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Needles-and-Sins-Give-Away_FINAL copy.jpgWe have an exciting new contest, geared especially for tattoo artists and studios:

Face & Body Professionals are offering a special "TATTOO ARTIST GIVE-AWAY" on their topical anesthetics (skin numbing products) - a $200 value - to help clients sit longer, squirm less, and leave the studio happier.

The kit includes four bottles of Sustaine Blue Gel, one Swipe, and one Liquidcaine spray:

Sustaine Blue Gel, which retails for $35 per bottle, is Face & Body's most popular and potent skin numbing agent for use after outlining a tattoo (and, according to Face & Body, a favorite of longtime user Ally Lee from Hot Rod Alley Tattoo and Spike TV's Ink Master).   It contains a unique combination of ingredients - lidocaine (4%) and tetracaine (2%) with epinephrine (0.02%) - and is effective at reducing bleeding, swelling and bruising.

Liquidcaine, which retails for $20 per bottle, is a 4% lidocaine spray, used to produce a quick skin numbing within 90 seconds of application. It can be applied during all tattooing once the skin is broken.

Swipe, which retails for $40 per bottle, contains three powerful local anesthetics, which when applied to broken skin, provides effective skin deadening within 90 seconds: lasting up to an hour. Swipe can be used continuously throughout tattooing once skin is broken.

So, here's how we're going to play it: 

Tattoo Artists head to our Facebook group and enter your shop name and link on this post; or Tweet it at me; or comment, with your shop name and link, on the Face & Body photo on my Instagram.  On March 19th (9 AM EST), I'll plug all the entries in to Randomizer to pick a winner. 

While the contest is limited to artists/studios, collectors should feel free to hit their tattooers up to enter, and possibly reap the rewards for a less painful session.

Good luck!

09:15 AM
sin in linen henna.jpg
Last week, we began our contest, courtesy of Sin in Linen, in which one lucky reader wins a suite of 100% cotton kitchen linens (apron, oven mitt/pot holder set, dish towel) -- shown above -- and also a set of Valances from their Henna Tattoo product line.

The contest winner was chosen, via, from those who commented on the post in the Needles & Sins Syndicate FB Group, in my Instagram or hit me up @NeedlesandSins on Twitter.

And the winner is ... Nicole Stewart!  Congrats!

For those still hot for those oven mitts and all,
Sin in Linen offers the Henna Tattoo Kitchen Linen Set for just $37 (US).  Also check their variety of patterns -- including other tattoo-inspired decor -- for cool home products.

In addition to
Sin in Linen's online store, you can find them on Facebook & Instagram.

Thanks to all for playing along. More contests to come!

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henna sheets.jpgI've found a[nother] way to have fun in bed:  have your sheets match your tattoos and then play hard to get (or even hard to find).

The aptly named Sin in Linen, a badass women-owned and run business, has been making homemaking sexy with signature bedding, bath items, kitchen linens, curtains, and tons more.

Naturally, I'm partial to the tattoo decor -- particularly, the  Henna Tattoo prints that complement my own Mehndi-inspired tattoos. It is a rare occasion that one will see an oven mitt on my hand. You better believe that it will match my body.  Sin in Linen founder Sandy Glaze told me that she has been traveling to India for ten years and found a love for sacred geometry imagery, and so this henna tattoo print seeks to evoke that art.

To celebrate the Henna Tattoo product line, Sin in Linen is sharing some love with one Needles & Sins winner, who will receive a full suite of 100% cotton kitchen linens (apron, oven mitt/pot holder set, dish towel) -- shown below -- and also a set of Valances from the Henna line.

Here's how to play:

One winner will be selected randomly from those who comment on this post in our Needles & Sins Syndicate Group on Facebook or by hitting me up @NeedlesandSins on Twitter or commenting on the Sin in Linen pic on my Instagram.  Any comment will do.  Then, one week from now, on September 2nd, around 9am EST, I'll put all the names of the commenters into to pick the winner. Easy breezy!

Meanwhile, browse through
Sin in Linen's online store, and check their variety of patterns for cool home products. Also find them on Facebook & Instagram.

Good luck! 

sin in linen henna.jpg

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cooper rubendal pendant.jpg
Some of the most creative of expressions are those that reflect on love. Flash mob proposals. Bikers stopping traffic to get romantic. Having someone's name tattooed on your face. And naturally, many will say that you can never go wrong with diamonds.

Now, if you take tattoo art and have my attention.

David Cooper is heavily tattooed gemologist and designer at Jeff Cooper Designs -- a family business specializing in classic, handmade bridal jewelry. David teamed up with the renowned Mike Rubendall of Kings Avenue Tattoo (who's spent plenty of time with Brian), and together they created a beautiful collection that melds Mike's artistic eye with the jewelry designer's signature refinement.

The Heirloom Diamond Pendant, in gold and diamonds, is the first pendant design of their collaboration. To celebrate the launch of the collection, David is offering a Valentine's Day Giveaway.  To enter, head to the Jeff Cooper Designs Facebook page, "Like" them, and fill out the contest entry form. The winner gets picked on February 14th.

There's a sweet backstory to this collaboration, which is noted on the Jeff Cooper blog. Here's a bit from it:

Anyone can network on the golf course, but our own David Cooper launched a new creative venture right from the tattoo chair.

While being tattooed by another artist in Mike Rubendall's studio, David was getting to know the legendary Rubendall, and they hit it off right away. 'Mike would pop his head in from time to time, and we'd talk about everything we had in common. Besides being artists and business owners, we shared similar perspectives when it came to life, work and family.'

At the time, Mike and his wife were expecting their first baby, and David and his wife expected their second child around the same time. When David introduced Mike to the idea of a 'push present,' they decided to collaborate on a pendant for Mike's wife.

A push present, or baby bauble, is given to a new mom by her partner. It's usually jewelry, and the idea is to pamper her, honor her hard work, and celebrate the birth in a meaningful, memorable way.

That first pendant design, brought to life in gold and diamonds, proved their aesthetics were compatible. They immediately decided to create a full collection based on stars, initials and religious symbols. Millgrain edges give the pendants a vintage feeling, and they have the same refined simplicity you'd expect from any Jeff Cooper piece. As David puts it, 'Mike has an eye for lines, proportion and flow. That's what makes these pendants truly unique and special.'

08:43 AM
tattoo world calendar.jpg
I have another giveaway for you from my own personal stash:  the 2013 Tattoo World calendar, which I curated for Abrams Books.

Two readers will received the 12x12 wall calendar, which features more than 100 tattoo photos from the world's best artists -- too many to list here.  The calendar is based on the Tattoo World hardcover, written by Michael Kaplan and edited by yours truly.

Each month is organized by theme; for example, December is all about the dragon and how different artists interpret it, from Colin Dale's Nordic mythology to Mike Rubendall's Japanese-influenced creations. Every image is credited right underneath with the artists' names and their websites, so you will know right away who did it and where to see more. My role in the calendar was deciding on the artists and pool of images for the designers to choose from. I would have liked there to be less tattoos per month so that the images could be much bigger, but the publishers felt it was better to have as many pix as possible.

But hell, I'm giving two away and they retail online and at major book stores (like Barnes & Noble) for just $13.99.

We'll play it the usual way but with a twist. Two winners will be selected randomly from those who comment on this post in our Needles & Sins Syndicate Group on Facebook or hitting up @NeedlesandSins on Twitter. BUT the comment/Tweet should be about what you'd like to read on this blog in the new year. It need not be specific; something like "greater convention coverage" or  "more naked tattooed men, please" will do. On January 17, 2013, we'll put all the names of the commenters into to pick the winners.

Good luck!
tattoo world calendar 2.jpg
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bloodpuddinpromoavailnow.jpgGot another contest for ya, this time it's artful swag from one of our faves, Joe Capobianco of Hope Gallery in New Haven CT.

Joe is giving you a "Taste of Blood Puddin" with this special giveaway. This package contains a signed copy of Joe's latest publication "Blood Puddin" featuring all new paintings, sketches, and tattoos. You'll also get 3 mini prints, 5 full color stickers, 6 "Capo Gal" buttons, and a set of "Best Ink" temporary tattoos. It's our sexiest contest to date!

As usual, this is how to play:  the winner will be selected randomly from those who comment (any sweet nothing will do) on this post in our Needles & Sins Syndicate Group on Facebook or Tweet at us. In one week, on May 8th at noon ET, we'll put all the names of the commenters into and the internet gods will chose.

To get an up close and personal taste of "Blood Puddin," join Joe, Eric Merrill, Julio Rodriguez, Amber Carr, Carlos Rojas, Carlos Torres, Joe Linsner, and many more for "The Art of Blood Puddin" opening reception Saturday, May 12th, at Hope Gallery.
Go to for more info.

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Last Friday, we announced yet another giveaway for -- not one but two -- lucky readers thanks to Prestle Publishing and Dr. Matt Lodder.

Prestle offered a copy of the wonderful "London Tattoos" book by Alex MacNaughton to a winner in the US, and then Matt jumped in and offered a copy to a winner in the UK. [Matt wrote the foreword to the book.] Read our review of "London Tattoos" here.

The winners were picked by from those who posted in our Needles & Sins Syndicate Group on Facebook or who Tweeted at me.

And they are:  Nicki Hoffman and Claire Woodworth. Congrats!

Many thanks to those who played along. The book is a gem to gift to family and friends and even treat yourself. 
You can purchase the 304-page paperback from or in the US.

More contests and gift guide picks to come!
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jackrudy sullen.jpgUPDATE: And we have a winner! Two actually. Emails from George Koutroubis and Sean Phillips dinged in almost immediately after posting so George will get the tee and Sean will get a signed Jack Rudy-designed poster. Thanks to all of y'all who played along. The special promo code for Sullen discounts is still in effect.

The name "Sullen" has long been identifiable with tattooing and not for its artists' sunny dispositions. The lifestyle brand, Sullen Clothing, has been partnering with top tattooists (as well as graffiti artists and painters) to bring their art to apparel, prints, and other media. The Sullen Art Collective line includes original designs from Bob Tyrrell, Shawn Barber, Nikko Hurtado, Steve Soto, Jason Butcher, and many other well respected names. And soon, it will feature the work of black & grey legend Jack Rudy.

While Sullen and Jack have worked together on shirts, prints, posters and promos many times before -- including Tattooland's 35th anniversary tee -- this latest project is Jack's first Signature Tee with the Sullen Art Collective. The shirt will be officially released the first week of April but we have one here ready to giveaway to one lucky reader.

TO WIN:  Send me an email to marisa at with the name of the car club Jack co-founded. [Hint: the answer can be found in N+S archives.] The first person to do so wins the tee. Easy.
We also have a special promo code for 15% off any purchase on Just add "NEEDLESANDSINS" upon checkout for the discount.

Good luck!

[Photo of Jack Rudy by Nicole Caldwell.]
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