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Pietro Sedda tattoo.jpg
Pietro Sedda Tattoo 2.jpg
pietro sedda.jpg
At the London Tattoo Convention, I got to pour through the portfolio of Pietro Sedda of
The Saint Mariner  -- a gorgeous studio in Milan, Italy.

In a sea of exceptional artists, for me, what stood out about Pietro's work is his often surreal compositions stylized in a very real traditional tattoo way. It's as if Sailor Jerry & Rene Magritte had a love child, and that love child was a big bearded Italian tattooer.

Every time I passed by Pietro's booth, he was working, so I didn't get to stop him for an interview, but I found this video (below) by Flash Factory that features his work -- in an uncoventional way, naturally.

Check more tattoos by Pietro on his site, Instagram, and on Facebook.

Pietro Sedda - The saint mariner professional tattooing from Flash Factory on Vimeo.

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doll.jpegThe last time I was in Liverpool was ten years ago, but despite all the cider drinking, I vividly remember the city's electricity and creativity, whether it be in music, street art and naturally tattoos.

One studio that embodies Liverpool's energy is Richie Clarke's Forever True Tattoo. Established in 1995, Forever True offers strong tattoo work in many styles, but pays particular tribute to the city's maritime history with traditional (and neo-traditional) art, which Sailor Jerry would approve of. 

Forever True studio also hosts many international guest artists throughout the year, and Richie himself guest spots at tattoo conventions and studios. Richie's next spot will be at the "Tattican" -- the Amsterdam Tattoo Museum -- on the 28 & 29th of July. He'll be taking appointments by email:

For more on Richie's work, also check the Forever True Facebook page with photos taken daily at the studio.

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afancylady.jpgIt's been a while since we've done the Proust Questionnaire for Tattoo Artists, and so I roped David Tevenal into playing along. Dave does strong, graphic tattoos influenced by Americana, folklore, contemporary art as well as traditional Japanese work. You can find him at Memento Tattoo & Gallery in Columbus, Ohio.

The Proust Questionnaire for Tattoo Artists

What do you regard as the lowest depth of misery? Living for nothing. Having no sense of purpose.

What is your idea of earthly happiness? Watching my daughter grow, and also making fun tattoos on great people.

Your most marked characteristic? I obsess over art, more so - my work. I literally drown myself in it constantly. I'm also rather loud, and lack an inner-monologue.

What is your principle defect? I often struggle to please everyone.

Who are your favorite heroes of fiction? The Marvel Universe.

stormtrooper.jpgWho are your favorite heroes in real life? My fiance and daughter. They put up with so much and are extremely supportive in my endeavors. They are there for me when nobody else is and take me as I am.

Your favorite painter? James Jean. Hands down.

Your favorite musician? Well, I have a ton of favorite bands. I guess I'd have to say Glassjaw.

Your favorite writer? I don't really read for leisure's sake as much as I should, but theoretical physicist Michio Kaku's books always have a way of putting into perspective how infinitesimal we really are in the grand scheme of things.

The quality you most admire in a man? Hard work.

The quality you most admire in a woman? Well considering my search is over, the qualities I admire most in MY woman is her sense of humor and her dedication to our family.

Your favorite virtue? Sincerity.

Who would you have liked to be? Nothing, I'm pretty stoked on how I turned out. Dents and all. But I would have loved to live in Feudal Japan or be a Roman Gladiator. Death was the central aspect of their lives, so they embraced it. That's pretty deep shit.

What are your favorite names? Chloe. Lisa.

What natural gift would you most like to possess? Music. I've never been musically inclined ever in my life. I always admired those who could play music.

How would you like to die? I don't care, as long as my job here is done.

What is your present state of mind? Crush, Kill, Destroy.

What is your motto? "Plow deep while sluggards sleep." - Benjamin Franklin

See more of David's work here. Also check this beautiful time-lapse tattoo video of the artist at work, directed Sean Grevencamp.

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Cris Cleen Works from Cris Cleen on Vimeo.

With LA Ink canceled and NY Ink's first season wrapped, it's welcoming to see more and more media dedicated to footage focused on the art and offering real portraits of the tattooists. 

One beautifully produced documentary short, which was recently released, is a look at the tattoos and paintings of Cris Cleen. The doc is filmed and edited by Andreas Tagger
who followed Cris as he tattooed at Idle Hand Tattoo SF and Saved Tattoo in Brooklyn. Along with Cris's thoughts on the art and his approach to "the tattoo experience," there are close-ups of his work -- a style that he describes as "turn of the century, more European influenced traditional tattoos."

Samples of his portfolio are shown below. For more, click

cris cleen tattoo.jpg
cris cleen tattoo2.jpg
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eye lid tattoos.jpg
simon erl.jpgLondon's Simon Erl has a portfolio filled with fun takes on Traditional and Neo-Traditional work, from classic pin-ups to anthropomorphic characters in kicky outfits. He also works technically difficult tattoos like palms and eyelids.

Simon offers a quick and dirty but serious discussion on his process in one of the Little Scraps of Paper video shorts below. [Check out more of their videos featuring creatives in different fields.]

Read Simon's blog here and view more of his portfolio on Facebook.

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Iban Tattoo, Jesus tattoo.jpgI'm still nursing a Greek Easter hangover, and in this spirit of piety meeting debauchery, I'm posting these tattoos that take an irreverent look spiritual themes.

The work is done by Iban who is a resident artist at Fuer Immer Tattoo in Berlin. Iban was born in Mexico City but has been working at Fuer Immer for over eight years. His portfolio is diverse, from solid classic Americana to trippier New School-styled work.

See more of it here.

Iban Tattoo Machine tattoo.jpg
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joey ortega tattoo1.jpg
Austin has become ground zero for exceptional tattoo artists -- the city seems to be flooded with recent transplants from around the country. [Also home base of The Lizardman.]

One such artist is Joey Ortega of Triple Crown Tattoo who puts his own spin on the Americana genre. Here's how Joey describes his tattoo style:

"Though my work is deeply rooted in "Traditional" tattooing, I would say that it's more in depth and stylized..."Neo-Traditional". Working as a custom artist, I find inspiration from true images, Japanese art, Art Nouveau, Mexican folk art and iconography, anything vintage or antique, and all the other random ideas bouncing around in my head. One of my favorite parts about what I do is working with my customers to create a piece that is uniquely theirs."

This Saturday, Joey will be showing his paintings at FramesandThings's monthly art show.
For more of Joey's tattoo work click here.

joey ortega 2.jpg
joey ortega art.jpg

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