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11:11 AM
10 months.  55 and a half hours under the needle.  Three giant tubs of Aquaphor.  Numerous discussions with my credit card's fraud department.  And countless attempts to bleach the blood and ink out of my sheets.

My backpiece by Mike Rubendall is finally complete... for now.

See pics (semi-NSFW) and read about the process at


05:02 PM
dragon backpiece.jpg
In our home there are two large tattoo works in progress, which means it's fully stocked with creams, painkillers, vodka, chocolate, and "tattoo sheets" (not the 1,500 thread count kind). Yesterday, I talked about adding to my tattoo collection with more rib work.

Today, Brian writes about his 11th tattoo sitting on his Bodysuit to Fit blog. Brian's got 38 hours already racked up with Mike Rubendall of Kings Avenue Tattoo. Check his post on how the backpiece is evolving ... and what it's like to score appointments with one of the most sought-after tattoo artists.
11:17 AM
sitting-7.jpg[I'm gonna put the full-disclosure up front: there's full-exposure on the click-through link.  If seeing a naked man's behind isn't appropriate for your workplace - or if it just plain skeeves you out - don't click, just enjoy the cropped photo above]

After another four-and-a-half hours last Thursday, Mike Rubendall of Kings Ave Tattoo finally wrapped up all of the black-work/background for my dragon back-piece.  I couldn't be happier, if only because it means that we're done tattooing my butt-crack which is - to say the least - an unpleasant experience.

Head on over to my blog, Bodysuit To Fit, to read about my latest sitting and see the uncropped version of the above photo. 

Remember, it's NSFW.

12:08 PM
Marisa and I are in the annual, last-minute scramble here at the N&S Bunker in preparation for the holidays, so posting will probably be a little light over the next few days.  That said, I will also refrain from spreading holiday cheer in the form of back-slaps, firm hugs and butt-squeezes because I go in for another session on my dragon backpiece tomorrow.  Don't ask me why I scheduled it this way... I enjoy sitting at Christmas dinner.

Two weeks ago, I handed my back over to Mike Rubendall of King's Avenue Tattoo and, because we're a bunch of blogging dorks, I've decided to chronicle the experience at Bodysuit To Fit.  I'll be doing my best to chronicle the sittings in words and photographs (read about Sitting 1 here and Sitting 2 here) and will try to refrain from twitteresque posts like "Oh god, all I wanna do is scratch my ass."

So, please - give it a read!

[FULL DISCLOSURE: Some of these pics are kinda NSFW.  Nothing frontal, just my narrow little butt]

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