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tattoo trends 1.jpg tattoo trneds 2.jpgtattoo trends 3.jpg"I spent a lot of time thinking about the long-lasting effects of this tattoo. I'm not careless," [17 year-old Kevin] Dolce said. "But I still can't decide which one girls will like more: hands or neck?"

This quote is from The Hard Times humor piece "17 Year-Old Undecided Whether First Tattoo Should Be On Hands Or Neck"  but I gotta admit that it took me a minute to realize it was a parody.

Tattoo artists have long been mocking the visible-before-covered tattoo trend, even with some great illustrations like those above, but it's interesting how the joke is being played out beyond the tattoo community.

"One of my older brother's friends got his first tattoo of a swallow on his hand and he really regrets it," Dolce said. "He wishes he went for something more conservative, like a snake with a dagger through its head, dead-center on his throat. You know, something easily covered by a modest turtleneck during job interviews."
This faux conversation from the article above came painfully close to one I actually had with someone who had his hands tattooed, with nothing more.

But I'm not going to go into tattoo artist ethics again, as discussed in the Don't Tell Me About your F**king Neck Tattoo post and the recent post in which Paul Booth talks about breaking his facial tattoo taboo. How many times can I say "back in the day" tattooers would only tattoo the most visible body parts once the rest were all covered?

What I'm scratching my head over is the tattoo fashion trends with visible tattoos -- like the lettering over the eyebrow look, sported by waaaay too many boys & girls before they're of legal drinking age. I have friends with really beautiful unique facial tattoos, fitting them perfectly.  But that tired LA-styled script blasted across foreheads in selfies warrants more of a #fashionvictim than #tattoocollector.

I know. Don't judge, Marisa. People were #smh at my sleeves at a time when women were only getting lower back tattoos. But if you're gonna put something on your face in people's faces, you have to own it -- and not everyone is going to click "Like" and tell you that you should be on the cover of Inked.

They will mock you. In memes. In parody news. In #dumbass hashtags.

And so, I guess I'm just hoping that people who make those extreme visible-before-covered tattoo decisions have a sense of humor.

[Thanks for the Hard Times link, Jenni!]
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feather bird tattoo.jpg

Despite tattooing being an ancient art that spans millennia, there are indeed tattoo "trends" whereby certain motifs or just general styles are highly popular at a given time, such as 90s Neotribal or color realism portraits of Gwen Stefani in the early 2000s.

In a cool twist to exploring what are popular contemporary tattoo designs today, the National Post published "The Illustrated Guide to Tattoo Trends Across Canada." It's a fun piece in which tattooers across Canada were asked what they get asked to tattoo most, and then Andrew Barr illustrated them.

For example, a number of artists mentioned the "feathers-turning-into-bird silhouettes" (shown above), which I've been seeing myself everywhere. In fact, I just did a quick Google image search of "feathers turning into birds tattoo" and all of these came up. Then there are the ubiquitous Heath Ledger as the Joker tattoos, and the side finger tattoos (Thanks, Rihanna!).

It would be great if someone would really delve into what makes certain images so popular that they become full-on trends; meanwhile, the NP article is a quick and cute read.
joker tattoo.jpg
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