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It's Valentine's Day. I know, I know...a Hallmark holiday designed to get people to spend money on cards, flowers, and candy at high mark-ups. But at the gooey center of it all, a day that celebrates love, whether it be romantic, friendship or familial, can't be all that bad, especially if we celebrate it on our own terms.
Here are a couple of links that share some love in our own tattoo way.

  • I had to re-post this 4-person love tattoo (shown above) created by Little Swastika. Read more on the work and check further links in our original post here. Also check his couples tattoos, which we featured last February.
  • Last month, Buzzfeed posted "13 Rad Ideas For A Tattoo-Inspired Wedding." It's Buzzfeed so there's the usual cheeziness (and they use the word "tats"), but there are some cute ideas, many of which support indie designers.
  • For beautiful brides and grooms, often with lovely stories and celebration inspiration, skip the lists and head to or
  • Finally, in the news this week, I fell in love with the story headlined "'My Little Pony' tattoos support bullied boy," which features a Texas tattooer who rallied clients in support a young boy who attempted suicide after being bullied. Upon learning about how the 11-year-old boy was tormented for his love of the cartoon "My Little Pony," Tony Wayne of Imperial Tattoo in Sugarland, Texas, began offering $20 "My Little Pony" tattoos, with the profits going to the boy's family, and the anti-bullying organization There are images and some interesting discussion of how tattooed people rallied in support because of the judgment and ridicule many of us have faced ourselves. [For a wonderful look into the adult fans of "My Little Pony," check "Bronies," a fantastic documentary on the culture.]

    So those are my quick and dirty love links. And naturally, on this day I have to express my love for all of y'all who have been such an amazing support for this labor of love site. I kiss you!
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love tattoo.jpg
There's a lot of love going around Facebook for this wonderful love tattoo by Little Swastika, but in case you didn't see it, I wanted to share it here.  In February, we featured his couples tattoos, but this massive 4-person tattoo has gone even further and is an amazing feat of tattooing, and I believe, a first.

On his Facebook page, he explains the story behind the work (words are reprinted exactly):

somewhere in middle of italy in a private living room. 4 peoples and a total of around 32 hours of tatuing over 4 days on two working spaces. this was in a way killing me, but in another way shows me what is posibly. when i started a few years ago with my first double piece i was just dreaming of making a tatu in a size like this. without much compromises at all. mille gracias gazzooosss. many thanks to all you 4 and to all other pieces who made me walk more than once over my boarders of dreams and reality.
Staying true to the original meaning of the swastika, which was about luck and creation and not hate as appropriated by the Nazis, Little Swastika crafts tattoos as talismans, imbuing his massive pieces with a special magic. With this tattoo, the magic of love and friendship could not be more powerful.

Check the individual works below, followed by Little Swastika's "Japanese Tattoo Master" photo, where he is surrounded by his living artwork.

love tattoo2.jpg
little swastika tattoo.jpg
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