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Tattooist and fine-artist (or should I say "fire-artist"?) David Sena will be opening a new showing of his work tomorrow night in NYC. According to the press release:

Pyriscence is an exhibition featuring a selection of dynamic sculptures and large-scale drawings on paper by gallery founder, David Sena.


The exhibition is a series of silhouette self-portraits, each created through shadow projection, one of the many ways Sena attempts to avert authorship and to examine himself with the detachment of a scientist.

Pyriscence will be on display from February 6th to March 2nd at Senaspace - 229 Centre St - NY, NY - 10013

1533926_356384481170637_514080347_n.jpg[tattoo by David Sena]

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tots with tats.jpg
This Saturday, July 7th, Sacred Gallery in SoHo, NYC opens a double header exhibition, with a collection by Martina Secondo Russo entitled "Tots with Tats" and Angie Mason's "Project 30: The Hand Picked 10." Curated by Frankie Velez, the shows are distinctly different in style, medium and method but are equally compelling.

Sacred offers more on these shows:

In TOTS WITH TATS, Martina Secondo Russo presents a new series of life-sized tattooed babies. She cuts the figures out of plywood and paints the skin tones in acrylic. She then applies all kinds of "tattoos" with enamel markers. Most of the "tattoos" are drawn from Traditional American Flash, but she also uses Halloween decorations, found images, or her own drawings. The "tattoos" are used to tell a story and create a new kind of visual dialogue. Each "Tot" has his own personality, which is reflected through his tattoos.
Read more on the work here. 

angie mason art 2.jpgFor Angie Mason's PROJECT 30 THE HAND PICKED 10, Sacred says:

This idea started as a social media art experiment, a way for the artist to interact with fans who follow the her work. Fans were asked to "hand pick" their top ten artworks from the 30 original drawings which Angie created for Project 30. Encouraging fans to "Be a part of the process!" by liking and commenting on their favorites. Project 30 - The Hand Picked 10 was utilizing social media platforms as way to interact in ways never used before during Angie's creative process. It was a fun interactive project that now is coming to the moment of truth the solo exhibition showcasing all 30 drawings and the Hand Picked 10 paintings.
Focusing on twisted combinations and dual opposites (such as sweet vs. sour, happy vs. sad or life vs. death) she paints truths about being human. Varied influences are found within her work ranging from such things as nature,love, relationships,dreams,memories,humor, loss and health to name a few. These mixed influences cause a balance of light and dark that intermingle with each other creating a visual playground, bringing to life quirky characters that are beautifully rendered yet with a painterly hand giving them an innocent raw touch. Mason's works are both horrific and humorous, yet speaks of what it means to be human.
The opening on the 7th is from 7-10pm and the show runs to August 3.
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art driven show.jpgOn July 21st, over 100 artists, including some of the top tattooists & painters in the world, will be exhibiting their fine art work in the "Art Driven" group show hosted by Sullen Clothing at their gallery & headquarters in Los Alamitos, CA. 

ArtDrivenFlyer.jpgWhat's also pretty exciting is that they have one spot open for an artist to display his or her work alongside the likes of Jack Rudy, Bob Roberts, Kari Barba, Freddy Negrette, Rick Walters and many other legends as well as tattoo prodigies. It's an amazing opportunity to share your art in a serious exhibition.

To participate, you have to "Like" Sullen on Facebook, then you submit your artwork on their wall. After that, the fans will vote on their favorite to choose "Whose Art Can Hang?". Already, there have been some excellent submissions.

I know there are tons of talented Needles & Sins readers, and I encourage you to be a part of the contest. And if you're near the Sullen HQ, definitely check out the "Art Driven" show. The opening runs from 7pm-midnight on Saturday the 21st of July. Sullen is located at 11081 Winners Circle, Los Alamitos, California.
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This Saturday, June 4th, Hope Gallery pays tribute The Misfits with "We are 138," a group show of 138 artists (largely tattooists) presenting 7x7 works inspired by the horror punk band. The opening, which starts at 7pm,  promises "famous monsters" along with food, drink, and pretty people. The exhibit runs until July 9th.

On Hope Gallery's Facebook page, there's a fun series of quick & dirty mini-interviews with participating artists, including Dan Smith whose painting and tattoo work is shown below. Here's a bit from that Q&A:

What song did you get for WE ARE 138?
Who Killed Marilyn?

How did you get inspired to paint your piece?
Marilyn Monroe has always been someone who I have been intrigued by so the inspiration to paint her came very quickly. She has such a timeless, unique profile so obviously mixing the fiend skull with one of Marilyn's countless sexy poses made a lot of sense to me.

What is the best Misfits Album?
Static Age was the first record I got, so naturally it will stay with me as being the most memorable. Its probably the most raw and fast Misfits record too.

What is your favorite Misfits lyric?
"I want your skull. I need your skull."

What is it about the Misfits that makes them so iconic?
I think the fact they were completely original in that time. There were other bands that captured that sound somewhat, but none that looked the way the misfits did. Everything image-wise made total sense, and the logo was the icing on the cake. Timeless and recognizable from across the room!
More on the "We are 138" show at

Dan Smith_Who Killed Marylin.jpegdan smith tattoo.jpg
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Dr. Lakra photo by Chad Batka for The New York Times

Yesterday, the New York Times profiled Dr. Lakra and his first solo show in NYC. The article is accompanied by a great photo gallery of his work. The exhibit is currently on view at The Drawing Center at 3 Wooster Street in Manhattan and runs until April 23rd.

The Mexico City tattooist, born Jeronimo Lopez Ramirez, got the name Dr. Lakra because he used to carry around his homemade tattoo machine in a doctor's bag, as the NY Times notes, and "lacra" is slang for a mark on skin and "scum of the earth." In 1993, he moved to Oakland, CA and soon met Ed Hardy who helped him evolve from scratcher to, well, an artist who's having his solo show profiled in the NY Times. Here's more from the article:

Mr. Hardy, impressed by Dr. Lakra's drawings, traded him professional tattoo equipment for a painting and took the younger artist under his wing. 'I couldn't do a proper apprenticeship because I was working,' Dr. Lakra said, referring to his job as a dishwasher. 'He let me be in the shop just watching. I became friends with all the other workers, and I got many, many tattoos.'

It was also Mr. Hardy who gave Dr. Lakra his New York gallery debut, by including him in 'Pierced Hearts and True Love,' a tattoo show that he organized with the Drawing Center in 1995.
Eventually, Dr. Lakra went back to Mexico City and got hooked up with the Kurimanzutto gallery, which encouraged him to do large scale work beyond his tattoo-styled drawings on vintage magazines and found objects. This show at The Drawing Center features large scale wall drawings as well as paintings he created during the 10-day installation of the show.

Check the article for more on Dr. Lakra, and the The Drawing Center's site for an online peak at the show.

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pint size paintings.jpg When trolling around the Detroit Tattoo Expo this past weekend, I previewed an upcoming art book that will be a must for your library:

Pint Size Paintings: Miniature Paintings by Big Artists.

In essence, Durb Morrison and the Hell City crew have curated a 224-page hardcover art book featuring paintings done on mini-canvases, specifically 2" x 3". Fine art from top tattooists like  Kari Barba, Aaron Bell, Zsolt Sarkozi, Nick Baxter, Guy Aitchison & Michelle Wortman, among so many, many others, are displayed in gallery format. With Volume 2 already in the works, Pint Size Paintings may grow to be the biggest collection of miniature artwork any where.

The canvases may be small, but there's nothing meager about the artwork. In fact, working on this scale was a challenge to many artists. I particularly like how Damon Conklin described it:

Miniature painting teaches the art of delivering only the lean nutrients of a piece ... graphic glorification of the lowest common denominator. No bones no fat no bullshit only the most important strokes of beauty.

The debut show of these mini- masterpieces will take place at Hell City Killumbus 2010 in May along with the book's release.

You can get a preview of the work yourself, including the ones below by Guy, Nick and Kari, on the book's MySpace photo page.

pint size paintings 3.jpgMy guess is that the book will sell out fast, so it's probably best to pre-order it for about $30 from the Hell City Books online.
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Artist Wafaa Bilal, an Iraqi-American whose brother was killed by a missile at a checkpoint during "Operation Iraqi Freedom," is using tattoos in his latest performance art piece entitled "... And Counting."

Bilal will have his back tattooed with one dot for each Iraqi and American casualty. The dots will be placed on a borderless map of Iraq -- already tattooed with the names of cities -- in close proximity to where the those men and women were killed.  See this video of that initial tattooing. [Kyle McDonald designed the map visualization above left.]

The dots will be tattooed in NY's Elizabeth Foundation for the Arts over a 24-hour period, from 8pm March 8th to 8pm March 9th. The press release offers more on the show:

"Bilal feels the pain of both American and Iraqi families who've lost loved ones in the war, but the deaths of Iraqis like his brother are largely invisible to the American public.
The 5,000 dead American soldiers are represented by red dots (permanent visible ink), and the 100,000 Iraqi casualties are represented by dots of green UV ink, seemingly invisible unless under black light. During the performance people from all walks of life read off the names of the dead.

Also, Bilal is asking each visitor to donate $1 which will go to the group Rally for Iraq, to fund scholarships for Americans and Iraqis who lost parents in the war. Based on official numbers of casualties, one dollar for each would mean $105,000 in scholarship money."

The entire performance will be streamed online. For detailed information, visit

[Via Information Aesthetics with special thanks to Evan from Cool Hunting for the heads up.]
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harper_baxter.jpgThis Saturday, February 6th at 7PM, NYC's Last Rites Gallery will present two solo exhibitions: one featuring the work of breakthrough tattoo and fine artist Nick Baxter, and the other of comic art wunderkind Fred Harper.

In these exhibits, the artists will show new paintings, works that lean towards shadowy and sinister. It is Last Rites after all. Gallery Director Andrew Michael Ford offers more:

"Harper's large, loose, darkly humorous depictions of female cyborgs and the like have a sickly sweet quality that both attack and embrace the viewer at the same time. Baxter, on the other hand, works on small surfaces in tight, intricate detail, made up of wet skin, gleaming blood and sharp metal objects throughout. Although there styles are vastly different, they share the same intense desire to show the fine art world what they can do when they're not rocking their respective industries."

The show runs February 6th through February 28th, 2010 at Last Rites Gallery, 511 W. 33rd Street, between 10th & 11th Avenues (3 blocks from Penn Station), 3rd floor, New York. Saturday's opening will be from 7 to 11PM. I'll see you there.
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This Sunday, January 31st, is the opening of Putting Your Money Where Your Mouth Is... A LOVE STORY: a most exciting artistic collaboration in NYC, one that pairs an excellent tattoo artist and painter with an visionary artist in so many mediums that a blog post could never do the work justice.

Tattooist Daniel Albrigo, of NY & Brooklyn Adorned studios, has created a split exhibition with Genesis P-Orridge, most known for his music/performance in Throbbing Gristle (I still have them on vinyl) and Psychic TV, Thee temple ov psychick youth collective, numerous art exhibitions worldwide, and most recently, his body modification experiment in Pandrogeny.

Pandrogeny is a component of this exhibit so let me first offer a brief and simplified note on it: Genesis and h/er late wife and other half, Lady Jaye Breyer, began a project in 1993 to transcend "body-based genders- and socially imposed identities," thereby creating Breyer P-Orridge. Maxwell G. Graham sums it in the exhibition's release: "...their two identities were merged through plastic surgery, hormone therapy, cross dressing and altered behavior in an effort to deconstruct the fiction of the self, each moving to resemble the other. Breyer P-Orridge, the cross-pollinated name of this endeavor, has continued even after Lady Jaye's untimely death in 2007."

In tribute to Lady Jaye, Daniel and Genesis join to tell a love story in painting, sculpture, photo-works, assemblage and jewelry. I spoke with Daniel, and here's what he says of the collaboration:

"The show revolves around the set solid gold of teeth that Genesis has in he/r mouth. [P- Orridge has had all of h/er teeth removed, then cast in gold and installed in place of the originals.] My paintings are documenting the process materials, molds and castings for these gold teeth, along with a couple portraits of Genesis. Genesis will be contributing new sculptural objects, assemblages, photo-works and jewelry (edition of 23 silver rings with a gold molar in replace of a gem).
I met Genesis through a mutual friend and we hit it off right away. Working with Genesis over the last year has been amazing. I feel very honored that someone of he/r stature and iconic status would share an exhibition with me. S/he told me that collaboration has always been a part of her work. To he/r it made perfect sense to collaborate with me and my painting. Her past collaborations include Dr. Timothy Leary, Derek Jarman, William S. Boroughs and Bryan Gison. She is a great friend and is always very generous and thoughtful.

Over the course of the year, I did a partial sleeve on her:  all of the images are in memorial to Lady Jaye. She is a big fan of my tattooing, which also is a huge compliment."

For more on Daniel's tattoo work, check his portfolio online or stop by Brooklyn Adorned Wednesday through Saturday where he's been tattooing for over a year now.

And for more on Daniel's fine art, you can buy his book Life, Death, Letters, and Numbers, a collection of his ink and oil paintings, as well as tattoo flash, heavily influenced by Astrology and the Constellations.


Putting Your Money Where Your Mouth Is... A LOVE STORY runs until February 22, 2010 at the Renwick Gallery in SoHo, NYC.

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VincentCastiglia painting.jpgDecember and January are usually pretty quiet as far as tattoo events go, but there are a couple of impressive gallery shows and conventions to check over the next few weeks.

This Saturday, December 19th, head to Sacred Gallery -- part of Sacred Tattoo -- on the Chinatown/SoHo border in NYC for their first annual "Un-Holiday Party." This one day event -- a soft launch of the gallery -- will feature the fine art of tattooists including Paul Booth and his Last Rites crew, Jon Clue, Mike Bellamy, David Sena, Adam Hays, Vinny Romanelli, Picasso Dular, Matthew Adams, Lalo Yunda, Shey, Betty Rose and Vincent Castiglia (whose blood painting is shown above), among others. Live music and drinks abound. Party starts at 9PM.

Mark your calendars for our own sponsored art show: On Friday, January 15th, Needles & Sins presents "Girls," an exhibit of sultry photography by Maria Guido at Tattoo Culture in Williamsburg, Brooklyn. More on that show to come.

On the convention tip ...

It's not too late to book your flights to Singapore for the Second Annual Singapore Tattoo Show January 8-10, 2010. Every tattoo artist I spoke to who attended last year said it was one of the best conventions they have ever done -- a real feat for a first show. Everything from tight organization to interesting seminars to enthusiastic crowds make it a top tattoo vacation. Check the 300+ artist list. It's reads as a Who's Who of the world's best.

The following weekend, January 14-17, is a long-running favorite: The 15th Annual "Marked for Life" Female Tattoo Artist Expo in Orlando, Florida. Men and women alike are welcome at the Embassy Suites Orlando Downtown hotel to get tattooed from female veteran artists and rising stars. Art work created during the Art Fusion Experiment live drawing project will be auctioned off Sunday and proceeds will be donated to the Shriner's Hospital.
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big kahuna.jpg
Today's gift guide post is inspired by an upcoming art show so I figured I'd meld the two to present the fabulousness of ...

... Lea Vendetta, tattoo artist, painter, model and -- little known fact -- accordion player.

Next Friday, December 11th from 6-10PM, is the opening of Lea's solo show, Sous Le Soleil Exactement (Exactly Under the Sun) at PreviewMod in Fort Lauderdale, FL. In this exhibition, she will present new works and old favorites of her Art Deco depictions of underworld women, from burlesque performers to painted ladies, as well as sultry couples cavorting on dance floors. A large body of her work pays tribute to her native France, particularly Paris (where Lea once walked the fashion runways), with a Moulin Rouge feel.

lea vendetta painting .jpgIf you can't make it to the art show, you can purchase prints and cards of some of the works from her new online store. Ok, here's where the gift guide part comes in with a smooth transition.

The coolest thing about Lea's store is that you are given a number options on how you'd like her work printed with a few clicks. For example, you can order a $7 card, a $40 poster, a $50 matted print, or canvas, mounted and framed prints of various sizes ranging from $80 to $270. Delivery takes 10-15 business days.

If you're interested in Lea's wearable art, check her tattoo gallery. She's currently taking appointments at Altered State Tattoo in Lake Worth, Fl. but also does numerous guest spots across the country throughout the year.
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FLESH_TO_CANVAS_banner.jpgPlease forgive the blog silence the past couple of days but I was on the final text deadline for my book on blackwork tattooing. It's all in and now, my friends, it's time to party!

Here's where we'll be tomorrow night: the opening reception of the Flesh to Canvas group art show at the Last Rites Gallery, from 7-11PM.

The show is exclusively comprised of works by tattoo artists but -- you got it -- on canvas, not skin. And the line-up is very exciting with Filip Leu, Shawn Barber, Kim Saigh, Jeff Gogue and so many other incredible tattooists/painters.

This show will be an annual event and an integral part of Paul Booth's Last Rites Gallery. Looking forward to attending its first installation.
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