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07:28 AM
Art of the Marquesas Islands.jpg
It's pretty wonderful that the Metropolitan Museum of Art offers many of its art publications as free downloads and for online reading -- books that inspire tattooers and collectors.

In looking for design ideas for my next tattoo work, I searched their titles for "tattoo," and was thrilled to find Adorning the World: Art of the Marquesas Islands, their 2005 exhibition catalog, which is out of print, but the publication in its entirety -- from essays, drawings, photos and maps -- can be viewed here and downloaded.

As noted in the catalog's description, Eric Kjellgren and Carol S. Ivory "place the artistic traditions of the Marquesas within their cultural and historical context, giving insights into their distinctive visual imagery and their enduring influence on Western art and literature." Here's more:

Known for the elegance and complexity of their decorative art, Marquesan artists were described by Paul Gauguin as possessing "an unheard of sense of decoration" in all they created. The extraordinary ways in which Marquesans adorned their world are reflected in virtually every type of object they made and used--from sacred figures of gods and ancestors to items that were purely functional. Long admired by artists, writers, and scholars, the art and culture of the Marquesas Islands have until recently been unfamiliar to larger audiences. However, the artists of the Marquesas archipelago were among the most accomplished in the Pacific. Their work was fashioned from a diversity of materials in forms ranging from delicate ivory ornaments and luxuriant featherwork to imposing figural sculpture in wood and stone. The human body was also an important focus for artistic expression. Adorned with finely crafted ornaments, elaborate coiffures, and intricate tattoos that sometimes covered the entire body, Marquesans themselves became living art forms.
On the publication page, you can also find images of related works that are part of the Met's collection.

And while you're having fun on the museum's free book pages, also check their "Artwork of the Day" page and "The Artist Project" digital feature.
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kakoulas books.jpg
Update: Black Tattoo Art Volume I is now sold out but the Black Tattoo Art II and Color Tattoo Art are still available (for now).
"Black Friday" is a term that represents gross commerce in the name of holiday cheer, so I figured I'd take over that name and add a bit of beauty by making it Black TATTOO Friday, and offer the few remaining author copies of some of my books at a significantly reduced rate. The books on sale are:

   * Black Tattoo Art Volume 1 (my first baby) on sale for $120 + shipping, SOLD OUT
   * Black Tattoo Art Volume 2 (my latest baby) on sale for $120 + shipping, and
   * Color Tattoo Art (my new school/cartoon/comics monster) on sale for $99 + shipping.

Buy them online here.

Along with the books, I'll throw in stickers and condoms for free! And a love note!

The book sale kicks off our holiday guide, so we'll be featuring lots of other products to knock off your shopping list without ever having to enter a Walmart.

Here are some sample pics from the books below. See more pics on Flickr: Black Tattoo Art I, Black Tattoo Art II, and Color Tattoo Art.

blackwork tattoo Vincent.jpgTattoo above by Vincent Hocquet (Black Tattoo Art I).

leon lam black tattoo.jpgTattoo above by Leon Lam (Black Tattoo Art II)

comic tattoo.jpgTattoo above by Genko (Color Tattoo Art).
05:47 PM
tattoo books.jpgJust a quickie post to let you know that we now have a Needles & Sins online store where those in the US can buy author copies of my books quick and easy and cheap(er).

While Black Tattoo Art is currently sold out, I do have available copies of Color Tattoo Art and Black & Grey Tattoo.

For those outside the US, hit me up at for shipping rates.
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