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Ichibay flyer 2-1 copy.jpgIt's not often we highlight reference books, despite the many wonderful ones out there, but when the designs are created by artists Ichibay and Mauricio Teodoro -- and produced by Luke Atkinson, no less -- we have to share such tattoo goodness.

Luke, a master in Japanese influenced tattooing, has inspired a continued movement towards tattoos that are fine art themselves, and he has given a great deal to the tattoo community in that regard. Many know him for being one of the few to tattoo master Horiyoshi III. But there's so much more to Luke's history that it would take multiple blog posts to do it justice. Check his online portfolio to better understand what I mean. There's also this very cool video by Lightweight Wheels, that offers a look into his Checker Demon Tattoo studio in Stuttgart, Germany.

His Checker Demon Press further inspires artists and collectors seeking reference for their next tattoo. And they are also just beautiful to look at.

"Japanese Tattoo Designs" by Ichibay is a limited edition, 120-page softcover filled with more than 350 black and white illustrations in various mediums, and printed on high quality ivory paper. The foreword is written by Luke, offering context for Ichibay's masterful artwork.  The book sells for 85 Euros including shipping in Europe, and 95 Euros including shipping worldwide. 

"Dragons/Dragoes" by acclaimed Brazilian tattooist Mauricio Teodoro is a limited edition hardcover (340mmx240mm), containing 80 pages of amazing black and white dragons, also in various mediums on high quality paper. The forewords are written by Luke and the Dutchman. Take a peak inside the book here. The book sells for 185 Euros including shipping in Europe, and 200 Euros including shipping worldwide.

Payments can be made via PayPal to  For more info, email

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flatmo roses and leave.jpg kore fltamo roses and leaves.jpgroses and leaves.jpgOne of the key messages throughout last weekend's Paradise Tattoo Gathering was the need to constantly improve one's drawing skills to be a good tattoo artist. The workshops (and the Drink & Draw party) were great places to hone those skills, but naturally, this work isn't relegated to retreats. A strong artist's arsenal is filled with reference material, from sketches to fine art to tattoo inspiration.

Packed with all this goodness is "Roses and Leaves" by Kore Flatmo. The 120-page softcover is dedicated to one of the most iconic images in tattoo: the rose. And there are over 350 roses in these pages in various forms including black line drawings, charcoals, tattoos and paintings.

Kore's art in charcoal are also available for purchase as a postcard set. The set of seven 4x6 postcards features five cards that have original artwork from "Roses and Leaves" and two cards of his dressed skeletons. The set comes in a vellum envelope with 2 complimentary stickers.

You can purchase the book here and the cards here. Also check the fabulous posters and prints available here.

For more of Kore's tattoo work, hit his recently revamped website and Facebook.

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