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diamond-galaxy-ear-gauges-plugs copy.jpg
Last week, we posted a contest sponsored by Urban Body Jewelry in which two lucky Needles & Sins readers will receive gift cards of $25 each for anything in their online store, like these Diamond Galaxy Plugs, shown above. And the winners are ...

Congrats, Mali and Steph!

For those who didn't win, but still want shiny, pretty things, Needles & Sinners can use the code "SIN15" for 15% off over the next 3 months. 

For more on Urban Body Jewelry, check them on Facebook and Instagram.

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zebra wood plugs.jpg
Last Monday, we kicked off the Giveaway, and as promised, we plugged in the names of all those who commented in our Needles & Sins Syndicate Group on Facebook or who had hit us up @NeedlesandSins on Twitter; then we put those names into, which picked ...

Miles Golightly and Sasha Goldstein. Congrats! Miles and Sasha each won $25 gift certificates to

Even if you didn't win, check their huge selection
of plugs in wood, stone, acrylic, bone, horn, silicone, and stainless steel. They are seriously affordable and they offer free shipping in the US for any order over $20.

More contests to come. And remember, all of you reading this are winners to me, you beautiful freaks!  

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zebra wood plugs.jpgLet's start the week off with some cash for you to buy jewelry! 

Our friends at are offering two gift certificates of $25 each to two lucky N+S readers. Considering how affordable their selection is, you can win some beautiful pieces.   

Some of my favorites from their newer collection include the timeless Zebrawood plugs, shown above. For the more contemporary rock star look, check the Stainless Steel Crown Logo tunnels, shown below. I'm also digging the trippy (and very reasonably priced) Galaxy plugs.

The winners can choose whatever style they want. There are 100s of plugs to pick from in wood, stone, acrylic, bone, horn, silicone, and stainless steel. Sizes/gauges range from 16G up to 50mm.

As usual, here's how we play it:  Two winners will be selected randomly from those who comment on this post in our Needles & Sins Syndicate Group on Facebook or hitting up @NeedlesandSins on Twitter. Any comment will do. Then, on April 29, 2013, we'll put all the names of the commenters into to pick the winners. Easy breezy!

Meanwhile, start browsing to choose your favorites.
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cooper rubendal pendant.jpg
Some of the most creative of expressions are those that reflect on love. Flash mob proposals. Bikers stopping traffic to get romantic. Having someone's name tattooed on your face. And naturally, many will say that you can never go wrong with diamonds.

Now, if you take tattoo art and have my attention.

David Cooper is heavily tattooed gemologist and designer at Jeff Cooper Designs -- a family business specializing in classic, handmade bridal jewelry. David teamed up with the renowned Mike Rubendall of Kings Avenue Tattoo (who's spent plenty of time with Brian), and together they created a beautiful collection that melds Mike's artistic eye with the jewelry designer's signature refinement.

The Heirloom Diamond Pendant, in gold and diamonds, is the first pendant design of their collaboration. To celebrate the launch of the collection, David is offering a Valentine's Day Giveaway.  To enter, head to the Jeff Cooper Designs Facebook page, "Like" them, and fill out the contest entry form. The winner gets picked on February 14th.

There's a sweet backstory to this collaboration, which is noted on the Jeff Cooper blog. Here's a bit from it:

Anyone can network on the golf course, but our own David Cooper launched a new creative venture right from the tattoo chair.

While being tattooed by another artist in Mike Rubendall's studio, David was getting to know the legendary Rubendall, and they hit it off right away. 'Mike would pop his head in from time to time, and we'd talk about everything we had in common. Besides being artists and business owners, we shared similar perspectives when it came to life, work and family.'

At the time, Mike and his wife were expecting their first baby, and David and his wife expected their second child around the same time. When David introduced Mike to the idea of a 'push present,' they decided to collaborate on a pendant for Mike's wife.

A push present, or baby bauble, is given to a new mom by her partner. It's usually jewelry, and the idea is to pamper her, honor her hard work, and celebrate the birth in a meaningful, memorable way.

That first pendant design, brought to life in gold and diamonds, proved their aesthetics were compatible. They immediately decided to create a full collection based on stars, initials and religious symbols. Millgrain edges give the pendants a vintage feeling, and they have the same refined simplicity you'd expect from any Jeff Cooper piece. As David puts it, 'Mike has an eye for lines, proportion and flow. That's what makes these pendants truly unique and special.'

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Seductive, feminine, and most definitely rock-n-roll. Adha Zelma jewelry are true statement pieces that, like tattoos, command attention for unique and sexy adornment. And for this reason, we just had to include these Brooklyn artists, who have an international following, in our gift guide.

Creators (and best friends) Sheanan Bond and Cherise TrahanMiller hand-craft each line, which they say "centers on bringing elements of indigenous art and culture into our contemporary world." They approach each piece as sculpture for the body. Sheanan and Cherise say that they're inspired by "the organic shapes found in bone, shed antlers and shells -- along with the incredible colors and graphics seen in naturally molted feathers, the texture of skins such as stingray and the rawness of rough stones."

I'm particularly in love with one of the richly layered pieces I have from their Solstice Collection, with its mixed metals, gem stones and plumes. The line is described as evoking "the night sparkle of NYC and a little Mad Max." And I do feel likeTina Turner rockin it.

Hit up their online store for a full array of their collections and sale pieces.

Even sweeter, they're offering a special 20% off if you put in the code: Needles&Sins at checkout. The promotion ends 12/23/11.

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Our friends at Father Panik Industries have clothed and bejeweled me for over a decade with their hand crafted badassery, and every year they keep coming up with more designs to put on my wish list.

The latest in their jewelry collection is this anatomical skull pendant in antiqued brass with 18" chain. [The skull measures 5/8"x1/2"x7/16" (17mm x 12mm x 10mm).] According the the Panik peeps, "The skull spins around slowly as you move, so you get to enjoy the skull 360 degrees. The wax model for this was carefully hand carved after studying human skull anatomy, then cast in brass in NYC. Each one is hand polished, antiqued and assembled here in Brooklyn USA."  The brass pendant sells for $48 and you can also purchase it in sterling silver for $116.

Also be sure to check out their long standing favorites like the knuckle tattoo gloves (which I'm modelling here), their brass knuckle rosaries, and their towels, tees and hoodies, among others.

You can also find Father Panik online at Etsy. To catch them in person, check their events listings, which include NYC independent artist markets as well as tattoo conventions throughout the US, throughout the year.
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Congratulations to the winners of our last contest, Kellie D. and Aaron Pascual Ortiz, for being the chosen ones of They'll each receive $25 gift certificates for bling at the Ear Gauges online store.

Thanks to everyone who played along on our Needles & Sins Facebook page. Many more contests to come!
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free-credit-card-reader.jpgNeedles & Sins is growing thanks to your wonderful support. We do it because we love it, but of course we're grateful to our advertisers who help with our costs, so we can bring you all the tattoo goodness, free and easy. 

Our newest advertiser is Square: a mobile form of accepting credit cards, processed right on your iphone, ipad or android device. We thought it was a perfect fit for tattoo artists and indie vendors who work conventions and find that their clients are low on cash. Also great for our musicians out there looking to sell merch at gigs. 

There's no commitment to use the service, just a flat rate of 2.75% for all credit cards including AMEX and .15 per transaction. Square is a free app and the hardware gets shipped to you for free as well.

We're also very happy that has renewed their ad thanks to your orders. As we've mentioned before, the company is run by those in the body modification community and was started to help people stretch their ears safely and beautifully. They sell plugs, tunnels and tapers in a variety of materials including organic wood, glass, bone, stainless steel, silicone and stone. [I'm particularly loving the new Saba wood pearl inlay plugs shown below.] Free shipping for all orders over $25. And Needles & Sins readers get 15% off if you use the coupon code: NAS15.

Thanks again to all of y'all.

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russian criminal tattoo jacket.jpg
We survived yet another holiday, rather unscathed albeit with lighter wallets. Sucked into the consumer industrial complex, we have fulfilled our shopping list for friends and family. Now it's time to treat ourselves. Our Holiday Gift Guide has been filled with goodness from largely indie designers and artisans, and for this last Guide posting, we want to give a shout out to these tradespeople who help keep Needles+Sins running.

An advertiser who has been getting a lot of media attention is MIR Russian Criminal Tattoo Apparel, not just for their sexy clothing but for the info they offer on all the tattoo designs featured on their shirts, dresses, jackets and accessories. Check out their newest ShtrafBat military line.


Offering an extensive selection of plugs and ear stretching jewelry at a low cost is Ear Gauges, run by a group of people who are a part of our community looking to promote safe and beautiful body adornment. [I'm wearing their organic spotted wood plugs right now.] Also check their forums on healing and aftercare.

father panik rosaries.jpgAnd of course we love our trouble makers Father Panik Industries, who have been kicked out and banned from a number of indie markets for their blasphemy, particularly in the form of their brass knuckle rosaries. Their latest rosary piece is the hand-carved, sterling silver tattoo machine charm on semi-precious stones shown above.

So hit them up and show some self-love for making it through another Festivus.
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The Needles & Sins crew is grateful to our most fabulous advertisers who support us, so we can give you the tattoo goodness for free -- even better is when they offer you special deals on their own brands of goodness. Here's the latest offer: has new plugs, including wood with pearl inlay, and black & red hearts (perhaps a gift for your sweetie) at reduced prices. Plus, all orders will receive 15% off if you use the N+S coupon code:  NAS15.

I've gotten feedback from readers who've told me that shipped fast, and they were happy with their order. The prices are affordable, and there's free shipping for all orders over $25. Stretch safely and beautifully.

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I hope y'all are digging the new redesign of Needles & Sins that our Brian Grosz spent a lot of time on, as well as handling the server migrations, etc.

Our advertisers help with the costs to keep everything humming so we can give all the tattoo goodness away for free without a cover price or subscription.  

ear_gauges_horn_plugs.jpgOur newest advertiser is EarGauges.Net.

The California-based company, run by those in the body modification community, was started in 2009 to help people stretch their ears safely and beautifully. They sell plugs, tunnels and tapers in a variety of materials including organic wood, glass, bone, stainless steel, silicone and stone. Prices are affordable and orders ship quickly. Free shipping for all orders over $25.

They also have online forums that address ear stretching healing and after-care, and encourage people to share their experiences.

Special to Needles & Sins readers: all orders will receive 15% off if you use our coupon code:  NAS15.

We hope you'll support and all our advertisers.
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body jewelry.jpg
Carved bone spirals by Ebone Designs.

Our Holiday Gift Guide ends tomorrow, and I hope we helped tattoo lovers with their lists this week, but we haven't forgotten our pierced pretties out there. Here are picks for top body jewelry available online and off.

* Ebone Designs has been my long time favorite since my old days. Owner Dy Robbins in Bali works with local artisans who carve and shape organic materials into gorgeous designs, like the Garuda spirals above and this Dragon loop I love. The prices are very reasonable for these materials and craftsmanship. Check out their clearance page for even better deals. My go-to place for my stretched lobes.

* One Tribe Organics is also an eco-friendly small business comprising young artisans. Their showroom/workshop is in Richmond, VA, and they have a Bali workshop as well. Their wide selection of products are also reasonably priced. My recent faves are the Saraswati Swan in Bloodwood and the Chrysanthemum Moose Antler Plugs [see their statement on using animal byproducts here). Also check their selection of vegan friendly jewelry.

* Reign Custom Design specializes in large gauge plugs and weights that have more bling for ya buck. Their Copper Death Bowls are legendary for being beautiful and badass at the same time. [I'm trying to cut down on my "badass" usage but I'm at a loss for a better word to encapsulate the, well, badassness.] To buy online, download their catalog and email your order or head to BME Shop, which carries much of their merch.

* Venus by Maria Tash will always hold a special place in my heart because, a billion years ago, before Christina, Britney, & Jessica got pierced and adorned at Venus's luxe Broadway studio, I was at their local East Village shop, just a few blocks from my bachelorette pad, getting multiple holes in my body and filling them with gorgeous gold and gemstones. Maria was doin high-end body jewelry from the beginning.

sm_cover.jpg* Le Roi is a larger company with a massive catalog of decently priced jewelry, from surgical steel to niobium to 18k gold. LeRoi Manhattan, which has been around since 1995, recently shacked up with DareDevil Tattoo, so you'll now find piercers in the back of their LES lair.

On a final note ...

A must for long-time piercing lovers and newbies wanting to know more is Elayne Angel's The Piercing Bible, the definitive piercing guide by a practitioner who revolutionized body art.

Oh wait, just one more thing ...

For piercing and tattoo care (and a variety of vegan skin products), check back on our Punk Medics post.
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