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12:11 PM
ns_booga.jpegHurricane Sandy made a mess of the transit system here in NYC and reports are informing me that New Jersey has actually cancelled Halloween (can they do that?!).  Fortunately, Marisa and I already managed to get in our Hallows Eve festivities last weekend with a rousing evening of karaoke with tattooist Tim Kern (who was dressed as a very convincing Gene Simmons) and Friends.  In honor of our "Tank Girl and Booga" couples-costume (and the fact that I'm a Hewlett & Martin junkie), I wanted to post these two great Tank Girl tattoos.

tankgirl_tattoo.jpeg[Tank Girl tattoo by Bryan Hall of Cherry Hill Tattoo in Naples, FL]

tankgirl_joe.jpeg[Tank Girl tattoo by Joe Capobianco of Hope Gallery in New Haven, CT]

Happy Halloween, everyone!
03:44 PM
paulboothking.jpgAn appointment with horror maestro Paul Booth without an eternal waiting list?  Yes, it's true. Not April Fools but for Creep-In Day!

Celebrate this first time event at Last Rites Tattoo Theatre, on Halloween, that's next Saturday, October 31st, from 12pm-12am at 511 W. 33rd Street, between 10th & 11th Aves, 3rd floor.

On that day, you may have the rare opportunity to be tattooed spontaneously without an appointment by Paul Booth himself and his cadre of top artists at Last Rites. It's all on a first come, first serve basis and follows standard convention protocol: a one-sitting freehand style work with an approx. 3 hour time limit on a piece. It's recommended that you give the artists your theme and trust them to run with it.  It's also suggested that you get there earlier than noon if you are really serious about getting work. [Even if you're there early, if you're "overly aggressive, intoxicated or under the influence of drugs," you won't get tattooed.

There'll be enough artistic stimuli to get ya high anyway, with live painting sessions featuring Esao Andrews, Vincent Castiglia, Fred Harper, Dan Quintana, David Stoupakis, and Genevive Zacconi as well as ArtFusion Experiment collaborative painting performances by tattooists such as Paul Acker, Goethe, Juan Selgado, Jesse Smith, and more. In a new twist, an extra ArtFusion canvas will be open for the public to paint as well.

The Film Chapel will be rolling Paul's personal horror movie picks continuously, and of course, costumes are encouraged -- the event will be filmed for an upcoming Last Rites DVD, so look your evil best (although costumes are not mandatory).

Free food, drink, performances, art, and a Last Rites tattoo = a perfect Halloween.
paul booth .jpg

01:46 PM
lydia costume.jpg
It's that time of year, my friends. A time when the tacky take over, when once demure women play dress up in slutty outfits of our fave fairy tales, and grown men think it's ok to wear a penis hat on their heads. Yes, Halloween costume planning is upon us.

And along with 2009's top trends like the Octomom or racy Devil Grrl get-up for your 8-year-old, this year's top costumes are all about ... us.

While I should be thankful that I don't need to fork over a fifty for dirty cop duds, there's something that really scares me about Halloween ensembles like these:

* The Tattoo Freak -- for your kid too!
* Miami Ink Hell Raiser & Low Rider horrors
* The Tattoo Biker
* Creepy Tattoo Man mask
* Prison Play Tattoo Convict
* And Lydia the Tattooed Lady (right)
 [Inspired by Brian Grosz's Marx remake?]
* Hell, you can even dress your doggie up.

But I figured out what's really bugging me here, and it's not that companies are making a buck mocking our art. What it comes down to is this: the tattoos in these costumes suck.

Now, I'm all for stickin some faux tattoo sleeves on my unadorned sis to freak out my father, but they gotta have decent designs.

Here are alternatives if you decide to go as me for Halloween:

* Hire a tattooist or art school student to marker up non-permanent body art.
* Rock some henna paste (the reddish brown not toxic black).
* Slap on Temptu Pro tattoo transfers.
* Or custom make your own temps.

And don't forget to complete the costume with a loud maniacal laugh & nerd banter.
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