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Well, just in case you thought the stopwatch was even close to hitting 14:59, the fashion industry has found yet another way to capitalize on the heavily-modified Zombie Boy.  In this new ad for Dermablend's concealer, we go from a seemingly uncomfortable and unadorned Rick Genest to the man we've all come to recognize, thanks to some make-up remover.

I can't help but ponder how I'd feel if I looked in the mirror and all of my ink was gone.
09:24 PM
Photo by Matthew Lyn for Schon! Magazine

When Rick Genest aka "Zombie Boy" (or "Skull Boy") first appeared on BMEzine in 2006, many applauded his daring and strong tattoo work but naturally worried "How will Rico get a job?" Well, no need to fret. Today, Rico is making more money than most of us, particularly as muse for Nicola Formichetti, Lady Gaga's stylist and BFF, and as a top model for fashion mags.

His latest shoot that's getting style bloggers hot and bothered is featured on the pages of
Schon! Magazine (Issue 14) in which photographer Matthew Lyn shoots Zombie Boy in full zombieness, but also brings in make-up genius Dylan K. Hanson to partially cover his tattoos. Dylan used Mac Cosmetics for that polite society feel, and the result is fabulously trippy. Check the behind-the-scenes video of the shoot here.

Thanks to Jenni Miller for the skull heads up!
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mugler skullface.jpg
My old tattoo and bod mod nerd friends, remember back in 2006 when Montreal's Rick "Rico" Genest was first profiled on BME's Modblog for his extensive facial work, transforming him into "Skullface" or "Zombie Boy"? Tattooist Frank from Derm FX Tattoo in Montreal submitted early photos to the site showing the progression of the skull tattoo, and Modblog posted updates over the years, like this 2007 one and this one in 2008. [There was also an interview with him on BME but that's no longer available.]
UPDATE: Here's the BME interview.

Anyway, old news right?

Well, this Montreal street punk is back in headlines as the new muse of Nicola Formichetti -- Lady Gaga's stylist (among other fashion pedigree). Formichetti is debuting his first collection for Thierry Mugler and Rico is the campaign poster boy.

On Wednesday, he walked the runway for Mugler during Paris Fashion week, and The NY Times said it was the only real highlight: "...the show itself was dramatic only in its use as a model of the totally tattooed Rick Genest, whose figure projected in a film, pearls glistening against the patterned flesh, was far more gripping than the clothes." [See photos here.]

Indeed, Mugler is milking the new model for "edge." When you first hit the designer's page, you'll see the video below of Rico striking poses -- even sexy, sexy pearl biting -- while a Gaga tune plays on.

A long way from the gutters of Montreal, Skullface has the last laugh at those who said he'd die penniless there.

Thanks to Matt and Nick for the links.
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