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nyc tattoo convention.jpgIt was a wild, wonderful weekend at the NYC Tattoo Convention, and we are still recovering. Instead of trying to formulate sentences, I'll let our photos from the show speak those thousand words.

See them all on our Flickr Set.

More convention coverage on The NY Daily News, DNAInfo, and Times Union. Oh, and also hit the The Village Voice for shots by Nate "Igor" Smith of the "Ladies Ladies Art Show."

David_Sena_Tattoo_low.jpgTattoo by David Sena.

pierced.jpgThis photo cost $5. Worth every penny!

Heather_Sinn_tattoo_low.jpgHeather Sinn tattoo on TattoosDay's Bill Cohen

tattoo by dan dimattia.jpgTattoo by Daniel DiMattia.

damien echols tattoo.jpgDamien Echols next to the tattoo he did on Sacred Gallery's Kevin Wilson. More info on how to get a tattoo from Damien coming soon.

10:53 AM
This past weekend's Baltimore Tattoo Convention got plenty of press, including slideshows and video.

The Baltimore Sun offers this photo gallery view from the floor of the convention and also an interesting article on the convergence of tattoos and tech at the show.
Reporter Steve Kilar makes note of all those gaming, as well as texting and Facebooking their experiences in the midst of getting tattooed
. He also mentioned that a number of artists were using their iPads to sketch out designs, and smartphones to take credit card payments. Personally, I like the chatting and connection with the artist while getting tattooed, but if Angry Birds better distracts from the pain, launch those wingless suckers.

TV cameras from ABC News to Fox were also there to capture the scene, and yeah, plenty of tattoo cliches abound, but still a peak into the event for those of us who couldn't make it.

My favorite coverage is often found on Flickr, where members post their own personal photos from these shows. I particularly like these portrait and performance photos.
Check 'em.

05:13 PM
While we weathered the storms here in Brooklyn, so many of our friends were working and playing at the Hell City Tattoo Festival in sunny Phoenix, Arizona. Reading their twitter feeds, it was clear that Durb Morrison and his exceptional crew put on another top show. And the press agreed.

According the the Phoenix New Times, there was even a greater turn-out than last year with thousands in attendance at the Arizona Biltmore "to show off their tattoos, get new ink, watch live painting, and gawk over the art gallery." The article paints the scene of busy tattoo booths and fine art created live. It even finishes off with a note that tattooing should be considered an art form itself:

And if the fistfuls of reality TV tattoo shows, the thousands of people who showed up to Hell City, and the countless jaw-dropping tattoos they sported weren't proof enough, the dozens of detailed acrylic and oil on canvas works there (ranging from fantastical landscapes to realistic portraits) further proved that tattooing is not just something sailors and convicts do anymore -- it's clearly a mainstream art form.

Check their extensive gallery of photos by Ryan Wolf, including those shown here.

You can find more photos from the show on the's gallery, and Fox News has this quick video and write-up. If you have photos you'd like to share, hit us up.

07:54 PM
The London Tattoo Convention.jpg
... Aaaaaand they're up.

Check Brian's photos from the London Tattoo Convention on Flickr.
06:15 PM
dan henk tattoo.jpg Baltimore Sun photo by Algerina Perna

The Baltimore Sun had some good coverage of the weekend's Baltimore Tattoo Arts convention, including a slideshow featuring this photo of Dan Henk working [where you can just make out his head tattoo that Nick Baxter did in June]. They also shot footage and interviews from the convention floor, shown below.

Just before the convention, the newspaper interviewed organizer Troy Timpel, offering a preview of the event, and published a "Tattoos at the Baltimore Tattoo Museum" photo gallery. In his interview, Troy said:

"I liked getting the dirty looks from the old ladies back in the early '90s and late '80s...It's no longer the lowbrow biker, sailor, convict kind of thing that it was 20 years ago. Sadly, I think it's become socially reputable."

Sarcasm aside, the show drew in over 5,000 convention goers, and from the Twitter feeds of some artists in attendance, it sounds like it was successful for many working it as well.

02:06 PM
brian cummings bodies of work.jpgAdding to our features on gorgeous photography with tattoo themes, here's a taste of Brian Cummings' Bodies of Work. Brian debuted this work in April, so I'm late to the game, but the photos can be appreciated at any time. Here's what he says of the series: 
As a visual artist, I am drawn to contrast. Contrast of light and dark, b&w, drama and comedy, etc. I like the push and pull of two extremes. I'm intrigued by the wide gap between two points. As an art form, tattooing does that for me. On one hand, you have something that for some is rebellious and taboo. On the other, it is an art form with a long tradition with great beauty and personal meaning. I wanted to explore the idea that tattooing is a form of fine art and the body is just another canvas. Pulling lighting influence from the Baroque masters, I attempted to treat each subject as a canvas painting. What would a Reuben's painting look like if his models for tattooed?

See more images here and here.

Thanks to the wonderful Clare Goldilox for the links.

02:00 PM
Still in recovery from the NYC Tattoo Convention, which took over the historic Roseland Ballroom this weekend and the better part of my liver. [I've gotten to know the bartenders well over the past ten years.] 

Brian and I managed to shoot a few photos, which you can check here on Flickr. They are the kind of photos you've come to expect from me--that is, pretty sucky--but you'll get an idea of what went down.

Here are my personal highlights of the show, in no particular order:

* I LOVED meeting Batso, formerly of Rescue Ink, shown above with his wife. [Yes, that's a tattoo of him on her back.] He told me that he, and a couple of other members, left the group because it became less about saving the animals and more about money with their reality show. He is just as passionate about animals as shown on TV, warm and very kind, but I would never want to get on his bad side. [He said that when he finds men who have tortured animals, he wants (has?) to torture them so they can know what it feels like). He continues to do animal rescue, work on his cars, and now he makes special soap that he says will keep us all looking as young as he does at 77 years old. Check his personal website here (although it doesn't seem to have been updated recently).

richie magicsmall.jpg* Another great character I met was Richie Magic (best to turn your sound off if clicking). Richie is the world record holder for extinguishing 200 lit cigarettes in his mouth in 6 minutes and 37 seconds. Here he is on the right with his tribute tattoo, to himself. Richie is also a master magician, sideshow performer, and part of the Ripley's Believe it or Not family (often working with his wife of 25 years, Barbara; check them on The Marriage Ref show). Richie and Barbara were a lot of fun, and I may just follow his advice to one day become a target girl for knife throwers impalement arts practitioners.

* The tattooists all seemed to be working on interesting pieces.

* There were many of the under-ten set in attendance--most with temporary tattoos from a special kiddie booth.

* There were also less people getting drunk, although the ones who did, clearly made up for the rest. We salute you drunken girl with the super-sized fake breasts who kept yelling, "I can pay you in tits!" when given her bar tab.

* And of course, I loved meeting all of y'all who came over to the Father Panik booth, where I was held captive, and proved my theory that N+S readers are the smartest, hottest, beautifully tattooed, and most forgiving people on this planet. I kiss you.
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