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Photo by Edgar Hoill.

I've been asked, a number of times, by tattooers what the best defense is to those frivolous law suits against tattoo studios, which are exponentially being filed, especially now that people think that tattoo artists have deep pockets. I have a pretty simple answer: insurance. Just like policies for your health, home, and car, protection is available for tattoo and piercing businesses. One company that has been protecting our industry the longest is Professional Program Insurance Brokerage ("PPIB"), and we are proud to have them as a sponsor of our site.

To offer y'all a glimpse into tattoo and piercing studio insurance, I sent some questions to Susan Preston, who founded PPIB 22 years ago, at a time when there was a pure lack of or a market for this type of coverage. Here's a bit from our Q&A:
Over twenty years ago, at the inception of PPIB, what were the main concerns of artists and studios in terms of insurance coverage to protect their businesses and are they still the same today?

Twenty years ago, the biggest concern to artists and studios was that a market did not exist for insurance coverage for their business. Most studios felt as though their customers, mostly bikers or college students at that time, were less likely to resolve their issues in the legal system; therefore, shops were not keen on carrying insurance coverage. PPIB realized that, with a changing world and economy, more people would become sue-happy and change the environment that the studios operated in. Over time, shops and artists have come to realize that insurance is needed in order to protect their livelihoods, and PPIB has been able to provide this at an affordable cost.

What are the newer legal issues in the tattoo industry that artists and studios need to be aware of and protect against? The biggest issue facing the tattoo industry today would be the transfer of communicable diseases, including infections such as MRSA, to their customers. The stigma of tattoo shops being unsanitary is far from the truth, but to a customer who has had their skin opened by a tattoo artist...the first person they blame is the shop. The infection could be caused by many factors, such as improper aftercare, but we help insure the tattoo industry against the risk of being sued for this issue.

With that being said, other issues that affect artists and studios can include sexual abuse charges (example: inappropriate touching during a service) and a growing contingent of consumers who you can't always judge and are unsure what their reaction would be to your work. There have been situations where a customer is happy with a tattoo, and weeks or even months later comes back and something has changed their mind about their artwork, and they become unhappy. These are situations which we try to help protect our clients against.

What have you seen as a big impact on the industry as a result of the popularity of tattooing?

With the growing popularity of the tattoo industry, more people from across a wider spectrum are getting tattoos. This in turn increases the likelihood of lawsuits from customers of varying backgrounds. As time has progressed, this has made tattoo shops more aware of the need for insurance and the need to protect their assets. Being aware and educated on insuring one's business is the first line of defense in making sure any shop is successful.

For more info, you can contact PPIB via their site or phone: 415.475.4300.
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symbeos rotary.jpgI often get asked what's the main thing behind tattooing's popularity today: TV shows? Fashion? Beckham?

I truly believe that it's the incredible artistic heights that we are seeing now in the craft. Maybe Rihanna's midnight tattoo sessions on TMZ play a part, but in the end, I have faith that beauty and art win out over all.

This level of artistry today is the product of certain key components: readily available information--largely via the Internet; the development of fine art skills of tattooers; and the advancement of materials and tools.

It's the tools and how they have evolved that I find particularly fascinating and cool. And so, when Eikon Device approached us about being a Needles & Sins sponsor, and spreading the word about the Symbeos Rotary Tattoo System, I thought it was a great fit.

In creating the Symbeos Rotary Tattoo System, with HM Tools & Dye, Eikon made the first ever rotary tattoo machine with the adaptability of a coil machine. The lightweight and versatile system features one machine body and a system of interchangeable components, which allows tattoo artists to make quick and easy changes to suit the machine to one's particular needs. Essentially, in this one Symbeos system, is the diverse functionality of many machines.
I hear rumors that the Symbeos Rotary Tattoo System also makes tasty fruit smoothies; however, I could only confirm from Eikon that it allows you to do the following:
  • Easily make changes without risking your current machine setup.
  • Switch out your motor to change the speed and torque.
  • Swap out your slide to adjust the give.
  • Change the stroke wheel to adjust the stroke length.
Testimonials from well-respected tattoo artists, including Horimatsu and Daemon Rowanchilde, affirm that the Symbeos Rotary Tattoo System lives up to its reputation. For example, in this video, Daemon explains to a client that the Symbeos is "gentlest, easiest to control machine ever," and also notes how a more refined machine like the Symbeos means that there will be the less irritation on the skin.

The Symbeos Rotary Tattoo System is available as a Deluxe or a Flex and is ready to tattoo -- right out of the box. Add extra Symbeos Machine Bodies to either System and build an arsenal of Symbeos Rotary Tattoo machines at a fraction of the cost of an industry standard rotary tattoo machine.
Find out more here:
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Needles and Sins has a new supporter, Face & Body Professionals, and we're excited about all they have to offer the tattoo, piercing and permanent make-up communities. Face & Body is not some newcomer to these industries. They have been developing products for permanent cosmetics and tattooing professionals since 1995 and offer pigments, topical anesthetics and studio supplies.

There's been some debate over the use of numbing creams and gels, and it seems that more and more artists are using them for larger works. Even the esteemed Horiyoshi III has said, "Sure, it's better if it doesn't hurt" when guest blogger John Mack asked about anesthetics for his body suit. And Robert Atkinson told us that he numbed up for his last sitting with Filip Leu, adding, "At the end of the day, no one is giving out trophies for being tough."

Those looking into topical anesthetics should check the pre-procedure numbing cream Super Trio and the during-procedure numbing gel Sustaine Blue Gel. Face & Body also carries After Inked and H2Ocean aftercare products that help keep tattoos looking new.

Find all Face & Body products on and "Like" them on Facebook. By supporting Face & Body, you support this site. And we love you for it.
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PPIB ad.jpg
In this lawsuit crazed society, it seems no one is safe from ridiculous claims. You'd be surprised that even the most frivolous sounding suits have won in court or settled with a big payday. The money and time spent defending against these attacks can cause a huge strain on tattooists, and so one of the most important ways studios can protect themselves is by having the right insurance. This weekend at the NYC Tattoo Convention, I heard one new shop owner say that, when he approached an insurance broker for coverage, the response was "I have no idea how to even do this." So, I suggested he contact those who have been taking care of tattooists and piercers since 1993: 

Profession Program Insurance Brokerage, a new sponsor of Needles & Sins.

We asked Susan Preston, the founder and president of PPIB, to give us examples of insane claims against tattoo shops she's seen. Here's her stiletto heels story:

A shop cannot control what women wear into their shop. For some unknown reason women like to wear stiletto heels to their friendly neighborhood tattooer or body piercer. In the last 4 years, we have had three claims from stiletto heels. The most notable one was in a shop that had a checkerboard floor. The woman claimed the floor made her dizzy and that is why she tripped and fell. One and one half years later, we had paid out a total of $49,000 in defense of this claim. The woman did not receive a dime from the insurer because the stiletto heels were a good defense of ours. A woman really wears them at her own risk. Be that as it may, if the shop did not have insurance that $49,000 in legal fees and defense would have come out of their own pocket or they would have had to declare bankruptcy.
Then there's one about a tattoo artist's dog biting his (then) girlfriend in the shop:

If your dog bites someone, there is no defense in law. The dog owner is totally liable. When a dog bites your significant other in your tattoo shop because he is jealous of the affection, it could test the relationship to the max. If the desire is to keep the significant other from suing, the dog owner may need to keep the lover around at least as long as the statute of limitations in the state. In a state with a statute that is 3 or 4 years, this could be a really bad thing. When this happened to one of our tattoo clients, the shop/dog owner decided the woman was not worth it so he booted her out of his life. And guess what? He got a lawsuit from her. Luckily the bite was more of a nip, so the payout was not too big. While the girlfriend is long gone, the dog is still around, although not in the tattoo shop.
Beyond stiletto heels and shop dogs, there are misspellings, misinterpreted sexual advances, mistakes in Kanji meanings, and of course infection and other serious risks. So it's best to have insurance that covers all potential claims, and PPIB has the experience in doing so. [Their staff are also tattooed.] PPIB is a member of the Association of Professional Piercers and the Alliance of Professional Tattooists.

Contact them at or 415-475-4300 for more info.
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The Needles & Sins crew is grateful to our most fabulous advertisers who support us, so we can give you the tattoo goodness for free -- even better is when they offer you special deals on their own brands of goodness. Here's the latest offer: has new plugs, including wood with pearl inlay, and black & red hearts (perhaps a gift for your sweetie) at reduced prices. Plus, all orders will receive 15% off if you use the N+S coupon code:  NAS15.

I've gotten feedback from readers who've told me that shipped fast, and they were happy with their order. The prices are affordable, and there's free shipping for all orders over $25. Stretch safely and beautifully.

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I hope y'all are digging the new redesign of Needles & Sins that our Brian Grosz spent a lot of time on, as well as handling the server migrations, etc.

Our advertisers help with the costs to keep everything humming so we can give all the tattoo goodness away for free without a cover price or subscription.  

ear_gauges_horn_plugs.jpgOur newest advertiser is EarGauges.Net.

The California-based company, run by those in the body modification community, was started in 2009 to help people stretch their ears safely and beautifully. They sell plugs, tunnels and tapers in a variety of materials including organic wood, glass, bone, stainless steel, silicone and stone. Prices are affordable and orders ship quickly. Free shipping for all orders over $25.

They also have online forums that address ear stretching healing and after-care, and encourage people to share their experiences.

Special to Needles & Sins readers: all orders will receive 15% off if you use our coupon code:  NAS15.

We hope you'll support and all our advertisers.
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Eikon Logo.PNGThe following is a post sponsored by Eikon Device, providers of Tattoo Supplies.

Eikon Device is a leading manufacturer and online distributor of tattoo supplies and equipment. Initially formed in 1994 to research and develop tattoo needles, Eikon Device expanded its scope in 1997 to focus on the technical aspects of tattooing. This change marked the beginning of many published papers as well as two tattoo inventions: the Eikon Meter and Tru-Spring armature bars.

The success of Eikon Device is largely due to its foundation in science and research. Their continuous focus on tattooing techniques, safety issues and product quality helps tattoo artists make better choices about products and practices. Eikon Device offers a full catalog of tattoo supplies and equipment:

* Tattoo machines, from FK Irons to Neuma machines and supplies;
* Tattoo ink in five great choices for color:  Eternal Ink, Silverback Ink and Fantasia from the USA; Classic Color from Australia; and Dermaglo from the U.K.;
* Tattoo power supplies and equipment including tips, grips and tubes (incl. disposable);
* Needles are offered pre-made or you can choose supplies to solder your own;
* Disposable medical supplies, from dental bibs and ink caps to tape and bandages;
* Art supplies like tracing paper and drawing ink--and at a better price than most art stores

Additionally, it has a sizable library of research and educational information as well as art books including the recently released Tattoo Prodigies.

Eikon Device will soon be re-launching their website making online purchasing even easier.
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while the others were sleeping.jpg
We interrupt our regularly scheduled blog blather for announcements of vital importance.

First, we're having another art event, and while we'd love to send out those "Save the Date" magnets that creative couples mail out for their big day, it seemed ill fitting considering the work being shown:  Nathaniel Shannon's live, candid music photography of bands like the Dillinger Escape Plan, Pentagram and GWAR. A better reminder would be to punch yourself in the face really hard right now, and by the time the bruising goes away, that's when the show will open. April 3rd. At the most wonderful Sacred Gallery. I'll soon be doing a full post on the event -- entitled While the Others Were Sleeping -- but for a preview, click here.

devil horns.jpgAnd to get yourself in the right frame of mind for the exhibit, join us for some live metal this Saturday, March 20th, on Manhattan's Lower East Side at The Local 269 for the SOS and Friends Show featuring our own Brian Grosz and his stoner metal outfit Dogs of Winter. This is one of the last remaining gigs for the Dogs so bring your $8 cover and throw your horns high. They should jump on stage around 10PM. The remaining shows are at Cousin Larry's in Danbury, CT for the SubRosa Party on April 9th, and April 14th in Brooklyn at Public Assembly for the Hipsterwrecktomy party.

Can't make the shows? Download the DOW record for free here.

For the wordsmith set, I have another call for submissions from the tattoo and poetry journal Holly Rose Review. The journal editors are looking for tattoo images that evoke the theme of their fourth issue: Worry. For more information on submitting tattoo work for this issue, click here or join their Facebook page.

Finally, show some love to our newest advertiser, State of Grace Publishing. Yes, the same people who've brought the finest of Japanese tattooing to the US and one of our favorite conventions. Their Shige book, which I reviewed here, is an absolute must-have for collectors; their UGLAR book became a museum exhibit; and their Pint & Ichibay sketchbooks will inspire your next work.

Without advertisers like State of Grace, MATW Clothing, Father Panik, Tattoo Culture, and Devil City Press we wouldn't be able to give you ALL THIS (arms wide open) for free, so please support us by supporting them.
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Underground outfitters, Father Panik Industries, have clothed and bedazzled me for years (and yeah, fancier people), transforming my closet from Banana Republic to (literally) Badass.

And so, it is with great joy that I introduce them as our newest advertiser (and not just because I'm finally getting my money back from them).

Last month, I included them in our gift guide (see here), particularly for their Knuckle Tattoo Gloves with the thumb-flap for winter texting. Coupled with their long-lasting hoodies (which fits nicely under my coat without being bulky), my winter outerwear is more swagga and less sherpa.

Please support Father Panik and our other advertisers because they help keep this site running as well as allow us to put on art shows and hand out free swag at parties and conventions, all free to you.
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It's a good day when a hot tattooed blond -- who knows how to wield a tattoo machine -- hands you a check and says, "Sweet. I'm your first advertiser." Sweet, indeed.

Le blonde is the fabulous Michelle Myles of NYC's Dare Devil and Fun City Tattoo who has put together a site called Devil City Press, where you can not only learn of all the behind-the-scenes action from those two inconic studios, but also see the latest tattoo work from their roster of top artists, and read the artists' musings on tattoo culture, like Michelle's take on the Jeff Johnson book or why it's not cool to suck on your boyfriend's fingers when he's getting tattooed. That kinda stuff.

The latest post was on Dare Devil and Le Roi shackin up, which I'm excited about because I'm looking for a surface piercing to cover up a scar and Le Roi is renowned for top piercers and quality jewelry [will blog on that myself when I make my appointment].

One of my fave online features of the Dare Devil sites is the videos -- especially the Tattoo Wars show where Michelle won for best Americana tattoo.

Check the tattoo goodness!

To also advertise on Needles + Sins, hit me up through the contact link. The news is up next.
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