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Needles-and-Sins-Gift-Guide.jpgFor the holidays, why not give the gift of pain-free -- or at least a less painful -- tattoos?

Face and Body Professionals, an industry supplier for over 15 years, offers an array of topical anesthetics, and some package deals, including their Tattoo Shop Starter Kit. The kit is a trio of anesthetics with each of the following:

  * Super Trio: a numbing cream effective for the initial outlining of a tattoo.

  * Swipe: a skin cleanser and has a powerful anesthetic during procedures and extending the working time of Sustaine.

  * Sustaine Blue Gel: numbing gel which reduces sensitivity to the skin and reduces bleeding during the procedure.

The three together are regularly $105, but now $85 for the kit.

As someone who has done long painful sessions -- and did not get a trophy afterward -- I've begun to use the numbing creams for those 8-hour tattoos, which helps me sit still and for a greater amount of time . 

Face and Body Professionals has been a long-time supporter of this blog, and I encourage you to support their products -- for yourself, and those on your shopping list (including your tattooist!).   
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These days, "earning" your tattoo by sitting through hours of pain doesn't get you as much street cred as it used to, especially when the focus of large-scale work is the artistry. Indeed, many tattooists are offering the option of numbing products to take the edge off so that clients can sit longer and with less squirming.

One of Needles & Sins' sponsors, Face & Body Professionals, provides artists and collectors with an array of topical anesthetics, among other supplies for permanent cosmetics and tattooing. Anesthetics include creams, gels and sprays to be used before tattooing and also during your session.

Also check the latest "face" of Face & Body:  Trianna Sartori.

Face & Body Professionals have been around since 1995 and are a trusted brand within the community. We're happy to have their support for the site so that we can bring you the tattoo goodness gratis.

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Needles and Sins has a new supporter, Face & Body Professionals, and we're excited about all they have to offer the tattoo, piercing and permanent make-up communities. Face & Body is not some newcomer to these industries. They have been developing products for permanent cosmetics and tattooing professionals since 1995 and offer pigments, topical anesthetics and studio supplies.

There's been some debate over the use of numbing creams and gels, and it seems that more and more artists are using them for larger works. Even the esteemed Horiyoshi III has said, "Sure, it's better if it doesn't hurt" when guest blogger John Mack asked about anesthetics for his body suit. And Robert Atkinson told us that he numbed up for his last sitting with Filip Leu, adding, "At the end of the day, no one is giving out trophies for being tough."

Those looking into topical anesthetics should check the pre-procedure numbing cream Super Trio and the during-procedure numbing gel Sustaine Blue Gel. Face & Body also carries After Inked and H2Ocean aftercare products that help keep tattoos looking new.

Find all Face & Body products on and "Like" them on Facebook. By supporting Face & Body, you support this site. And we love you for it.
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