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07:17 AM
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I've spent a few hours fiddling about with the Art and Skin app and I have to admit that I've very, VERY impressed by their product.

Art and Skin has done some amazing stuff with 3D photography, allowing you to virtually "revolve" around their featured artists and models. Imagine the "bullet-time" shots in The Matrix but apply it to a tattoo shop/artist/model - it's pretty awesome and insanely beautiful. Hopefully more app developers will continue to head in this direction (and more tattooists will continue to embrace non-standard technology as a means to promote their work).

Do I think their UX/UI (User Experience / User Interface) could use a bit more work? Yes. Their navigation isn't always intuitive - which can be fun if you want to "explore," but that's not always the case on a mobile device. Their sans-serif/ultra-thin typeface choices don't always render well on a phone, either, making the content hard to read at standard resolution. I got lost a few times in the app instead of discovering new content, but...

That said, hot holy Scooby Snacks this is cool!

Save the $4.99 you were gonna spend on some crap tattoo magazine this week and download the Art and Skin app - if anything, you'll have fun spinning Eddy Deutsche around in his studio.
12:05 PM
There are tons of tattoo-related iPhone apps. Most are crap. The TattooNOW iphone app is not. It's good and it's free. features countless galleries of top tattoo work from artists across the globe, and have contests to highlight the very best of this work. This iPhone app loads up the last 50 tattoo of the day winners for daily inspiration. The other galleries include the last 50 tattoos uploaded to TattooNOW, the TattooNOW news feed and the TattooNOW video channel. If you need constant tattoo stimulation, you need this app as it updates 12-20 times a day.

The TattooNOW peeps are also developing apps for others, particularly tattoo studios, artists, conventions and suppliers. To help reward early adopters, they're extending $500 off development costs (which range from $1,499 to $3,499) to the first 6 clients. Demand has been great, and I'm not sure if there are spots left, so hit them up at  (413) 585-9134 or shoot them an email.
12:52 PM
the list app.jpgA new tattoo app has just been released and it's a must have for those wanting top tattoo art at their finger-tips and information on where to find those who've created it.

The Tattoo List is created by tattoo artist David Allen (check his an amazing blog), so this is an app created by someone with the knowledge and passion for the art, and not some company trying to cash on "the tat craze."

The Tattoo List isn't a game like Tattoo IQ or photo app like Tattoo Shop--it's a beautifully designed and easy way to find new artists or check in on your favorites. You can also sort and search by tattoo style or location, then save your own list in the "Favorites."

David offers some history behind the app and how the featured artists were chosen:
A year ago I was putting together a list of tattoo artists for personal inspiration. I wanted a single resource to keep track of those I enjoyed. While researching, I found many of the artists have information scattered all over the place... the process took a few months and was just too tedious.

With that idea in mind, the next step was honing a better version of "The List" and making it available as an application. I removed myself and setup a panel of four respected tattoo artists. They voted on 500 nominees. To be included, each nominee had to get three votes after being viewed by the judges separately. The process was strict, and, in the end, 323 artists made the first release.

The Tattoo List will continue to add artists--and their sample images--after each monthly judging session, so the app will continue to grow.

Another feature will be updates from us! You'll soon be able to get select N+S posts in the "News" section.

The app sells for $1.99 on iTunes and we think it's well worth it. If you do download it, let us know what you think.
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