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Ramon Maiden book.jpgRamon Maiden art.jpgRamon Maiden Art 2.pngWhen you walk into my home, one of the first things you'll see is the art of Ramon Maiden, an artist who has been described as a "marker magician" for transforming existing, often vintage media, into entirely new, exciting and even controversial works. His illustrated women have particularly inspired me, and when chatting with friends over my progressing body suit, I can just point to Ramon's prints on my wall to demonstrate the ornamental coverage I'm working towards.

While not a tattooer himself, Ramon counts many tattooers among his influences, which include Lola Garcia, Dr. Lakra, Annie Frenzel, Sebastian Domasche, Matthias Boechtter and Amina Charai. As he writes on his blog, he is inspired by historic motifs -- the world wars, the Victorian era, the American 20s... He says, "I like to shake consciences," particularly in his use of religious iconography and political representations.

Last month, Graffito Books London published a collection of Ramon's work in a beautiful 176-page hardcover entitled, "INKING THE BORDERS OF HEAVEN AND HELL - The Extraordinary Art of Ramon Maiden." The publisher offers a glimpse of what's inside:

Working with old religious prints and magazines, Ramon usurps them with startling inkings which add a whole new dimension to images which might otherwise have been consigned to extinction. Madonnas with serpent tattoos, photos of male torsos in vintage medical books overlain with mystical imagery, and 1930s pinups smiling sweetly yet inked with dragons and daggers, all suggest another, very contemporary, dimension.
If you are looking for a last minute holiday gift, this book is a great find. You can also purchase it from Amazon as well as Graffito. If you are looking to buy Ramon's prints, head to his Etsy shop page.

You can also check more of Ramon's work on Instagram

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Ramon Maiden art3.png
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expanded eye tattoo 1.jpg
expanded eye tattoo2.jpg
Multidisciplinary artist duo Jade Tomlinson and Kevin James, also known as Expanded Eye, have been spreading love around London with their installations and street art -- and according to Culture 24, they've also been putting their distinct visual storytelling on skin, spending 6 months with abstract tattoo maestro Loic Lavenue, aka Xoil of Needles' Side, in Thonon-les-Bains, France.

The duo's approach to tattoos are particularly engaging and also well constructed. On Expanded Eye's Facebook Page, they offer more on their approach:

Each and every unique tattoo we create is our visual interpretation of concepts and stories provided by the client which hold significant meaning to the individual. We encompass as much personal detail possible whilst allowing each design to evolve organically into a contemporary piece of art, which is then transferred from paper to skin.

Expanded Eye is now taking bookings for November through June 2014 when they are back at Needles' Side. Hit them up with your concept & placement ideas to

If you're in London from October 25-29, check their exhibition of new works entitled A Thousand Fibres, showing at Arch 402 Gallery, Hoxton. Read the exhibition statement for more on the show.

Expanded Eye tattoos.jpg
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viktor koen tattoo.jpg
Our good friend Viktor Koen -- fine artist, illustrator, professor and mensch -- sent me this photo of the tattoo above, which was designed by him as an illustration for the NY Times in 2010 and later tattooed by Errol of Inkstitution in Rotterdam on Ruud, a PhD candidate in the Cognitive and Affective Neuroscience. Obviously, Ruud has a professional interest in this art.

Viktor says on his Tumblr that he believes "butterfly-brain man" was one of his first illustrations to appear on the front page of the printed NY Times edition (on Tuesday June 29th, 2010). When Ruud saw the illustrations, he ripped them from the paper and took them to Errol. [The illustrations are placed on the back of Ruud's arms facing each other.] This June, after the last session, Ruud contacted Viktor to say that the artwork was now permanently displayed on his body. Viktor was happy.

I wanted to share this with y'all because I really liked how Ruud let Viktor know just how much his art was appreciated. Often when images are ripped from media, the original creators aren't made aware of how their work has been translated on skin. Of course, legally, it's better practice to get permission first from the artist for copyright purposes but I'll save the copyright talk for another time. I just thought this was cool on many levels.

I'm also digging many other works in Errol's portfolio. Check them on Facebook and the Inkstitution site.
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