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01:56 PM
mironiuk_2.jpgI walked into Phantom Audio in Manhattan's Flatiron District last week and was blown away to see that the studio's usually-bare walls were covered with buxom pin-ups sporting skin-art, sex-toys and squirt guns.  Unsurprisingly, all of the work on display (and for sale) was the work of Tattoo magazine's illustrator, Ed Mironiuk.

If you're in New York City, I'd highly recommend scheduling a private appointment to view the work (the exhibition is not open to the general public).  While Mironiuk's Flickr set gives you a watermarked sense of his style (and his sense of humor with pieces like "Adoration of the Hot Wings," pictured below), the prints are utterly beautiful and their online avatars just don't serve them justice.

mironiuk_3.jpgPhantom Audio is located at 48 West 25th St. in New York City.  Appointments to view the work can be scheduled by calling (212) 727-0452.

And for those of you not in the metro area, be sure to check out where you can order prints through his online store.

01:14 PM

You may have noticed that Needles and Sins has a new, fancy logo created by the very fancy Viktor Koen. Professor Koen is a fine artist and illustrator whose work has graced the covers of The Village Voice, NY Times, Fortune, Business Week and countless other media, cds, and books. Play around his site of dark and lusty visual toys, and you'll see why I'm a long time fan and honored that he donated his skills to our humble site.

I'd be equally humbled if you'd post these pretty banners on your own sites and spread our sinful gospel. And let me know when you have it up so I can send ya some love. For the codes behind each different banner size ...

... just click  our banners page.

And thanks to Brian for being our resident code monkey as well as rock star.
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