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mark leaver_facial tattoo.jpg
mark_leaver_voodoo.jpgFacial tattoos provoke a reaction -- reactions that span awe, fear, loathing, excitement ... Personally, I've seen such beautiful facial tattooing, particularly on people who are my friends, that I find them just as artful as any decoration on the body.

Capturing the beauty of this work is Mark Leaver's Facial Tattoo project.The third-year commercial photography student at Arts University Bournemouth in England was recently profiled in Huck Magazine. [The article is offline line at this time of this post.]

In his profile, he offered this on the project:

What makes facial tattoos so distinctive is that they are still confrontational, there's no hiding them. There are only a select few people who make that kind of commitment and it was those people that I wanted to meet and photograph.
Unsurprisingly, the stereotypes were all very dated... if they were ever true at all.
See more of Mark's work on his site and Facebook page.
Top photo of Xed LeHead tattooing Iestyn at Divine Canvas, and portrait of tattoo artist Touka Voodoo.
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brighton tattoo convention.jpg
Brighton, UK is known for its beaches, bars, bands and now tattooed bods with its third year of the mega Brighton Tattoo Convention.

This weekend, Jan.30-31st, the Brighton Racecourse will feature thoroughbreds of tattoo including Xed Le Head, Robert Hernandez, Benjamin Moss, Liorcifer, the fabulous Frith Street crew, and a personal fave of the avant garde style--the artists at Boucherie Moderne from Belgium, plus many more.

There will also be plenty of walking works of art, as shown above and in the photo gallery from last year.

Beyond top tattoo work, live music, art exhibits and tattoo contests round out the weekend. Check the events listing here. Convention organizer, Woody, knows how to put on a show (he's also been behind the scenes at the London Tattoo Convention) so it should be a party.

Take pictures, send 'em here to share, and let us know how it goes.
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jacqueline tattoo.jpg
I'm been quiet here because I'm on deadline for my book on blackwork tattoos, but the boys have been blogging wonders, albeit cranky ones.

Blackwork is everything from traditional tribal tattooing, like the timeless Polynesian tatau ...

to neo-tribal made famous by Leo Zulueta and Trevor Marshall ...

to the dotwork technique mastered by artists including Xed Lehead, Dan DiMattia, Erik Reime and Colin Dale, among many others ...

to modern interpretations of non-traditional tattoo motifs like this henna-inspired work above by the fabulous Jacqueline Spoerlee ...

to the all-black graphic art of Yann Black, Jeff, Boucherie Moderne, Noon, and other French avant garde tattooists.

So that's what's keeping me busy these days, but I'll be back tomorrow with your news review.

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