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10:02 AM
Well, according to CNN, our friend Kimberly came out and announced that she really did want 56 stars on her face... and made up the story about "falling asleep" once Daddy took a look and got cranky.

Hopefully all of you can now return to sleeping soundly through the night, focusing on your loved ones and practicing proper oral hygiene. 

As for Conan's tattoo... I don't expect a redaction from a late night talk show host, but after the Palin/Letterman debacle, I suppose anything is possible.
06:53 AM

As Enoo pointed out in the comments section of yesterday's post, the hoax claim for the tattooed star face girl was largely based on the domain registration of the Kimberlizer site being in April before the tattoos, but considering the Kimberlizer star face app is on a subdomain of the ad agency's site (not registered), well, maybe this story is for real.

Watching this video has me changing my mind -- about whether the tattooing actually took place, not her claim that she fell asleep to find her whole face tattooed. If it's real, we can probably chalk it up a teenager changing her story confronted with freaked out parents.

Nevertheless, it still raises questions about the responsibility of a tattooist -- ethically -- to say No to the requests of the foolish.

And if it still turns out to be a hoax, I say, well played. 
01:15 PM
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A couple of days ago, Miguel posted on the latest internet and media darling, Kimberly Vlaminck, who supposedly asked her tattooist for three stars on her face, fell asleep and woke up with 56.

Yeah, we all said "Get the F#$k outta here," mostly because who falls asleep when getting tattooed, especially on ya face.

Turns out that it was all a brilliant marketing ploy according to Belgian and Dutch news -- sadly the US media is slow to catch up and I'm still seeing news editorials decry such tattoo horrors.

While not fully confirmed, speculation is that the mastermind behind Tattoo Star Face Girl is Belgian radio station MNM -- whose logo is a star -- and whose ad agency is behind the Kimberlizer.

Yes, the Kimberlizer!

Via webcam, you too can have Kimmy's celestial visage. The Kimberlizer even gets cute, asking whether you want 1 to 3 stars, then giving you 56. I had problems using it on my Macbook but others -- over 200,000 -- have already been given facial tattoos. 

Do it yourself and then send the pic to dad for Father's Day. Nothing says I love you more than a good internet meme.
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