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tattoo world calendar.jpgLast week, I told y'all to give me a shout, in this giveaway post, if you wanted to win the 2013 Tattoo World calendar, the companion to the Tattoo World hardcover I edited for Abrams books. The wall calendar is filled (perhaps overfilled) with photos of tattoo work from some of the best artists across the globe.

Well, I plugged into the names of all those who commented on the post in our Needles & Sins Syndicate Group on Facebook or hit me up @NeedlesandSins on Twitter and the two winners are .... Tracy Joe and Deborah Bliss! Congrats!

For those interested in getting your hands on 12 months of tattoo goodness, you can buy the calendar much cheaper off of, and you can also find them offline at stores like Barnes & Noble in the US, as well as museum stores like MOMA and the Brooklyn Museum in NYC.

More contests to come!

tattoo world calendar 2.jpg
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tattoo world calendar.jpg
I have another giveaway for you from my own personal stash:  the 2013 Tattoo World calendar, which I curated for Abrams Books.

Two readers will received the 12x12 wall calendar, which features more than 100 tattoo photos from the world's best artists -- too many to list here.  The calendar is based on the Tattoo World hardcover, written by Michael Kaplan and edited by yours truly.

Each month is organized by theme; for example, December is all about the dragon and how different artists interpret it, from Colin Dale's Nordic mythology to Mike Rubendall's Japanese-influenced creations. Every image is credited right underneath with the artists' names and their websites, so you will know right away who did it and where to see more. My role in the calendar was deciding on the artists and pool of images for the designers to choose from. I would have liked there to be less tattoos per month so that the images could be much bigger, but the publishers felt it was better to have as many pix as possible.

But hell, I'm giving two away and they retail online and at major book stores (like Barnes & Noble) for just $13.99.

We'll play it the usual way but with a twist. Two winners will be selected randomly from those who comment on this post in our Needles & Sins Syndicate Group on Facebook or hitting up @NeedlesandSins on Twitter. BUT the comment/Tweet should be about what you'd like to read on this blog in the new year. It need not be specific; something like "greater convention coverage" or  "more naked tattooed men, please" will do. On January 17, 2013, we'll put all the names of the commenters into to pick the winners.

Good luck!
tattoo world calendar 2.jpg
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horror calendar2.jpg
It's never too early to start planning your 2013 convention schedule and tattoo appointments -- and keeping track of them all on a calendar befitting such important dates.

I'm digging the recently released 2013 Horror Calendar, designed and produced by Dan Henk, who contributes his own signature dark art along with Nick Baxter, Adrian Dominic, Scott Trerrotola, Paul Acker, Steve Morris, Joseph Ortega, Buzz Hasson, Rodd Diaz, Jeff Esminger, and Ron Russo. It's a fantastic collection of fine art by top tattooers. A glimpse into each month is below. 

You can purchase the calendar for just $15 plus shipping online here. Look out for them at conventions as well.

horror calendar.jpg
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tattooed librarians.jpgWe have another fun calendar pick -- one where proceeds go to support tattooed students:
"The Tattooed Librarian Students of the Pacific Northwest" Calendar

The students enrolled in Emporia State's Master of  Library and Information Science program were informed that, because of budget woes, they will have to pay for their graduation ceremony themselves come August. So to relieve a bit of that burden, they put together this calendar as a fundraiser. One of the Master's candidates,Turner Masland, says:  "Let's face it, your traditional Granny-Librarian is going by the wayside as hair-buns and cardigans are making way for tattoos and piercings!"  

tattooed librarians calendar.png [Indeed, we saw that last year with the "Tattooed Ladies of the Texas Library Association" calendar.]

Photographer Lisa DiVenti took most of the playful photos in Pacific Northwest College of Art Library. Turner says that majority of the tattoos featured were done by local Portland artists (with a few obtained in California and New Hampshire).

I'm thinking that if the students can spend less on their graduation, then they can spend more on tattoos. Support them and let's keep it all in our community.

Buy the calendar here for $25.
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Traveling Mic Calendar.jpgThe motto of tattoo journalist Travellin' Mick is "Wherever I lay my head is home," and over the years, "home" has often been remote villages where Mick has stayed with indigenous people documenting their culture and body modification practices. While he has written extensively about his experiences for many tattoo magazines, the images and essays have never been collected into one comprehensive volume. He's now setting out to do so.

The first step in his publishing projects is a calendar and traveling exhibit called "In Your Face: The Beauty of Traditional Tattooing." The engaging wall calendar can be ordered via Trust Bodymodification's online store for 20 Euros or by contacting Mick through his website. The US price is $30 and the UK's is 20 BP.   

Mick recently showed "In Your Face" in Singapore, and his next exhibition will be at Melbourne's  Rites of Passage Festival, January 28th to 30th. He plans to bring the series to cities across Europe throughout 2011.
Describing the motivation behind "In Your Face," Mick says:

Over the last ten years of traveling, I accumulated a vast archive of photographs of traditional tattoos on people from around the world. Even though they were originally taken for documentary purposes, over time I realized that many of the portraits I did have an undeniable aesthetic quality: They tell stories of those people, show their pride and beauty.  Often they are the very last ones of their kind, maybe 100 years old, and in their faces and eyes you can clearly see the history of their people.

I wanted to share a few of those pictures to tattoo fans of today, and a calendar is a good format for that because you can bring out a selection of large scale photographs for people to appreciate at home, one by one, month after month. If you want, you can keep or even frame selected images. This way, the people who are depicted will live on, their traditions remembered, even after their bodies and tattoos are gone.

Here are just a couple of images from the calendar and the stories behind them:


"March: I was looking for traditional tattoos in Gujarat province of India near the Pakistan border. I came to an old weaver's house, who was maybe in his 50s. He said: 'Oh, I don't have any tattoos, but my grandmother has!' She was 96 when I took those photos, and she was very alert and funny."
calendar04April.jpg "April is a crazy one: This boy is a refugee kid from Myanmar. There is a monastery on the Thailand side of the border, where those kids are taken in, given an education, learn how take responsibilities by training horses and practicing martial arts. They get marked by the head monk, with a bee, because it is a social animal, one that labours for the well-being of the whole society, not just himself."

I'm looking forward to seeing the next stage in this project, a large-format book filled with his photographs with detailed descriptions of the images along with travel stories, his personal philosophy, and more.
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tattooed librarians.jpgWe all have a librarian fantasy somewhere in the recesses of our dirty minds. Knowing this -- and banking on it -- are the the Tattooed Ladies of the Texas Library Association and their 18 month calendar to benefit TLA's Library Disaster Relief Fund.

The calendar, featuring "21 well-read and well-illustrated Texas librarians show their ink," has garnered blaring headlines worldwide. I suppose the idea of smart women with tattoos is still new for some?

I did like the quote though: "I am thinking Tina Fey meets Suicide Girls...It seems too good to be true." It is! Check these samples pages.

You can order the 40-page calendar here for $20 to benefit a good cause -- and your imagination.

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