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07:11 AM
I strongly believe that the "tattoo community" is still a community for many reasons despite what people say about its dilution and people coming to the craft without the love & respect it deserve. There's still plenty of love that goes around, and it is most prevalent when shops from across the globe band together to do good for the tattooed and for anyone in need regardless of the colors in their skin.

One world-wide effort to help those in need is Food Tattoos for Hunger. It's particularly important in light of how many people are after suffering Hurricane Sandy (but not limited to this disaster relief). In addition to local food banks, Food Tattoos for Hunger hopes to help organizations like Kids Cafe and the Backpack Program.

Gabe from TattooNOW, who is spearheading the benefit, has more on the project and shops and artist can help -- and collectors naturally contribute by supporting these shops:

TattooNOW, along with an international collection of shops, will be hosting the Food Tattoos For Hunger benefit. This benefit will focus on raising money with shops doing "Food Flash" tattoos and artists donating their earnings on November 18th.Together with the public's support, Food Tattoos For Hunger is going to do its part to help the millions struggling with hunger.
Many internationally acclaimed studios and artists are rising to the call such as Off The Map Tattoo, Seppuku Tattoo, Timothy Boor's Bohemian Tattoo Club, Studio Evolve, Ram Lee, Nikko Hurtado, and Bob Tyrell. Dozens of other studios are joining in and donating their time, efforts, and money.
The goal is to have 100 shops participate and be able to raise at least $1,500 each so they can possibly donate up to $150,000 to food shelters across the world.

To find out more, click here. Also check their Facebook event page.
06:58 PM

NoTimes_Poster2.jpgOn September 9, 2009, Matty No Times (Three Kings Tattoo) noticed that his legs had become severely swollen. He went to an emergency room and three hours later, after multiple blood tests, was informed that he was in liver failure (see details below). Now, about 8 months later, Matty is on his way back but is in severe financial debt.

A group of all star artists have joined together for a remarkable show to help Matty pay off his medical expenses. The show will be at the YES Gallery located at 147 India Street and Manhattan Avenue in Greenpoint (Brooklyn) The exhibition will run from July 17th to July 23rd with a special opening reception on Saturday, July 17th from 5 - 10PM at YES Gallery with special Guest DJ Jesse Jones (Yuppicide).

ALL ART IS $350 OR LESS, and raffle goodies from KCDC Skate Shop, Tattoo Elite International, Waverly Color Company and more. The goal of this exhibition is not only to support Matty No Times, but to also present a spectacular array of noted artists, allowing our friends and peers, art lovers and collectors to view and obtain works that are both affordable and of exceptional quality, and to do this while we help out our friend and colleague. This is going to be an amazing, HUGE art exhibition with some incredible artists donating art. Don't miss it!!

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There have been a number of great stories in the news about tattoo studios raising money for Haiti relief efforts, and Zulu Tattoo's benefit at Boardner's in LA was one such success, bringing in over $1,500 for National Nurses United.

I just came across LA Weekly's wonderful slideshow of images, like the one above taken by Curious Josh Photography, and they include gorgeous shots of tattooed performers, musicians, and beautiful belly dancers (my latest practice and obsession). Enjoy the eye-candy for a cause.
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