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It's Valentine's Day. I know, I know...a Hallmark holiday designed to get people to spend money on cards, flowers, and candy at high mark-ups. But at the gooey center of it all, a day that celebrates love, whether it be romantic, friendship or familial, can't be all that bad, especially if we celebrate it on our own terms.
Here are a couple of links that share some love in our own tattoo way.

  • I had to re-post this 4-person love tattoo (shown above) created by Little Swastika. Read more on the work and check further links in our original post here. Also check his couples tattoos, which we featured last February.
  • Last month, Buzzfeed posted "13 Rad Ideas For A Tattoo-Inspired Wedding." It's Buzzfeed so there's the usual cheeziness (and they use the word "tats"), but there are some cute ideas, many of which support indie designers.
  • For beautiful brides and grooms, often with lovely stories and celebration inspiration, skip the lists and head to or
  • Finally, in the news this week, I fell in love with the story headlined "'My Little Pony' tattoos support bullied boy," which features a Texas tattooer who rallied clients in support a young boy who attempted suicide after being bullied. Upon learning about how the 11-year-old boy was tormented for his love of the cartoon "My Little Pony," Tony Wayne of Imperial Tattoo in Sugarland, Texas, began offering $20 "My Little Pony" tattoos, with the profits going to the boy's family, and the anti-bullying organization There are images and some interesting discussion of how tattooed people rallied in support because of the judgment and ridicule many of us have faced ourselves. [For a wonderful look into the adult fans of "My Little Pony," check "Bronies," a fantastic documentary on the culture.]

    So those are my quick and dirty love links. And naturally, on this day I have to express my love for all of y'all who have been such an amazing support for this labor of love site. I kiss you!
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tattoo history love .jpgImage above (cropped) from Tattoo History Daily. See full image and caption here.

This Thursday, forgo the flowers, candy hearts, and love poems, and spend your Valentine's Day with stories of "disfigurement, murder, and flayed skin (with a bit of cannibalism and sadism thrown in for good measure)" -- with red wine of course --  at Morbid Anatomy (8pm) in Brooklyn, NY for the Tragic Tattoo Tales: A Valentine's Day Lecture and Reading.

The illustrated lecture and reading is given by our favorite tattoo scholars Anna Felicity Friedman and Matt Lodder, who will offer up tattoo history tied to romance and the macabre. Here's more on the talk from Morbid Anatomy:

Through illustrated slide lectures, Drs. Friedman and Lodder will present comparative historical material to provide context and deeper understanding and to separate fact from fiction. Learn about wide ranging tattoo topics in both Western and non-Western cultures and have questions answered that the stories raise. Did people really preserve tattooed skin? What were people reading about tattoos in the early twentieth century? Were Maori really tattooed head to foot? What were the connections between Ukiyo-e and Japanese tattooing in the Edo period?

And the stories... Come hear the account of a young Maori woman and an English sailor who had himself completely tattooed to gain her favor, only to be forcibly returned to his ship (in John Rickman's 1781 travel narrative from Captain James Cook's third voyage). Cringe at the tale of a businessman tattooed in Italy with an elaborate scene, but who was prohibited from ever showing it to anyone, swimming, or leaving the country (in Saki's 1911 "The Background"). Shudder at the story of a Japanese woman lured into a tattooer's studio, drugged, and forcibly tattooed (in Junichiro Tanazaki's 1910 "Shisei (The Tattooer)"). Enjoy the fantasy of a young and not-yet famous Chaim Soutine who, during a bacchanalian evening, rendered a dorsal portrait of a tattoo artist's wife that later mysteriously turns up as a "canvas" in an art gallery (in Roald Dahl's 1952 "Skin"). Additional images related to the stories will be screened during the readings.
Anna also told the Brooklyn Daily: "
There's some short stories about tattooing and romance, which are kind of creepy and weird. They always end with death, or some macabre consequence like being splashed with acid, or having the tattoo flayed off the skin." 

Sounds like an average Thursday night for Brian & I, so we'll be there. I hope to see y'all as well. It's only $5 for admission, so you can bring a few dates to Tragic Tattoo Tales.

Also, check out Anna's irreverent Valentine's Day mini-series on Tattoo History Daily (which includes the images in this post). It's not related to the lecture content, necessarily, but similarly cynical and awesome.

valentines day tattoo.jpg A pair of lovers, part of a trio posted on Tattoo History Daily. From Riecke, 1925.
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Tattoo_Cake_2.jpg...or just for your fabulous self.

There's a common cliche among Valentine's Day haters that we don't need a corporate-created pseudo-holiday to spread some lovin. "We should express our love every day," say the damn hippies. But I don't care about any of that. Whether single or coupled, Valentine's Day for me is about the chocolate.

AlexMcWatt_BCakeNY Valentine.jpgBringing together my chocolate and tattoo obsession are Brooklyn homies BCake NY and Alex McWatt of Three Kings Tattoo, who teamed up to create old school flash-styled Valentine's Day cakes and cupcakes.

Woohoo! They're available right now to be personalized and delivered anywhere in the five boroughs in time for Tuesday if ordered by tomorrow, February 10th. Personalized cakes are $75.00 and a dozen cupcakes are $45 (including delivery).

To place an order, call Miriam at 347.787.7199.

If you're not in NYC, you can still check out the tattoo eye candy online at
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valentines day tattoo.jpg
Because I love all of y'all, here's my tattoo Valentine (courtesy of Russia's Yota network).   Make your own love note here. [Thanks, Neil!]
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