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diesel only the brave tattoo.jpgTattoos are sexy. Tattooed people are sexy. Sexy sells.

And so, naturally, many brands jump onto tattoo cool to market their products with an edge -- a little bit crazy, a little bit bad. But hey, don't us girls just love that?

Thankfully, some ad campaigns get it right by doing it in a way that involves the tattoo community and puts a spotlight on the artistry along with the branding. One such campaign is Diesel's Only The Brave Tattoo Gallery for their fragrance Only the Brave Tattoo. [And yup, I'm a part of it.]    

For this fragrance, Diesel founder Renzo Rosso -- whose hands are tattooed-- approached renowned black & gray artist Mister Cartoon to design a tattooed clenched fist bottle and packaging. Rosso discusses this collaboration with Cartoon in an interview with Cool Hunting. When asked about how he thought to translate a tattoo into a perfume he says:

I'm going to tell you the story. It all started with the bottle. It was my 55th birthday, which is a special anniversary for I was born in 1955. Fifty-five is my magic number. I wanted to give my friends a gift, so I had my hand sculpted into a bottle that was all black and customized with Only the Brave. It was such a success and everybody liked it so much that we decided this bottle should be distributed worldwide. I have these tattoos on my hand as well. So I thought I could do something out of this. Then I met Mr Cartoon who I found to be very much like me--he has a sense of honor and creativity, and he's crazy. He designed the bottle and the logotype. After that, I asked L'Oréal to make a new perfume and translate my new rock 'n' roll attitude, my mentality, my passion, my positive energy into a perfume.[...]
Beyond the bottle design and logo, Cartoon's work is also featured in promotions for Only the Brave Tattoo, like this video below, directed by Estevan Oriol. It follows the tattooist around LA, from the streets where he grew up to the studio where he tattoos celebrities today, and in the film, he talks about melding his street art aesthetic with a luxury product.

A host of other creatives, including NY tattooist Michelle Myles, form Diesel's tattoo gallery collage, highlighting the diversity among tattoo lovers and their stories. Even more tattoo stories can be found on an accompanying blog by Anna Mazas, who wrote and curated the awesome "Life Under My Skin."

Indeed, there are many layers to this campaign. It reflects, in some way, how tattooing and our community are being considered seriously by luxury brands -- artistically but also as a market for their goods. It wasn't that long ago when I was being followed around Fifth Avenue stores because I fit the shoplifter profile. Today, I'm one of the faces for a fancy fragrance. And that does feel pretty sexy.

diesel only the brave marisa.jpg
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free-credit-card-reader.jpgNeedles & Sins is growing thanks to your wonderful support. We do it because we love it, but of course we're grateful to our advertisers who help with our costs, so we can bring you all the tattoo goodness, free and easy. 

Our newest advertiser is Square: a mobile form of accepting credit cards, processed right on your iphone, ipad or android device. We thought it was a perfect fit for tattoo artists and indie vendors who work conventions and find that their clients are low on cash. Also great for our musicians out there looking to sell merch at gigs. 

There's no commitment to use the service, just a flat rate of 2.75% for all credit cards including AMEX and .15 per transaction. Square is a free app and the hardware gets shipped to you for free as well.

We're also very happy that has renewed their ad thanks to your orders. As we've mentioned before, the company is run by those in the body modification community and was started to help people stretch their ears safely and beautifully. They sell plugs, tunnels and tapers in a variety of materials including organic wood, glass, bone, stainless steel, silicone and stone. [I'm particularly loving the new Saba wood pearl inlay plugs shown below.] Free shipping for all orders over $25. And Needles & Sins readers get 15% off if you use the coupon code: NAS15.

Thanks again to all of y'all.

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tattoo lego.jpg
Legos. Tattooed. One "badass" ad campaign.
[The "badass" was theirs, not mine. I told ya I'm weening myself off the word.]

The intricate and detailed tattoo designs were created to illustrate just how fine Pilot Extra-Fine ball-pens are. I think they proved their point. [doh!] Hell, even the lower back tattoo below is hot. Check all of the tattooed legos here.

Thanks, Mike, for the link.

tattooed lego.jpg

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russian criminal tattoo apparel.jpg
Check the top right of this site and you'll see our new advertiser: MIR Russian Criminal Tattoo Designs apparel.

The clothing line was created by two designers from Russia--now living in Brooklyn--who are inspired by the tattoos from the 40s through the 70s found on prisoners in their homeland. While the clothing designs are largely interpretations of the prison art, some stay true to the original tattoos -- but without the the affiliation with any criminal organization or code.

As I mentioned in our holiday gift guide, when I first found out about MIR, I dig the stories and history behind the designs offered on their site. For example, the Lenin portrait with BOP underneath comes with this explanation:

"This particular one was a popular anti-authority tattoo but it has double meaning as do many other tattoos from that era. The letters underneath Lenin spell VOR, the Russian word for thief (which Lenin definitely was). But the letters are also an acronym that stand for Leader of October Revolution. So if an inmate was hassled by administration, he could always state that he was just really patriotic."

I have the "Free Woman" dress in black symbolizing "a woman that did not belong to any gang and followed only her own rules inside and outside of prison."

You can also custom make your own Russian Criminal Tattoo clothes as well. Choose your favorite designs and the item you want them on, send them a message, and you'll get a price quote back.

For standard items, tees & tanks start at $20, dresses at $40, and hoodies (front, back and sleeve design) start at $50.

As I always note, please support our advertisers so we can continue to keep giving ya the tattoo goodness for free.
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needlesandsins headquarters.jpgI think I've only done one Needles and Sins Public Service Announcement, probably around this time last year, so I guess we're due for one. Let's call it an anniversary PSA.

I should first define what a PSA is, I guess. According to Wikipedia, knower of all things, "a typical PSA is part of a public awareness campaign to inform or educate the public about an issue such as smoking or compulsive gambling."

We'd like to address these very issues here. Our message is this:

Smoking, compulsive gambling as well as excessive drinking can be very expensive.
Server fees, travel expenses to conventions, and the cost of our events and swag aside, the real cost of bringing you this content for free is our bar tabs, bookies and a love story that takes place inside a pack of Camels.

Our advertisers are our enablers.

We are selective, however, as to who gets the job of making our lives a cautionary tale. Our latest advertiser is Eikon Device Tattoo Equipment & Supply. They paid for the post below. Now, we've been approached by a number of tattoo supply companies who've wanted to advertise, and we turned them down because we couldn't vouch for their stuff--and thus, risk steering you the wrong way so that you never return here. [We also have abandonment issues.] But Eikon has been around for over 13 years. I watched Dan DiMattia make his needles using only Eikon (later switching to their pre-made) and so I knew that top tattooers trusted them. And if Eikon takes money from top tattooists, we'll take Eikon's money and promote top tattooists. The circle is complete.

Yes, all this text above is simply to say: Please support our advertisers.

I know, WTF. We could've just asked at the start and avoided the verbal foreplay.

One more thing: If you'd like to support N+S beyond advertising, you can throw something in our virtual tip jar.  If 180 of you gave just a dollar, that would pay for our switch over to a new and reliable server, for example. You can donate by clicking the button below.

Thank you.

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I spent a good chunk of the last decade bathed in the cool glow of an LCD flatpanel display, churning out new-media content - both visual and alphanumerical - for companies large and small.  So, it comes as no surprise when an art-director comes out of the woodwork to inquire as to whether or not I'm still in The Biz (answer: "no fucking way in hell") but, on occasion, a former co-worker will throw something really cool my way.

madison1.jpgPictured above is a branding image for the Madison Group Graphics Center.  And while it's pretty clear that a Photoshop Jock went to town overlaying that logotype, a closer look at the model leads me to believe that the bulk of his work is real.

And while it's a pretty sweet image in it's own right, imagine that it's the first thing you see when you walk off of the elevator... and it's HUGE.

madison2.jpgBest of all: the copy in white below the left arm which reads "ARTISTRY.  PRECISION.  COMMITMENT."


(Click either image to view full-size in a new window.  Special thanks to Reiko and Chris for providing the images and the tip!)

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Here's an example of a corp co-opting tattoo cool, but actually in a cool way: The Suzuki Swift tattoo typo ads, airing in the UK now.

Unlike throbbing tattooed boobies, the connection between the tattoo and the product is clear -- a need for a quick exit. These fun ads earn my Resplect.  

resplect.jpg Via Homotography. [Thanks, Evan!
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