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It's been a while since a profiled a black & grey tattoo specialist, so here is some stunning work from Miguel Bohigues of Aldaia (Valencia), Spain. Miguel has won numerous international awards for his soulful realism, and it's easy to understand why.

For more, you can check this video interview with Miguel (in Spanish) and also find his work on Facebook.

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11:01 AM
Athletes bodies are generally not known for great works of art, despite the money available to them. One tattooist explained to me that he felt the reason why the tattoos of celebrities were so bad was because they are used to getting what they want, when they want it. And if you have someone who lacks impulse control and foresight, well, that can be a recipe for a tattoo disaster.

So, when I come across a story about a sports star who really put thought and research behind his tattoo, it stood out.

The Los Angeles Dodgers slugger Matt Kemp was in the news last month for his chest piece honoring his grandparents (his grandfather had passed away just a month before he was tattooed). The work was done by black & grey rising star, Jun Cha, who works out of a private studio in LA.

A couple of days ago, a behind-the-scenes video look of the tattoo, and Kemp talking about his thoughts on getting this tribute, was posted on Jun's site (and embedded below).  In it, you'll also see Jun's process in creating the work and his interesting stylization of the portrait. Worth a look.

12:03 PM
Jason Butcher tattoo pope.jpg
Part of my weekly To Do list is checking out tattoo artist blogs to see new work, and today I came across a year-in-review post by Jason Butcher: "10 from 2010," which I loved. Jason writes: "This is a list of 10 of my favourite tattoos from 2010. I've been lucky enough to do some really cool work this year so it's hard to choose, but here they are."

I'm a long time fan of Jason's work and featured him in my Black & Grey Tattoo tome. You can find Jason at Immortal Ink in Essex, UK and at tattoo conventions worldwide.

jason butcher tattoo.jpg
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