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Fuzi tattoo.jpgFrench artist FUZI-UVTPK was interviewed by Complex Magazine in this video (shown below) while he was in Brooklyn, tattooing at Muddguts gallery.

Complex describes FUZI as the pioneer of the "Ignorant Style," which I have to admit, I'm pretty ignorant about myself; however, in the video, FUZI explains his tattoo philosophy, heavily influenced by his graffiti background, to shed some light on how he approaches his work. For example, he says that one of the most important things for him to "be free to create [his] art, to have no rules" -- how he's not looking for someone to tell him to do his tattooed lines better; he wants to do his lines, his own way.

Whether his lines are strong or not, FUZI was booked solid for his NYC trip. See more of his work here to see if you dig his style yourself.

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While I try to remain abreast and aware of the street-art scene in NYC, I regretfully admit that France often passes under my radar despite their thriving community. (Plus, I often avoid any article that includes the words "Scarlet" and "Johansson")

That said, I was quite pleased to see this interview with Fuzi over at Complex as he discusses his "ignorant style" in both graffiti and tattooing.

Read the interview here and check out Fuzi's website over here.

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Inked Icon Baba Austin.jpg
For my latest Icon profile for Inked Magazine, I had a blast interviewing Baba Austin of Vintage Tattoo in Los Angeles. Baba is a great storyteller, and in this Q&A, he shares what it was like apprenticing under the legendary Jonathan Shaw, touring with Vanilla Ice at his prime, and evading cops while executing a graffiti throw-up at the age of forty-three. Here's a taste from our talk:

When did you start to learn the craft yourself?

When I wasn't working, I was at Jonathan's. We basically became friends. I drew some graffiti designs for him. I became Jonathan's little slave. I'd keep asking, "When am I gonna learn to tattoo?" and he'd say, "Fuck off. I'm teaching nobody." At the same time, he's teaching me about tattoo design, placement, and tattoo history. I was just learning all this stuff without even realizing it. He was teaching me how to crawl before I could walk. I wanted to just run, like anyone else who picks up a tattoo machine, but he wasn't interested in any of that. He was interested in keeping the tradition, love and respect alive for tattooing.

Then around 1990 or 1991, Filip Leu came around and did his spot at Fun City. Filip was the same age as me but he was already an accomplished tattoo artist. He was doing this amazing shit already. Now Jonathan had a new pet project who actually tattoos. I wasn't blown off, he just moved on. And I didn't care because that's when Vanilla Ice hit me up for airbrushing and said, "Do you want to go all over the world?" Fuck yeah.

What was that like, going on tour with Vanilla Ice?

That was amazing because it was at the height of his career. Everyone knew who he was. It was before the whole In Living Color infamous Jim Carey [skit] making fun of him. I did the costumes and stage sets for his tours. I worked on his movie. We did the American Music Awards together; we did the Grammy's together; we went all over to Australia, Singapore, and Japan. All first class, limos, five-star hotels. It was amazing.

Read more in Inked's "Sex Issue" on news stands now or download the digital edition.

Baba Austin tattoos.jpg
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Irezumi InkDish.jpg

Prolific tattoo artist Paul Timman, who works at LA's famed Sunset Strip Tattoo, teamed up with San Diego housewares company Ink Dish to create tattoo-inspired tableware.

Paul has designed four different sets: Irezumi (shown above), Cherry Ink, Tattoo Lotus, and Tribal Lines. [The Irezumi line was featured in Metropolitan Home's Design 100 last year.] All are made of microwave and dishwasher safe 'A' quality porcelain.

You can buy the pieces as a set or individually online and at retailers including Fred Segal, the Walker Art Center, Institute of Contemporary Art, Boston, among many others. Price compare via Google Shopping.

For graffiti lovers, there's New York Delft and London Delft porcelain dinnerware collections by design team Lovegrove & Repucci shown below. They're having a sale now, so the five-piece set, complete with their carry case "FidoBag," runs you $100.

Bon appetite!

garfiiti plates.jpg

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Going through the tattoo news, I found this "Ink & Stay" promo for the Hotel Erwin. From now until December 30, 2009, the Venice Beach hotel is luring tattoorati with the following:

* a $100 voucher for their  "in‐house tattoo and graffiti artist" Norm
* Lubriderm lotion and ice‐pack for healing
* Bottle of tequila to numb the pain

There's also a $500 bonus if you get a tattoo that says "I HEART HOTEL ERWIN" but don't do this unless your bod is only worth less than a two-night stay. Rates start at around $400/night for the boutique hotel.

Or sleep on the beach and use all the money at Spotlight Tattoo where Norm currently works.

Check this video of Norm decorating the hotel's facade ... legally.

The news is up next.
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heart tattoo.jpg
On Friday, we decided it was time to tell the world about Needles and Sins after amassing content for months, and in response to our mass mail, we're already feelin the love.

Maybe not to the extent as this couple -- tattooed by Noon of France -- but enough to inspire a redux of the 10 most popular posts, based on clicks and comments, for those new to the site.

If you want to slack off at work or enjoy your severance package with some tattoo goodness, the best way to navigate all posts is to either click the Category of your choice or hit up our Monthly Archives (both right).

To get you goin, here are the faves for each N+S blogger, starting with a post inspired by this heart tattoo:

Pat Sullivan hung out at Brooklyn's Tattoo Culture for weeks watching Noon work his "Art Brut" tattoo style before profiling him here. [We also call this style French Avant Garde of tattoo because the fresh, experimental work has been developed and refined in France and Francophone Belgium.]

Pat most recently had fun with tattoos in pop culture, deciding if Conan O'Brien did indeed get tattooed on air. Watch the video here.

Craig Dershowitz, our tattoo Jew, had one of the most linked posts on N+S ever: his provocative Q&A with Orthodox Rabbi Henry Harris. Craig not only put to rest the fallacy that you cannot be buried in a Jewish cemetery with a tattoo but also challenges the Rabbi to find the roots of tattoo prejudice in the community. It's a brilliant read worth further link love.

He also pokes fun at common motifs with his Top 5 Worst Jewish Tattoos including the Chai, The Hebrew letter representing long life. "Usually tattooed on the most unhealthy individuals."

Brian Grosz, N+S resident rockstar and founder of indie record label Lapdance Academy, took inspiration from Groucho Marx and Kermit the Frog in creating his own carny rendition of Lydia, The Tattoo Lady, a tune I guarantee you will not be able to get outta ya head for the rest of the day if you stream it here or download it for free here. His most brilliant find was digging up Lydia, The Tattooed Muppet video, one of the most beloved Kermie solos ever. Check it:

The other video Brian found that made us giggle is the Jon Stewart clip on Long Island seceding from New York, complete with tattoo "gun show."

Miguel Collins, long time tattoo blogger who is creating a documentary on tattoos in the Black community, not only offers up his perspective on tattoos and race -- for example in discussing the first magazine ever geared towards people of color, but also blogs on West Coast happenings from his Cali outpost, like an Evening with Horiyoshi III at Canvas LA.

My personal faves of Miguel's are his review of Margo DeMello's Bodies of Inscription,
one of the more recent publications to talk about race, class and "cultural appropriation" in tattooing. Also click on his Tattoo Statistics post for the most recent data on tattooed and pierced people in America.

Bobby Fisher. Ah, Bobby. The graff mag magistrate of Bombin just simply causes trouble and so we've locked him up in a Williamsburg hipster bowling alley and play Clap Your Hands & Say Yeah for hours on end, that is, until he learns to be a (dodge ball) team player.

As for me, the weekly news reviews remain a popular staple from my old days, but my personal favorites are all about tattoo-related toys and gadgets, ala Totally Stylin Tattoos Barbie and the Tattoo Shop iPhone app -- both of which I own and play with regularly because, yes, I am a proud tattooed nerd.

If you've got a personal favorite or have ideas for posts you want to read in the future, let us know in the comments.

Ok, I'm off to work on the news.

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