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apro_lee.pngHand art tattoo by Apro Lee.

thing art auction.JPGArtwork above by Charlie Lacroix.

Two exciting charity exhibitions are opening soon, offering an opportunity to score artwork from your favorite tattooers for a good cause.

The "Beware of the Thing! exhibition opens tomorrow, February 26th from 7 to 11pm, at the Neon Parlour, in Thornbury, Melbourne, Australia. It's a super-cool show of tattooed silicone hands and sheets (shown above) created for the exhibit by over 30 stellar tattoo artists in Australia and throughout the world. Those artists include Sasha Unisex, Apro Lee, Grace Neutral and Australia's own Terry James, Fabz, Mimsy, Matt Deverson, and many more.

All profits from the auctioning of the artworks will go to Safesteps and WIRE, two Melbourne based organizations dedicated to providing support to women and children experiencing domestic violence. The exhibit, which is presented by The 4th Wall, Inked and Things & Ink magazines, also offers attendees of the opening a chance to tattoo Thing hands and also win them.

Can't make it to Melbourne? Well, you can bid on the tattooed artwork on eBay. Right now, the silicon sheets are up online and the hands go up for bid tomorrow.

For more info, Check, on Instagram @thinggallery, and on Facebook.

In Brooklyn, NYC, the 2nd Annual Warriors Fund Art Show and Auction opens March 11th, 7pm, at tattoo studio Eight of Swords. In its second year, the event benefits the students of the Wounded Knee District School (WKDS). As noted on the Warrior's Fund site, WKDS serves 134 K-8 students on the Pine Ridge Reservation in South Dakota. WKDS, like most schools on reservations across the country, is geographically isolated, contends with a severe lack of funding, and has one of the highest drop-out rates in the nation.  
The charity exhibit will showcase original artwork from nearly fifty top tattooers, including New York City veterans like Timothy Hoyer, Virginia Elwood, and Stephanie Tamez. Work from Cheyenne Randall, a native artist who has gained popularity in recent years with his "shopped tattoo" photographs under the name @IndianGiver, will also be featured, as well as Wounded Knee Skateboards, a group that was instrumental in building a skate park on Pine Ridge, and raises awareness through artwork and skate decks.

Last year, the Warriors Fund raised $10,000 to support the WKDS; specifically, to fund training for suicide prevention counselors and its food pantry. [With only a single convenience store on the reservation and the nearest grocery store a staggering 70 miles away, Principal Alice Phelps took matters into her own hands and started a food pantry that she runs out of the school for families that are the most in need. And that is what the Warriors Fund aims to keep stocked.]
The Warriors Fund is organized by our friend Patrick Sullivan, along with tattooers Dave C. Wallin and Betty Rose of Eight of Swords. [Betty is also the creator of, an online community spotlighting women in the tattoo industry.]

For more info, visit and Instagram @warriorsfund.

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TattooAidDESIGN.jpg The tragedy of the earthquake in Nepal on Saturday caused special concern for our tattoo community as the Nepal Tattoo Convention, attended by artists and collectors from around the world, was taking place as the 7.8-magnitude quake hit. On Facebook later that day and through the weekend, artists starting checking in as "safe", and I was relieved to read "We all are safe" on the convention FB page. The German tattoo magazine, Tatowier posted news on Facebook from journalist Traveling Mick who is in Katmandu for the convention. And following #nepaltattooconvention on Instagram, I was also able to find that friends were ok, albeit through heartbreaking images posted.

In the media, Om Acharya, a tattoo artist from Odisha, India, attending the convention offered his harrowing account, as did another Indian tattooer, Vicky, who spoke of the chaos and appealed for support.

Many tattoo artists are heeding the call to send aid to the people of Nepal. Phil & Joanna Antahkarana of The Antahkarana have organized "Tattoo Aid for Nepal," by which they offer a design they created (shown above) -- which can be downloaded here -- and suggest that the proceeds from tattooing that design be donated to "Direct Relief - a non-profit charity organization which was one of the first ones to respond to the tragedy and worked on a ground level, hands on, since day one." Of course, you can donate directly to the charity without getting tattooed, but it's a beautiful way to honor the victims.

If you are organizing your own relief efforts, feel free to share it in this post on our Facebook group or hit me up on Twitter & Instagram.
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warriors fund ad.jpgtimothy hoyer warriors fund.jpgPainting above by Timothy Hoyer.
Tattooers donating their art for sale to help feed hungry children. That's The Warriors Fund: an exhibit & silent auction to support the students of the Wounded Knee District School (WKDS) on the Pine Ridge Reservation in South Dakota. The opening of the show and auction takes place on Friday, March 6th at 8 of Swords in Brooklyn, and will be on view through the month. It's an event in which a very targeted benefit can be placed in the hands of kids, all through the efforts of our own tattoo community.

The Warriors Fund is being organized by our friend Patrick Sullivan, who, along with tattooers Dave Wallin and Betty Rose, invited over 75 tattooers across the country to donate an original drawing or painting that will be sold to raise money for the food pantry at WKDS, which was created to help feed the 134 Kindergarten to 8th graders on the reservation.

In his Inked mag interview, Pat explained what inspired the charity:

It all really started with one word: food. After donating online, I'd gotten in touch with the principal of the Wounded Knee District School, Alice Phelps. I wanted to do more, so I asked Alice, "What can I do? What do you need?" And she said, "Food." That was kind of a gut-punch. All of the students qualify for meals in school during the day, but most, if not at all, need assistance at home. Feeding America comes out to do a food distribution once a month but the need is a lot greater than that, so Alice started her own food pantry that she runs out of the school. When I talked to her I discovered the nearest grocery store is 80 miles away and these Kindergarten-through-eighth graders often go home to empty cupboards. I felt like I needed to do something about it and kind of took Alice's example. Kids aren't getting enough food? Start a food pantry. You need food for the food pantry? Do a show and raise money to get that food.
The show features work from respected artists including Timothy Hoyer, Mike Aul, David Sena, and Scott Sylvia, among others, and also includes work from Cheyenne Randall, known for his "Shopped Tattoos" on iconic images (including the one below). In addition, Matt Arriola designed the benefit t-shirt, which will be available for purchase as well.

For more, check The Warriors Fund site, Instagram, and Facebook

indiangiver warriors fund.png
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sneakers.jpgIn a beautiful, heart tugging story, CBS News Denver reports on how tattooist Drew Carter, as well as other artists at Illumination Tattoo, use their skills to help kids battling cancer. They work with an organization called Peach's Neet Feet, which donates hand-painted shoes to children living with disabilities and fighting serious illnesses. Every shoe is customized to complement each child's life and interest. And that's how Drew spends his time a lot of his time when he's not tattooing.

As the CBS News feature notes, Drew himself beat cancer; he had undergone chemotherapy, radiation, and then a bone marrow transplant from his own stem cells. When Drew couldn't handle physical activity, he turned to art. Now, he's giving back, bring some fun into the lives of courageous children.

Check the video of Drew's story below and at CBS News.
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horitaka japan relief.jpgThe global tattoo community has been mobilized to help relief efforts in Japan.

One group, Tattooers for Japan, is encouraging artists worldwide to raise funds by donating a day's tattoo fees to a specific charity. Here are more details:

"The goal is to unite tattooers globally to show their compassion and gratitude to a country and culture that has influenced most of us artistically and personally. All of us owe a large debt of gratitude to Japan for its contribution to tattooing and the trade we are all so passionate about. The idea is for each tattooer/shop to schedule a walk-in day in April with all proceeds going to relief efforts in Japan. Choose your own day, advertise to your client base and community, pick a theme if you'd like. Please invite any tattooers you know to join this effort. [...] Let the Japanese foundations of respect, compassion, and integrity inspire you to help!"

A charity has yet to be officially chosen but, according to their Facebook group, it looks like the money could go to the Red Cross. They are still waiting to hear from artists in Japan about more direct methods to help. Their FB group page also has instant updates on the exact days some tattoo studios will be holding their fundraisers.

Tattoo Revolution Magazine and also have lists of relief efforts.

We'll be posting updates as well including the release of specially designs tees by Horitaka and Chad Koeplinger, the proceeds of which will be donated to charity. [One of the designs is shown here.]

If your studio or organization is planning an event, please let us know.
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sean herman tattoo.jpg
It's hard to pigeonhole the work of tattooist Sean Herman. In one month he can rock a zombie Laura Palmer portrait to gentleman walrus, with equal adeptness and aplomb.

What is constant is his activism, as evidenced on his blog, so it comes as no surprise that he has volunteered his time to my favorite cause: working to free the West Memphis 3.

On April 3rd, 2009, the auction for tattoo work by Sean will begin. The highest bidder will receive five hours of tattooing valued at $800. The starting bid is $500.

While Sean works at Royal Street Tattoo in Mobile, Alabama, he travels frequently to conventions and guest spots, so it is an amazing opportunity to get top tattoo art and help a most important cause.

I posted a great deal about the WM3 on, but for those new to the cause, here's some background:

"Damien Echols, Jessie Misskelley, and Jason Baldwin -- all teenagers at the time -- were convicted in 1994 for the brutal murders of three eight-year-old boys in West Memphis, Ark. Despite flimsy circumstantial evidence -- the bulk of which centered on the trio's alleged involvement in a Satanic cult -- and a questionable and factually-inaccurate confession extracted from mentally-challenged Misskelley -- the three have been serving stiff prison sentences for over a decade. Misskelley was sentenced to life plus 40 years, Baldwin is serving a life sentence without the possibility of parole, and Echols -- who was deemed the ringleader of the attacks thanks to his love of black clothing and Metallica -- is currently on death row as he waits for the outcome of his appeals."
You can donate to their defense via or through their online store.

Like on Needled, you'll be reading more updates on WM3 here. As people often judged simply by our tattooed appearances, it's a case that hits close to home for all of us.
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