show, which was such a success last year and sure to be this weekend. [See a video preview of the show here on YouTube.] But we can enjoy some live action on Twitter. Here are my faves to follow:

  • * First, hit up the organizers' live feed: TattooPride. They've already begun posting photo links.

People are also now posting photos from the convention on its Facebook Wall. I'm really loving how tattoo conventions and social media are coming together so we can get a glimpse of shows around the world and also the views of those attending. Check'em.

09:52 PM
twitter update.jpg
The above is a screen cap of my tattoo Tweets from the Paradise Tattoo Gathering. You can see all my Twitter updates here.
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