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When two fantastic artists get together to chat about their work, and their lives in general, I have to share. Check this Life+Limb podcast with tattooer and painter David Allen, which can be streamed here and downloaded via iTunes.

Life+Limb is created and hosted by artist & designer Chuck Anderson (@NoPattern), and features interviews with "some of the world's most interesting, passionate, and creative people about their lives and work." David certainly is one such person.

Chuck interviews David on his transition from the graphic design world to the tattoo world, his apprenticeship and learning curve (including his tattoo practice leg), and his thoughts on tattoo culture overall. They also discuss David's wonderful work serving breast cancer survivors by transforming their mastectomy scars, as we've written about here.

When asked at the very outset of the podcast, "Who are you?", David responds, "An artist and a father." From there, an interersting discussion develops as to what that fully entails.

I hope you'll find inspiration in David's experience (and a push to hustle more) as I did.

See more tattoo work and paintings by David on his site, Facebook, and Instagram. Also check Chuck's art and design work here.

david allen painting.jpg
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mildred hull tattoo sign.jpg
Just wanted to share this podcast I'm enjoying right now:  "Under Your Skin" by the radio show To The Best of our Knowledge on National Public Radio.

"Under You Skin" looks at the old and new schools of tattooing. There are a number of clips from the wonderful cd box set The Last of the Bowery Scab Merchants by Walter Moskowitz, one of the legendary Bowery Boys. Some great stories about fixing black eyes and also tattooing interesting characters like one wealthy businessman who said, when asked about his job and having all his tattoos, "When you have a million dollars in the bank, the world can kiss your ass." Loved it!

There are also interviews with others in the tattoo world that are a compelling listen as well. You can click individual clips of the podcast here.

To enjoy all of Walter Moskowitz's stories, go to and get your own 2-cd set (with great essays and artwork in the 24-page booklet) for just $22.50. [I'm honored to be a part of the project as well and to have talked with Walter before his passing.]

Photo above:  Mildred Hull sign via the Scab Merchant Facebook page
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I had such a blast talking to Zane Claes and Mark Shore for their "Let Us Present" podcast, where they invite a variety of bloggers, musicians, podcasters, etc. from across the web to join them for a conversation. I talked about top tattoo art, scratchers, Leviticus and the law, among other things. Surprise, surprise.

You can listen to me blah blah for 30 minutes(!) here or subscribe to their Podcast on iTunes. [It says "explicit" in the description but I said nothing salacious, I swear.] The podcast is delivered every Monday, Wednesday and Friday.

Zane and Mark are the brains behind Streamified, an iPhone and iPad app that takes all your social streams and puts them in one sweet journal. It's not just a reader, however. You can update your status, capture pics, retweet, bookmark your favorite posts -- like me talking for a half hour? -- and all those wonderful time wasters.

Learn more about Streamified on iTunes. Also check them on Facebook and Twitter: @letuspresent, @streamified, @inZania, and @markshore12.

And remember, we're also on Twitter and Facebook, so feel free to comment there.
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In May, I raved about the documentary Travelling Ink, a film that was part of a collection of films made for the Body Arts exhibition at the Pitt-Rivers Museum in Oxford, UK. Now the films, including the one above on Tatau and Ta Moko, are available to download for free as part of Oxford's iTunes University podcasts.

What's particularly cool is that you can enjoy the films without being tied to a computer as the podcasts can be viewed on any device. But if you prefer to stream them online without downloading, you can watch them here.

Travelling Ink was created by anthropologist Cyril Siorat, and directors Dr. Udi Butler and Alan Mandel.
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