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07:12 AM
dotwork face and head tattoo.jpg
This weekend, I received a succession of excellent text messages:  they began with a video of an Argentinian tattooer dancing in his underwear...followed by photos of that same tattooer creating a dotwork masterpiece on another talented artist and friend. These are the very reasons smart phones were created.

Nazareno Tubaro of Buenos Aires, in his signature stippling style, adorned the face of his Brazilian blackwork brethren, Garcia Leonam. The tattoos meld with existing work on the top of Garcia's head, then flow in beautiful symmetry down along his face and scalp. You can get a glimpse of the painstaking technique of building a bold composition out of small dots by this close-up below (before Naza tattooed the second line along the ear).

Naza and Garcia created a short video from their session, which you can find on Naza's Instagram. You can find Garcia on Instagram as well. You won't, however, find the half-naked dancing video online. Not yet.

ear tattoo.jpg
03:45 PM
star wars ear tattoo.jpg

The Official Star Wars Blog has a quick Q&A with tattoo artist Jacob Walsh on his most awesome Death Star ear, tattooed by Ben Stubbs. They both work at Ink Addiction in Valdosta, GA.

When asked Why did you decide to get a Star Wars tattoo...on your ear?, Jacob simply replied: "I am a tattoo artist and was sitting at work on May 4th thinking, 'I have to get a Star Wars tattoo today.'" And he did. This is what happens when geeks work in tattoo shops.

Check more Star Wars tattoos here.

[Via BoingBoing]
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